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How-Tos: 8 tips to survive in South Africa



South Africa is an exciting and interesting country but you need some important tips to survive it.

How does one survive in South Africa? That question is been asked more often of late for obvious reasons.

Survival in South Africa has become something both citizens and visitors alike need to take seriously.

Our country is in a mess and, we are almost always, directly or otherwise told to brace up for harder days to come. Here are highlights on how to survive in South Africa:

1. Surviving the looming water crisis

Water is very important for your survival. Figure out how to get your water as the next upcoming scarcity in South Africa is water. Find a solution now! It was reported that the country would run empty unless the government spends 100 times more to secure our water supply.

2. Surviving Eskom tariff increase and load shedding

Eskom is really drumming hard on load shedding and increase in the cost of electricity. They clearly expect South Africans to pay more and be grateful for a smaller ration of an already small amount of electricity they’ll supply. Not quite long ago, some reports said Mayor Danny Jordaan has not been billed for electricity for the last seven years. Find out what he did and how he is doing it or install a solar. Eskom is really officially informing us of a very long session of blackouts.

3. Over-living the joblessness

Thousands are jobless, and many more thousands will join the jobless population. Do not expect to get a job immediately after graduation. Rather, be hopeful as you join the ever-increasing jobless South Africans but don’t stop there, get your hands busy doing a business or learning a trade or better still try getting yourself a job.

4. Surviving the sick economy

Yes, the economy of South Africa is the second largest in Africa, behind Nigeria. The emphasis is on ‘behind Nigeria’. Nigeria is presently going through loads of negative issues regarding its economy. Yet, the country is rated above South Africa. It simply shows our economy is sick. Rand is unpredictable as it can nosedive anytime. So, don’t save all your eggs here if you have any. Get a foreign account in a country with more reliable currency and economy and it would do you good to be careful of the changing rounds going on in the stock market.

5. Get used to the thievery

Stealing is a profession in South Africa. Get used to it. Hijacking, smash and grab, grab and run, armed robbery, and burglary are everyday events. Just position your mind to accepting that these things can happen at any time so that when it actually does, you would have a good shock absorbing mechanism in place that would save you the stress of ending up in a hospital.

6. Welcome the troubles

It’s almost impossible to stay away from trouble(s) in South Africa. Just expect them when you least expect them. They have a way of finding you no matter how hard you try to avoid them. So, just welcome them, accept them and move on. That is the routine so you might as well get used to it, after all, everyone is trying to survive.

7. Surviving strange abuses

It’s almost a normal phenomenon to be abused by those paid to protect you. Don’t complain. Okay, complain a bit but quickly get over them as it’s the culture here. A policeman is free to slap you anytime he chooses to.

8. Take time and enjoy the beautiful country

Give yourself a break as often as you can, how else can life be fun even when its hard. With the scenic mountains, wildlife parks, waterfalls and natural treasures, South Africa is officially the most beautiful country in the world. Take your time to visit the countless wonderful places. Doing that will help you over-live the ill fate plaguing South Africa. However, you really need to work hard in order to afford such visits.

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5 steps to creating a successful side hustle



In a perfect world, we’d all be able to do work that fulfilled our passions and filled our bank accounts simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the world’s not perfect and most of us are regulated to working jobs that don’t exactly tap into our creative spirits.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should consider a side hustle. It’s a great way for you to pursue your talents and ideas and bring in extra cash.

If you’re ready to take that plunge, consider these five steps to make it a success.

1. Respect the hustle

The side hustle may sound cool and trendy but it’s serious business. For a side hustle to be successful you will have to plan, you will have to work, and you will have to sell. We all know that sometimes even the best-laid plans don’t always work out; nevertheless, you do need a plan.

What are the services or products you are offering? Who needs it? How will you deliver it? What is your unique value proposition? A unique value proposition will set you up for success and apart from the rest.

