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Serial Killer Obsessed With Virginity Believed To Have Killed 32 Young Girls With His Wife’s Help



A prolific French rapist and serial killer who’s believed to have murdered 32 young girls over the period of 20 years is now feared to have done so with the help of his wife. Michel Fourniret, now 78, has confessed to sexually assaulting and killing 12 girls and young women between 1987 and 2003 with police suspecting him of being behind the deaths of 20 more. However, what makes this story even more disturbing is that Fourniret’s third wife, Monique Olivier, helped him do it.

Olivier fell for Fourniret while he was already in prison. Fourniret was serving a sentence for sexually assaulting and raping minors back in the 1980s when Olivier wrote to him and the pair became pen pals. The pair seemed to have a lot in common, at least in regards to their sick fantasies, and they soon made a terrible deal.

In exchange for killing her first husband, Olivier offered something major in return. She promised Fourniret she would help him find virgins with which he could live out his sick fantasies when he finished serving his sentence. Sadly and infuriatingly, it seems that’s exactly what happened.

The acts he committed over the period of 20 years were horrific. So much so that they don’t need to be detailed here. However, needless to say many young girls were kidnapped, sexually tortured, and often killed by Fourniret thanks to the help of Olivier. It would be nearly two decades before he faced justice.

Finally, in 2003, he was caught. After kidnapping a 13-year-old Belgian girl and stuffing her into his van, he tied her up before sexually assaulting her and threatening to kill her. However, when the vehicle stopped, she managed to untie herself and get out onto the road, where she was helped by a passer-by. Thankfully, that hero was able to jot down Fourniret’s license plate number and it wasn’t long before he was in cuffs.

Of course his wife turned on him once he got caught. In exchange for a lesser prison sentence of 28 years, Olivier told police everything they wanted to know about Fourniret’s crimes and claimed she was a victim of his rather than an accomplice. For his crimes, many of which he openly admitted, Fourniret was sentenced to life in prison at a 2008 trial

For more information on Fourniret, you can read more HERE. There are also some fascinating documentaries on YouTube available to watch for free, though many are in French.

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