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Fulani Militias Kill Six Miners, Leaves Two Injured, Identities Of Victims Released



Six miners were killed and two others left injured in Wereng community, Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Reports suggests that eight miners were attacked by suspected Fulani militias at about 7:45 pm on Thursday, April 15 on their way home from the mining site.

Confirming the incident, Barrister Dalyop Mwantiri, of Emancipation Centre for Crisis Victims in Nigeria (ECCVN) a non-governmental organisation based in Plateau, identified the persons as

Chuwang Williams,29, 3. children
Bulus Danbom, 41
Peter Williams, 39 years with 3 children.
Dung Gyang, 60
Dachung Gara, 44 year with 5 children
Davou Dachung, 45 years, 4 children

Davou Jatau and Gyang Jatau, the two people who were able to survive the fatal injuries have been admitted at Vom Christian Hospital for medical attention. Davou Jatau told ECCVN in an interview how they were waylaid.

He said;

“We just returned from mining site that is relatively far from Wereng, and so we decided to have a little rest before proceeding to our respective home. Unknown to us, armed Fulani were coming after us. Not long after the rest in a refreshment home, I heard sporadic gunshots at close range, everyone started running out for his or her dire life. On trying to escape, I was shot on my scrotum and immediately fall down pretending to had died in order not to be shot again”