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Pope Francis denounces deaths of illegal Muslim migrants in Mediterranean as ‘shameful’



The deaths of these migrants are indeed tragic. They should not be used, however, to legitimize further the continual disregard for the rule of law and the inundation of Europe with illegal migrants. Every effort should be made to put a stop to illegals embarking on such a journey to start with.

Illegal economic migrants are breaking the law. Instead of condemning their actions, as well as the actions of those who are in the business of human smuggling (including those who are smuggling people into the EU in the name of a “rescue operation”), the Pope is aiding and abetting the practice.

Salvini is right in saying that these deaths are “on the conscience of the do-gooders.”

“Pope Francis Decries ‘Shameful’ Migrant Sea Deaths in Mediterranean,” by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart, April 25, 2021:

ROME — Pope Francis denounced the indifference of those who “prefer to look the other way” rather than assist migrants attempting to cross from Africa into Europe.

“I confess I am extremely sad over the tragedy that has once again taken place in the Mediterranean,” the pope said Sunday following his prayer of the Regina Caeli. “One hundred thirty migrants died in the sea.”

The pontiff was referring to the 130 African migrants bound for Europe who drowned off the coast of Libya on Thursday after Libyan human traffickers loaded them aboard vessels.

“They are people,” the pontiff continued. “They are human beings who begged for help in vain for two whole days — help that never arrived.”

“Brothers and sisters, let us all ask ourselves about this umpteenth tragedy,” Francis said. “It is a shameful moment.”

“Let us pray for these brothers and sisters, and for all those who continue to die in these tragic crossings,” he concluded. “Let us also pray for those who can help but prefer to look the other way.”

Although the pope did not name names regarding those who “prefer to look the other way,” accusations have flown as different groups attempt to pin the blame for the deaths on the people smugglers, the Libyan coast guard, Frontex, national governments, or on NGOs that encourage migrants to undertake the perilous crossing.

The NGO Sea-Watch International tweeted Friday that “130 people drowned – EU authorities & Frontex knew about the distress case, but denied rescue.”…

For his part, Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s Lega party, blamed facilitators of international migration for the catastrophe, saying the latest victims are “on the conscience of the do-gooders.”…..