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Everton Defender Yerry Mina Spoke About His Beginnings



Yerry Mina, now central to Everton’s plans, reviewed the season and his evolution as a footballer. In addition, he revealed one of his anecdotes about his beginnings in the world of football.

verton have a chance to draw level on points with Liverpool at the top of the Premier League this Sunday. This and much more was discussed by Yerry Mina in his talk with ‘AS’. The Colombian was delighted with Everton’s performance.

“Things are going well. The fans are excited, but this has just begun, is very long and difficult. We must emphasize the work that is being seen, is very competitive. It is important to highlight the work that is being done, both on and off the pitch. From the first player to the groundskeeper or the gardener we focus. You can see that we give everything on the field”, assured the Colombian central defender.

He praised Carlo Ancelotti’s attitude: “Carlo is great. He gives you confidence. When you make a mistake, he doesn’t judge you or point at you. He tells you: ‘Don’t worry, everything is fine’. That makes a difference, I appreciate it very much. In other teams it’s not like that. He comes to talk to you, he laughs with you like one of the others. It’s very important that he has a special way of maintaining leadership”.

“James is a fantastic player. Many doubted his quality, but he has proved to be a top performer. He trains well, he eats well and he is thinking all day long about things that will make him better. After one day with him you realize that he is a top professional. I have learned a lot from him. He is my bread and butter, we are always together and I take the opportunity to observe”, said Yerry Mina.

He told us how he got started in the world of football: “My dad marked me a lot. He was a very good goalkeeper and I, which is something that not many people know, also started as a goalkeeper. He told me: ‘Jump, I don’t see you there’. So I found another position for myself. As I wasn’t very fast at the time and a bit chubby, he found another place for me. I went on to play as a midfielder”.

Finally, he talked about his time in Barcelona. “I always try to work hard, because when I don’t play I think I’ll get the chance. When the coach trusts you, it’s fundamental. You can do things. They are difficult moments that one passes. It did help me to see who was with me. There were a lot of people who walked away. I send a big hug to my family, to those who were always with me. What I am going to try is to always do things, not to seek the applause of people, but to glorify God,” he concluded.

Everton Defender footballer Yerry Mina

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