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Spain: Three Muslims arrested for urging jihad massacres in France over Muhammad cartoons



Ultimately Europe is going to surrender and accept Islamic blasphemy laws for fear of appearing “Islamophobic,” or will make it absolutely clear that opposition to the freedom of speech is not acceptable in European societies. Which one Europeans will choose is as yet unclear.

“Spain arrests 3 for urging extremist attacks against France,” Associated Press, April 29, 2021:

MADRID — Three men whose social media posts allegedly encouraged extremist attacks against French targets are in custody in Spain after Spanish police and the European Union’s crime agency traced them to the southern city of Granada.

The men threatened violent attacks against French people and French interests abroad after French magazine Charlie Hebdo republished caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad last September, Spanish police and Europol said in statements Thursday.

The caricatures enraged many Muslims, who found them blasphemous.

Europol described the three men in Granada as “a terrorist cell.”

Spanish police said the trio focused their efforts on persuading young people to carry out violent acts, creating specific online content directed at them….