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Toyin Abraham to fans, ‘Stop using other people’s success to measure your own’



Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham has admonished her fans to quit looking down on themselves due to the victory of others.


Toyin Abraham stated that comparison is the thief of joy.


She published the motivational post on Tuesday, April 6.


“Listen my darling, a lot of people are better than you and me, and you and I are also better than some other people. So, stop looking at other people’s success to measure your own,” she wrote.



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“If your today is better than your yesterday, you’re on the right path and even if it feels like your yesterday is better than today, don’t give up! restrategize if necessary, work hard, work smart, do more and keep praying. A lot of progress is lost in comparison. So, don’t stop pushing. You’re absolutely doing well.”


Toyin Abraham a couple of weeks ago explained why women are more successful in the entertainment industry.


She stated that women do not have to sleep with men to make money.


Here is what she said;

We need to stop attributing every woman’s success to her sexual prowess with men; women deserve the success they have as much as men without attributing it to their sexuality.

Nollywood women like Bimbo Ademoye; Nancy Isime; Kehinde Bankole; Inidima Okojie; Sharon Ooja; Bisola Aiyeola, are getting paid in millions.

Even scriptwriters that are not in the limelight are getting paid in millions.

It is disparaging to put the successes of these women within the box of their sexuality.

A lot of women are doing great things legitimately.

I am one of them and so also are many other women in other industries; not just the entertainment industry.

A woman is more than the sum total of her sexuality.”

Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi.”

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