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Busch Is Looking For One Special Pup To Taste-Test Its Non-Alcoholic Dog Beer



Last summer, Busch released a limited-edition batch of beer made especially for dogs. Aptly titled Dog Brew, the beverage was pup-safe and a portion of the sales went to Best Friends Animal Society to ensure better futures for animals in need. As you can imagine, it sold out pretty much immediately. However, now Busch is looking to hire a dog to taste-test its new dog beers and frankly, it sounds like a pretty cushy position!

The job is for a Chief Tasting Officer. One lucky pup will get the opportunity to serve as Busch’s Chief Tasting Officer for its non-alcoholic dog beers. Given how important it is to make sure Dog Brew is at max tastiness, the lucky dog really will be under a fair amount of pressure to rise to the occasion and do a great job.

The puns just don’t stop. In a video posted to Busch’s social media accounts, the “Busch Guy” explained exactly what will be expected of the lucky four-legged friend who gets the job. “It will be your sole responsibility to shepherd the great taste of Busch, research new flavors, take on pet projects. Your bark will have to be as good as your bite,” he said. Sounds like it might be pretty ruff!

There’s something in it for the owner too. While it’ll be great for your pup since it’ll get to down all the dog beer it can handle, there’s also a pretty great perk for the Chief Tasting Officer’s human: a $20,000 “salary.” Free dog insurance and more Dog Brew is also included by Busch, which is pretty sweet.

So how do you apply? If you’d like to apply on behalf of your dog for this awesome position, you can do so by posting photos and videos of your dog on social media with the hashtag #BuschCTOcontest. You’ll also need to make sure the word “entry” appears somewhere in the caption and you should explain why your dog is the perfect pooch for the position. You have until April 28 to apply, so get entering!

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