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WATCH: Crossdresser, James Brown Storms Market With Military Escort



Popular Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown was recently spotted at a popular local market with fully dressed soldiers as escorts.


The internet celebrity cum singer was reportedly at the popular local market to shop for food items.



In the video, James Brown is seen with bouncers, and also soldiers serving as his human shield against any physical harm.


Watch the video below,


The video has however stirred reactions from netizens on social media, with many rebuking the soldiers for serving as bodyguards for the transviet.


An Instagram follower, pazkalx wrote, “Army dey Guide am.. Ordinary owerri federal prison dey no fit guide well”.


@nwaubani._ wrote, “Soldiers meant to be protecting citizens from external forces are protecting a fuqing pervert”.


@vickscare wrote, “Nonsense ,,see what soldier has turned to ,is the person videoing not maduagu that trended with his gbola entering another boys ass🤔 sigh*”.

@gambitsparrow wrote, “They should arrest does soldiers”.