Ric Hassani
Nigerian singer Ric Hassani has earned more respect from Nigerian music lovers and has been named the calm and mature artiste of the month as he coolly, calmly and collectedly engaged his music critic.
Recall that the Nigerian Broadcast Commission NBC had banned Ric Hassani’s newly released Thunder Fire You with a promise to fine any radio station who plays the single.
Reacting to the ban, Nigerian author, essayist and human rights lawyer Ayo Sogunro condemned he song, saying it is whiny, unoriginal and unremarkable and blamed the NBC for giving it fame via the ban. “I don’t think I’d heard of Hassani until NBC purportedly banned his song. Then I listened to it. It’s a whiny, unoriginal, and unremarkable song that would have died naturally but the govt decided to give it fame. That’s the stupidity of targeted censorship by govt”, he wrote in a tweet.
Some fans of the singer came under the but Ayo Sogunro wouldn’t have any of their words. “Not interested in anyone marketing a musician to me. If that is your own taste in music, good for you. Enjoy it and stop crying in my mentions. I don’t care about the song or the artiste, it is governance issues I care about – and that’s my only interest in the whole business”, he wrote in another tweet.
Seeing the piece, Ric Hassani refused to be angered or put down. Rather, he prided himself in being an incredible songwriter, adding that the song is genius. “Whiny?? Unoriginal? Naaa bro, I respect your opinion but honestly I don’t think so. That song is Genius. The title is “Thunder Fire You” what would you expect. That being said I’m a seriously incredible songwriter and Artiste, if you don’t CONNECT WITH ONE SONG, others will”, he stressed.
Replying, Ayo Sogunro promised to take time out to listen to his music to see if he would have a different opinion, which, according to him, he would give without hesitation.
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“Well, you’re certainly biased in favour of your own work. Naturally. But since you’ve made a fair point, I will take time out this week to listen to your other songs and if I like them, I will come back here and say so without hesitation. It’s nothing personal”, Ayo replied.
Ric Hassani didn’t get worked up, but rather served the same cool, calm and collected energy he served earlier, sealing his place in the hearts of tweeps. “Nothing personal as well. If you are a writer, I genuinely like books. I will check a few of yours out too, so when we meet back here, we can trade opinions. This is exciting, speak soon. Love”, he replied.Photos Credit: Instagram

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