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Nedu reveals he wanted to be more than a voice on radio



Nigerian media personality, Nedu has explained why he wanted to be more than just an on-air personality.


Aside from being a radio presenter, Nedu also functions as a social media content creator and skit maker. He has designed several hilarious characters such as Officer Jato, Sister Nkechi, Oga Landlord, etc through his skit production.


In a recent interview with Punch Newspaper’s Sunday Scoop, the media personality revealed that he wanted to be more than just a radio presenter.


During the session, Nedu real name Chinedu Ani Emmanuel had this to say;

“I decided to switch (to social media comedy) when I realised that people did not know my face.

It was just my voice they knew.

One is only known in the state where one’s radio station has coverage and I needed more than that.

That was when I decided that I needed people to know the face and make them know that I could do more than just being on the radio.”



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Asked if social media comedy had paid off for him, the comedian said he stuck to it because it was lucrative.


He also stated that while many complained bitterly during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, he did not have cause to complain.

He added;

“The COVID-19 lockdown did not affect me.

People wanted to do adverts more, so they contacted us to shoot more adverts and social media skits.”


Nedu noted that the success of the ‘Sister Nkechi’ character he created spurred him to do more.


He said;

“I started with the ‘Sister Nkechi’ character which did well.

When I saw that many people liked it, I realised I needed to do something different because it was becoming too much.

I then switched to ‘Officer Jato’. I try as much as possible to keep up with the times and get better by the day.”


On the doors social media comedy has opened for him, the Madonna University graduate said; “It has opened a lot of doors and it is still opening. I am doing this for the money; not just because I enjoy it.”

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