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How to protect your skin from damage caused by computer radiation



Prolonged exposure to the blue light emitted from your computer screen and mobile phones can damage your skin leading to premature aging and pigmentation.

Beauty brands have already come out with a range of blue light protection creams which provide the skin the required antioxidant and protects it from any type of harm.

But here are a few ways you can protect your skin from this damage. Read on.

1. Eat food rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants limit the production of free-radicals in the skin. Therefore you should eat foods rich in antioxidants like avocados, tomatoes, and walnuts. This will reduce skin aging and pigmentation.

2. Use an SPF cream indoor as well

The blue light emitted from the screen is as harmful as the UV rays emitted from the sun. Therefore you should use a moisturizer with an SPF while sitting and working in front of the screen for a longer period. Don’t forget to apply it every hour on your face.

3. Wash your face regularly at home

Along with taking frequent breaks from the screen, you should also wash your face regularly. Particles of radicles settle on the face as you sit in front of your screen for a longer period. This will also make you feel refreshed and energetic. It is also advised to keep the screen 18 inches away from the body.

4. Use an undereye gel

In order to prevent wrinkles around your eyes, you should apply an under-eye gel. Since every time you look at the screen you have to narrow your eyes and this can lead to wrinkles around it. Therefore applying gel or cream at the under-eyes will prevent you from any such thing and also prevent your eyes from being watery.

5. Drink atleast 2 litres of water

The heat from your computer causes skin dryness. This can be reduced if you drink a lot of water every day. You can also use a face moisturiser to keep your skin nourished.

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