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Pakistan enraged over EU parliamentary resolution calling for its repeal of blasphemy laws



The European Union appears to be irrational. On one hand, EU Parliament rebukes Pakistan for its human rights-abusing blasphemy laws, and calls for religious freedom. But on the other hand, EU authorities are infamous for passively accepting assaults by Islamic supremacists to the freedom of speech, the cornerstone of any free society. This constitutes a level of compliance with those same Islamic blasphemy laws.

In fact, the EU, America (under Biden) and Canada are currently going down a destructive path of punishing dissent. Whenever Muslims are offended, out comes the “Islamophobia” battering ram to shut down the offending person or organization. The framework of the cancel culture in the U.S. was created in part by mainstream Muslim groups connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. In most Western countries, these same groups parrot the ideologies found in Pakistan, among the members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and among Muslim Brotherhood agents. It is the essence of the stealth jihad against the West.

The Western kowtowing to the “religious sensitivities” of Pakistan and other Muslim “sensitivities” continues the enabling of the destruction of free societies in the West.

“According to domestic and international human rights groups, blasphemy allegations in Pakistan have often been used to intimidate religious minorities and to settle personal scores.”

So what do these groups think is happening under cancel culture now? Short answer: nothing less than a milder version of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, but all this is certain to escalate if it is not fought off.

Pakistan only two weeks ago called for the launch of a global campaign by Muslim countries against “blasphemy” and “Islamophobia.”

The West needs to straightforwardly reject each and every hint of Islamic blasphemy laws.

The EU Parliament’s latest puzzling but constructive decision should be wider policy everywhere in the West.


“Pakistan decries EU parliament’s move on blasphemy laws,” by Munir Ahmed, Associated Press, April 30, 2021:

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan on Friday decried a move by the European Parliament, which a day earlier adopted a resolution demanding Islamabad allow freedom for religious minorities and asked the EU to reconsider the South Asian country’s preferential trade status.

The European Parliament appealed on Islamabad to free a Christian couple — Shagufta Kausar and her husband Shafqat Emmanuel — who have been on death row since 2014. The two were convicted of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.

It also urged Pakistani authorities to repeal the country’s controversial blasphemy laws, provide Kausar and Emmanuel with needed medical care and “immediately and unconditionally” overrule their death sentence.

It also expressed concern at increasing online and other attacks on journalists and human rights activists and asked Pakistan to take steps to ensure their safety.

Under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, anyone accused of insulting Islam can be sentenced to death if convicted. Just the mere accusation of blasphemy can cause riots and incite mobs to violence and killings.

The foreign ministry in Islamabad released a statement expressing the government’s disappointment at the European resolution, saying it “reflects a lack of understanding in the context of blasphemy laws and associated religious sensitivities in Pakistan — and in the wider Muslim world”.

However, it is unlikely that Islamabad will act on the charged issue. Radical Islamists parties have in recent years held violent rallies to stop the government from making any changes in the blasphemy laws.

Kausar and Emmanuel were arrested in 2013 on suspicion of sending a blasphemous text message to a local cleric in eastern Punjab province, an allegation they denied. The two were tried and sentenced to death in 2014. Since then, their appeals have been pending in the Lahore High Court.

According to domestic and international human rights groups, blasphemy allegations in Pakistan have often been used to intimidate religious minorities and to settle personal scores…..