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A Day After Breaking Up With Girlfriend, Man Wakes Up With Female Sekz Organ (VIDEO)



A man’s story of how he transformed into a female has gone viral and got people talking on social media.

This man claims he went to bed as a man however woke up to find out that his male sex organs have transformed to that of a female.

He narrated that he broke up with his girlfriend after a misunderstanding and the unthinkable happened the next day. The man made the news known to Afrimax English, he said;

“I slept as a man and woke up a woman just one day after a breakup,”

According to him, he was naturally born a male and he had an unusual feeling on the night of the breakup. He later realized that a female sex organ has been developed in addition to the male organ. However, the new female organ was ‘active’ and the male wasn’t.

He consulted some fetish priests to look into his plight and help him resolve the recent development only to find out that he has been “bewitched” by his former lover.

He claimed that his ex-lover consented to transforming his sex organ into that of a woman to seek revenge on him terminating plans to their wedding. This has left the man to live his life like a woman, he wears women’s dresses and even put on makeup to glare up his beauty.

He concluded that he has finally settled down with a man whose greatest fears is he “returning to his original state one day”.

Watch Video Here;

Meanwhile, the video has garnered several reactions from Nigerians who chanced upon the video. Many people expressed shock over his outburst while others found the video to be extremely hilarious. some of them below;

@deze_wellz wrote; ‘this is funny’

@abidemi_1 wrote; ‘He now had to turn to full time agaygay’

@natarshaperpetual wrote; “Okay who will break my heart again I go turn to goat’