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6 Rules of Success by Arnold Schwarzenegger



Arnold Schwarzenegger is one unique motivational influencer that is so encouraged even up til today. He is someone that you can look at and actually follow in his footsteps. He is one who’s life is so principled that affects everything that is around him in a positive way. He’s an achiever who sails up and forward no matter the situation. Nothing stops him, and nothing pulls him down. His an inspirer that teaches millions to follow their dreams and not care about doubters, unbelievers and unachievers. Arnold would say, set your sails and don’t look back. Keep moving forward. And when you do that, you will surely hit your mark and arrive at that goal, dream and desire you long waited and worked for.

Let’s now look at the six rules that rose him to success, which you as well can follow. Have it in mind that it works, once you put your mind to it and set your sails to achieve it.

1. Trust yourself

In life, you need to ask yourself, what is most important to you? What do you really want? It’s nice that people, or even your parents may give you advice on how and what to do in life. But the question still remains, is what they tell you, really what you want to do or become? You need to search yourself and dig deep down. Figure out for yourselves what makes you tick, no matter how absurd it may be to others, and run with it.
2. Break the Rules

Break the rules, what does it imply? It is impossible to reach your potential if you’re too well behaved. It doesn’t mean that you should do something bad by breaking the law. All it simply means is, you should learn to think outside the box. Arnold believed that, so can you.

As long as you’re on this earth, you can’t be liked by everyone. Neither can you run away or avoid all troubles. So you might as well get with the program and start doing something different and worthwhile for yourself, regardless of the consequences of what people might talk and say. It’s all about you and your life.
3. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

According to Arnold, he says, “Anything I’ve ever attempted, I was always willing to fail”. Other words, you can’t always win. Great achievers and successors today, did not achieve where they are today, without pit falls and failures. Failures only train you to be stronger so that you can attempt it again, with a more better strategy.
So don’t be afraid of taking decisions. Never be gripped by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You have to keep pushing despite the odds, because it’s the right thing to do. And the fact that you believe in yourself and in your vision, all the more tells you that success will definitely come your way. Incorporate failure as a possibility of what might likely happen, so that when it does, it won’t knock you down.
4. Don’t Listen to the Naysayers

How often do people tell you that you can’t do this and you can’t do that? They even worsen it by trying to kill your spirt, that it’s never been done before? But do you know the great thing about this, when they say this, you should take it up as a challenge, and prove to yourself and them, that I can be done. And so that when you do it, at least you know, you would have been the first one to have done that. So pay no attention to the people that say it can’t be done. Arnold never listened to them. Always listen to yourself and say, “Yes, you can.”
5. Work Your Butt Off

You never want to fail after all the hard work you put it. It’s quite understandable. Arnold says, when he feels pain, that’s when he starts counting and that’s when it means the most. As the slogan goes, “No pain, no gain”. You have got to put in the work! If you want to win, there is just no easy way around it.
6. Give Back

In whatever you find yourself in life, you should always remember others. As you get and achieve things, remember that there is something or some people or a community that you can reach out to. Learn to give something back no matter how small or big. It will bless you the more and it will open more doors of opportunities for you.

So as the great mind has spoken. These are some words of inspiration that we all can benefit from and incorporate in our lives.

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