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Linda Ikeji Trolled For Slaying Her Beauty Over Drainage Gutter



Nigerian businesswoman and entrepreneur, Lind Ikeji has been dragged online after she posed for a photo on a drainage gutter.

In a post via her Instagram page, she shared a photo of herself slaying on top of what appears to be a drainage gutter. The photo drew mixed reactions from fans as it attracted their attention.

A fan identified as omoge9ja and other fans slid under the comment section and registered their displeasure in her photo.

The fan wrote: “… 🙄 On a good day Linda can slay good, but this one is looking somehow oo 😔 I’m still wondering why she chose to slay on top of drainage gutter?? 🧐🥺 it’s a bit weird 🤦”

She captioned her post as: Girl set apart…😉🤩🤩

This month will be a blessed month for all of us IJN. 🙏

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