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New Netflix Dating Show ‘Sexy Beasts’ Turns Single People Into Animals To Test Blind Date Chemistry



When it comes to reality TV, there aren’t many premises that have yet to be tested. And, when it comes to finding love on the small screen, shows like The Bachelor (and other series in the franchise), Love Island, and Married At First Sight have pretty much set the standard. However, Netflix is ready to take us into uncharted territory with its new series Sexy Beasts, and no one seems quite sure how to feel about it.

It’s kind of like The Masked Singer, just for dates. The premise of Netflix’s new show is simple: single people get dressed up in heavy prosthetics and go on dates with each other to test their chemistry without appearances coming into play. Or, as the streaming giant is marketing it: “Hoping to say goodbye to superficial dating, real-life singles sport elaborate makeup and prosthetics to put true blind-date chemistry to the test.”

Some of these costumes are pretty crazy. The trailer for Sexy Beasts shows some of the contestants taking part in the search for love, with costumes ranging from devils and dolphins to bulls and scarecrows, just to name a few. And while the makeup department was clearly working overtime on this one, you can’t help but wonder what the hell you’re watching.

To make things more bizarre, the whole thing is narrated by Rob Delaney. You know, the brilliant comedian and writer of Catastrophe, among other achievements. While it’s unclear what got him involved in this, it’s yet another head-scratching element to Netflix’s latest foray into reality TV.

Sexy Beasts will hit Netflix next month. You’ll be able to stream episodes beginning on July 21 and I bet you can’t wait! Even though it freaks me out, I’ll definitely be watching. In the meantime, you can just keep watching the trailer like me and trying to make sense of it all.

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