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Pedri Is Proving Fruitful For His Old Club



‘COPE’ reports that Las Palmas received 250,000 euros extra for the transfer of Pedri to Barcelona because the young player has played five games with more than 45 minutes played. This was one of the clauses of the agreement.

Pedri is playing well at Barcelona and it’s bringing benefits to his home team, Las Palmas. ‘COPE’ says that, having already participated for more than 45 minutes in more than five games, the Canaries have pocketed 250,000 euros more in extras.

This is one of the clauses of his transfer to Barcelona. Another, for example, involves a payment for each time the footballer is called up by a Spanish team. Having already been in the plans of the Under 21, this has been of great benefit to the team’s finances.

The key is that his signing with the team came before his talent exploded as it has been doing lately. With Ronald Koeman at the helm, he is continuing his ‘boom’.

These small injections of money could prove vital for Las Palmas in the face of winter transfers. If the team have their eye on some incorporation to strengthen the team, there will be a little more room for action.

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