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You can now use Zoom and GoToMeeting on the Portal TV



Last year, seeing the increased need for videoconferencing and online meetings, Facebook added support for multiple services on most of its Portal TV, such as Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting. Today, the company announced that Zoom and GoToMeeting are also coming to the Portal TV.

Last year’s launch contemplated the Portal devices that already have a screen – the Portal, Portal Mini, and Portal+, but the Portal device is potentially the largest-screen model Facebook offers, because it has no screen at all. As the name suggests, the Portal TV is a camera that connects to your existing TV; leveraging that screen real estate for the usual suite of Portal features.

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GoToMeeting actually announced its expansion onto Portal TV back in January; but Zoom support is still a major addition considering the sheer popularity of the service. Zoom can leverage all the smart features that Portal devices have, like Smart Sound for picking up the user’s voice and minimizing background noise, and Smart Camera keeps the user in the frame as they move around.

Portal also already supports Facebook’s own video chat platforms, including Messenger; Messenger Rooms; and WhatsApp; in addition to packing some other useful features like built-in Alexa. You can learn more about the device on Facebook’s website.

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