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After More Than 54 Years, Man Shares Past And Present Photos As He Meets His Primary School Mates



The man identified as Barade, who is a military veteran met his primary school mates decades after their graduation and he dropped old photos of them when they were young in primary school and presently as adults.

According to the criminologist and security expert, he and his mates graduated from primary school in 1967, quite a long time ago. He added that he decided to welcome them lately so that they could remember with pleasure the many things that happened 60 years ago when they all began Primary 1 in 1961.

He tweeted: “Today is one of the most memorable. I had the privilege to host my primary school classmates. I have not seen some since 1967 when we graduated. We had a good time catching up, remembering things that happened 60yrs ago when we began Primary 1 in 1961. To Allah be the glory.”

His tweet quickly went viral, with thousands liking it.

See below.

As at the time of writing this report, the post has over 4,302 likes with over 700 retweets. compiled some of the reactions below:

Samson Alonge commented about the wearing of hijab which was not present in the old photo Barade shared. @samsonalonge said; “If this is how Northern Student studied in the 60’s. Why do Muslims clamouring for hijab for Christians Schools at Ilorin-Kwara. What changed in the 20’s? We should be getting better and not dividing ourselves further

@akunnenonso expressed love for the picture, he wrote: I love this remembrance picture you see no Hijab but now they see Hijab as their Allah in the North

@eggs_code wrote; In the childhood picture I see females happily seated among the males and this looks very simple, but now on the right I don’t see any of those females, I hope this brings you to reality of what religion is evolving into.