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Beyonce’s Mother Tina Lawson Pens Love Letter To Her Son-in-law Jay-Z



Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson is extremely proud of her son-in-law Jay-Z and she has penned the most beautiful love letter ever to him. The proud mother in an Instagram post described the rapper as a “badass brother,” paving the way for other Black entrepreneurs as well as championing Black artists.

Beyonce's Mother Tina Lawson Pens Love Letter To Her Son-in-law Jay-Z

She mentioned that she remembered when J took on being in charge of the Entertainment at the Super Bowl, and saying that things would never change unless we had someone on the inside that could make decisions at the top and everyone condemned him but he kept moving regardless. She mentioned that his streaming platform Tidal took a lot of blood and sweat to start and so many other ventures people don’t know about. Tina Lawson shared that Jay has become an influence and leader for younger generations as he keeps paving the way for them and reminding them of the role of black excellence.
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