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Blessing Okoro walks the street in towel after garnering 500k followers on IG



Blessing Okoro is a relationship expert who is the founder and primary writer of the blog, the primary writer and founder of the relationship blog, BreakUp or MakeUp.


After garnering 500,000 followers on the social media platform, Instagram, she went berzerk. The relationship expert took to the streets wearing only a white towel with her undies on her head.


She wore her panties on her head and had her bra hanging from one shoulder as she ran into the street to celebrate her increasing followers.


She shared the video, saying:

Mad oooooo.
I don enter the road, sell Shame buy disgrace.
Thanks 🙏”


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Watch the video below.


Blessing Okoro reveals she started having sex at the age of 14.


Equally important, Blessing Okoro revealed during an interview with Daddy Freeze that she started having sex at a tender age.




According to Okoro Blessing, the man she started having sex with at the age of 14; and eventually dated for four years before they got married was `10 years older than her.


Daddy Freeze shared the video with the caption:

“I started dating at 14…..

I got married and divorced while still at university…..

Onye Eze was invited by the police for questioning; the man who handcuffed me was on his knees begging.”


In fact, a couple of months ago, Blessing Okoro blatantly stated that it is the man’s responsibility to provide for a woman.


According to her, while women were cursed with going through labour to birth a child; a man’s curse is to provide. She went on to differentiate between a man and a boy.


According to her, take away that responsibility of providing from a man and he becomes a jobless boy whose only interest is sleeping with women.




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