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Arike Gold reveals why people think she can never be broke



Nollywood actress, Arike Gold real name Folorunsho Adeola has revealed in a new interview that she never be broke.


In an interview with a correspondent, the actress revealed that she is fascinated by the perception that people have about her.


Here is what she said;

“It is really funny when people think one is worth more than N100m, not knowing that one is still striving very hard.

People out there think I am a wealthy lady. Some even think I am too ‘big’ to be broke.

“My uncle once called me to buy him a car.

Not just a car but an expensive one at that. However, I was not shocked at his request. It was because he sees me in movies and he feels I would have made a lot of money.”



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Arike Gold also disagreed with the notion that actresses were richer than actors.


She said;

Actresses are richer than their male colleagues?

I totally disagree with that.

Our male colleagues are also very rich but don’t flaunt wealth like us (ladies).

Women naturally love to show off. Some of my male colleagues could be running low-key businesses that make them earn a good income but they don’t talk about it online, so people don’t know.

On the other hand, actresses are business-minded.

That is why most of us are engaged in one business or the other and we talk about them.

That way, it seems like we are wealthier and our male colleagues are not making it big.”

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