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France: Teen gets death threats after defending Islam critic



The French government is responsible for creating this dangerous situation for its own people who are inclined to defend the freedom of speech. It was the government that decided to bring in a large population of people among whom would be an unknowable number that would hate the freedom of speech and be determined to enforce blasphemy laws. The government made the decision, the people pay the price.

“Young French woman threatened with death for defending free speech activist Mila,” by John Cody, Remix News, April 23, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A young French woman, Floriane Gouget, has faced harassment and censorship on social media after she spoke openly in defense of Mila, a French teenager who has consistently threatened with death after posting a video critical of Islam in January 2020.

To show that caricatures on religion are not taboo and promote secularism in French society, Gouget, 18, created the Last Hope association with Mathys Dupuy from Maine-et-Loire. So far, she has lodged around 50 harassment complaints with the police since November due to the threatening messages she receives on social media. Her Twitter account has also been hacked and her personal address and phone number posted on the web by the attacker, who also changed Gouget’s biography location in her Twitter profile to Lebanon, according to French web outlet Marianne.…

Gouget has indicated that she has faced direct death threats, and with her personal address and even the address of her parents being posted on the web, she fears the worst.

The 17-year-old Mila, who has become a free speech activist, lives under 24-hour police protection in France and has received over 50,000 death threats. She has also been forced to drop out of school and lives in complete isolation with her parents, a fate that Gouget may soon share as well. Despite Mila being threatened with both death and rape, Twitter recently temporarily suspended her account for another video she posted that was critical of Islam. The case of Mila has become such a hot-button issue in French society that French President Emmanuel Macron was forced to comment on it in the past, with Macron saying that Mila has a right to speak her mind without facing death threats.

As happened to Mila, the Twitter account of Gouget was temporarily suspended by the social network based on her profile photo in which she holds the front page of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, which devoted an issue to the republication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. First, Gouget received a message from Twitter telling her that her account violated the rules of the social network and that her profile picture stands for “hate imagery”. To restore her account, the social network offered the young woman to delete the part of the profile that violated their rules….

“The first were not necessarily aggressive, mostly asking why I am defending Mila. Then, very quickly, it got worse,” described Floriane. These were what she calls the usual insults, for example, “Dirty b*tch” and others saying, “F*ck your mother”.

But then disturbing messages started to flow in, for example, “For you too, it’s going to end badly” and “Anyway, Mila will have her head cut off”.

But there is a message that particularly struck Gouget. One user sent her message that read, “Hi, it’s you who threatens the prophet and who live in [redacted]”. The user had apparently figured out where Gouget lives, and it was then that she decided to file her first harassment complaint with Twitter and the police….