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Budweiser Is Giving Out Free Beer Money To Anyone Who Gets The COVID-19 Vaccine



As we move into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s one light at the end of the tunnel: readily available vaccines that can greatly reduce your chance of contracting the illness, passing it on, or getting seriously ill and dying from it if you do happen to catch it. While some people are understandably hesitant to go and get the jab, the truth is that they are overwhelmingly safe and do so much good that it would be silly not to.

Plenty of companies are also offering incentives to people for getting the COVID-19 vaccine, from Krispy Kreme’s free donuts to Sam Adams and their free beer. Now, Budweiser is getting on board and giving away money to spend on whatever you’d like (beer would be a good choice!) if you provide proof of your vaccination. Awesome!

Budweiser recently announced the incentive in a new commercial. The commercial features their iconic Clydesdale and a puppy, which is enough to win pretty much anyone over. “We can’t wait to see our buds. But when we do, let’s do it safely,” they say in the ad.

So, how much money do you actually get? Budweiser is offering $5 to the first 10,000 people to validate their COVID-19 vaccine on their specially created website called In return, you’ll get a pre-loaded digital debit card worth $5 to cover the cost of a Budweiser beer. Of course, no one can stop you from using it on whatever you’d like – up to you! Keep in mind that you’ll need to sign up to the MyCooler website (which you need to be 21 or older to use) in order to participate, but that should only take a few minutes.

How do you prove you were vaccinated? While they’re not being too hardcore about this, you will need to upload photo proof that you got the vaccine. That could be a selfie at the vaccination center or with your sticker, a photo of your band-aid, etc. Anything that shows you showed up to get the jab will do!

A few states are excluded from the promotion. If you live in Arizona, California, or Texas, sorry, but you’re exempt from this offer. However, you should still get your COVID-19 vaccination and then buy yourself a beer. You’re worth it.

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