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5 mistakes you make when fighting with your partner



Happy couples argue too. In fact, couples who do are more likely to stay together than couples who avoid facing their issues.

While they may quarrel about the same things as ordinary couples, the way happy couples fight actually sets them apart from others.

They choose their battles by quarreling about things that they can find solutions to rather than focusing on difficult issues. But there are also other things to be wary of when fighting with your partner.

We took a look at things you can avoid doing when getting into a fight with your beloved and here’s a list of them below.

1. Using gestures that dismiss your partner

Showing defensive body language such as crossing your arms or legs and moving or turning away from your partner can make any fight worse. Pointing with your index finger and wringing your hands are signs that you’re mad. Ridiculing your partner by rolling your eyes, shaking your head, or sneering can make the already sensitive situation even more hostile.

2. Fighting about more than one issue at a time

Even though the argument started over one subject, you and your partner begin arguing about other unrelated things. It is natural to want to bring up old fights or past mistakes as “evidence” for your current fight, but it will only serve your ego and upset your partner even more. Doing so would also confuse matters, because it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to tackle a few issues at a time.

3. Blaming your partner

While it’s common to want to build a case to prove your partner wrong, pointing fingers, saying, “It was all your fault” is like prosecuting them in court. You might win the fight at that time, but lose the relationship in the end. It’s equally not helpful if you insist on only seeing their flaws but you’re unwilling to see yours.

4. Giving your partner the silent treatment

Silent treatment is when you don’t want to communicate at all with someone, even to the point of ignoring their existence. Perhaps you do it to avoid conflict, to communicate that you’re angry, or to punish your partner. But whatever the reason, giving them a silent treatment is not healthy because you’re not opening up to discuss and resolve the issue.

6. Fighting at the wrong place or using the wrong medium

Breaking into a fight in a public place, a workplace, or a parents’ home can make things even more unnecessarily sensitive. Engaging in a fight via text messages or phone calls can lead to a misunderstanding as well. After all, you might be missing some facial cues and body language that could tell you what your loved one is really feeling.
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