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Nigerian lady urges for return of missing brother’s body after a decade



A Nigerian lady has taken to the social media platform, Twitter to cry for the body of her missing brother to be returned to her family.


She revealed that her brother went missing a decade ago, he hasn’t been seen or heard from ever since.


The Nigerian lady with the Twitter user name, @LadySoftxx, urging for compensation; stated that perhaps, mere seeing the lifeless body of her brother would bring rest upon her family.


She made the announcement on the microblogging site, Twitter on Sunday evening.


Here is what she wrote;

My brother has been missing for over 10 years now.

Even if it’s a bodybag we will be grateful.

We have grieved, prayed, searched etc.


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The timorous lady revealed that her family has been heartbroken for several years; as a matter of fact, she stated that she has been unable to sleep properly for over a decade due to the traumatic experience.


She continued;

You don’t wanna have a missing family member.

It’s traumatic.

You’ll think they’ll be back the next day, then it turns to days, weeks, months, and eventually years.

Then you start to live on hope which is very dangerous.

You’ll eventually give up and accept he or she is dead.”


In conclusion, she wrote;

Then you start to imagine how the death happened if it was slow and painful if they were crying for help that didn’t come.

There are times you’ll see someone on the road that looks like that missing family member and the hope comes back to life.”

Moments after the young lady published the post, several Twitter users have also opened up about members of their family who are yet to return home for a long time.

Read their tweets below.