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Pastor Gets The Beating Of His Life From A 16-Year-Old Boy After He Allegedly Grabbed His Girlfriend’s Backside



A 16-year-old boy reportedly beat a pastor after the pastor allegedly fondled the backside of the teenager’s girlfriend.

A rather interesting yet surprising story of a teenager getting physical with an alleged “man of God” over a girl has stirred up a lot of reactions on Twitter.

According to social media user @naebilli, the teenager, a 16 year old boy, got physical with the pastor after the latter allegedly fondled the backside of the teenager’s girlfriend.

@naebilli in her tweet, revealed that the young man beat up the pastor for grabbing his girlfriend’s ass. The incident happened last Sunday, April 4, 2021.

The Twitter user wrote;

Anyway one 16 year old on my street beat the shit out of a pastor this morning because the pastor grabbed his babe’s ass.

This generation will heal the world

Nah fr I need to buy something for this child and tell him how legendary he is. I hope his parents are supportive abeg.”

Her tweet stirred up a lot of reactions, with some tweeps quite happy with the young man’s action…

See below;

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