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France: Imam supports niqab ban, Muslims threaten to kill him, put a bounty on his head



There are many in the West who indefatigably support the tiny group of moderate Muslim spokesmen, confident that they will affect the transformation of Islam. The reality is that because of Islam’s death penalty for heresy and apostasy, genuine Islamic reformers (as opposed to the legion of deceivers who insist that when Islam is properly understood, there is nothing to reform) are hunted and forced into hiding by their violence-minded coreligionists. This stymies chances for actual reform.

“A brave French imam with a bulletproof vest and a bounty on his head,” by Giulio Meotti, Israel National News, April 22, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Hassan Chalghoumi is an imam in the Drancy mosque and president of the Conference of Imams of France (the alternative to that dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood). Sentenced to death by Islamic fundamentalists, Chalghoumi must wear a bulletproof vest even in the mosque, as told by a documentary on Bfmtv that aired a few weeks ago.

To blend into anonymity, his relatives also had to sacrifice his surname, which on Islamist sites circulates everywhere, in Yemen, Iraq and in Tunisia, his native land, where a man threw himself at him to hit him shouting “Chalghoumi traitor”. Le Parisien says that Chalghoumi never sleeps two nights in the same place in France. A bounty was placed on his head by terrorists in the sum of 150,000 euros.

When he supported the law banning the burqa in public, Islamists put his mosque under siege. They entered the prayer hall and the imam was “exfiltrated”, as they say in the jargon. Because one of the Islamists exclaimed: “Aiqtalah aiqtala! Kill him! Kill him!”.

“It is the price of the freedom of someone who has lost his freedom” Chalghoumi told me. “And who could lose his life…”…

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