2. No problems no money

As you start to flush out ideas for starting your side hustle you need to spend time thinking about the things you like to do and the things you’re actually good at. Ideally, you should like what you sell and sell what you like, but here’s something else to keep in mind: some of the most profitable businesses are built on solving problems.

There’s a good chance that others feel the same way and are just waiting for someone to create the solution. Be the solution.

3. Don’t quit your day job (yet)

Side hustles are called side hustles for a reason… It’s that thing you do outside of your steady, dependable, paycheck-producing 9-5. Unlike a part-time job that people often begrudgingly take on to make ends meet, side hustles are often fueled by passion and talent.

We hear stories of overnight viral sensations, but those are few and far between. Hang on to your safety net until you have done your due diligence. Have a proven concept, and most importantly, paying customers.

4. Validate, validate, validate

Conventional wisdom tells us that we don’t need others to validate us. However, when it comes to the side hustle, throw that concept out the window. Validation is everything in business. Do people want or need your product or service? And most importantly: will they pay for it?

In the business world, this is called market research and you can tackle it in several ways. Identify your target audience and talk to them. These may be informal conversations, email surveys or small gatherings that you put together.

5. Smell the coffee

Side hustles are built detail by detail. You will need to plan and prioritize. Plan on spending a good deal of your off time working on your side hustle if you want it to truly be a success. Prioritize your schedule so that it doesn’t interfere with your day job and set aside consistent side hustle time. Maintaining a list of action items you can be accountable for will help keep you focused.

Making money in your sleep is a dream not afforded to many. Wake up, smell the coffee, do the work. That’s how it’s going to happen.

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8 things that can destroy even the strongest relationships



Have you ever thought to yourself that a couple you met were perfect together and then suddenly heard of their demise?

It can be a cause for concern to think that even when you are in a strong relationship things can shift downhill at any moment.

Every relationship has ups and downs, but it’s best to know how to approach the “downs” to keep your relationship intact.

When couples resolve issues properly, it strengthens the relationship even more. Here are 10 things that destroy the strongest relationships and what you can do:

1. When you start disagreeing on intimacy

Sometimes things start out great and you both are on the same page when it comes to being intimate. It can be straining on any relationship when one person feels less desire to be intimate. It can cause resentment and leave one person feeling undesired. Sometimes there are underlying reasons for a sudden change in one’s sex drive and it’s best to be open and communicate to resolve the issue.

2. You’re bottling up emotions

Sometimes during small arguments, you find it easier to just stay quiet and not make a big deal out of it. The problem with this is all those emotions will build up and you may become filled with resentment toward your partner. It’s always better to discuss issues no matter how big or small in a calm and respectable manner.

3. You take each other for granted

You both are committed so you may feel like you don’t have to put in as much effort. The things you did for each other at the beginning that made you fall in love will also be the things that keep your relationship strong. It is the little gestures, the “thank you’s”, and compliments that are sometimes missed down the line. Keep them going!

4. You’re losing your identity

Sometimes in a couple’s bliss, they want to be with each other all the time. But when this happens some tend to lose themselves or weaken relationships with other friends. It might not be an issue at first, but when some couples emerge from the honeymoon phase this issue can cause even some of the strongest relationships to crumble. It’s best to keep a sense of self in your relationship. Not just for you, but for your partner, and your relationship.

5. You began skipping out on dates

There are always ways to mix it up and keep the romance alive! If you don’t have any more dinner dates or nights out dancing, someone is likely going to get bored. If you are practicing social distancing, come up with some creative at-home dates for each other. Even if you are in different locations try to set aside at least one night a week to do something special together.

6. Someone is being condescending

This used to not be an issue, but all a sudden someone feels superior and makes it known. Rude “teacher-like” comments and belittling a partner is not healthy. It might be something one person puts up with for a while, but eventually, they’re likely to be fed up. If something is bothering you, it’s best to try to understand where that anger is coming from before snapping at the other person.

7. Someone broke the trust

All it can take is one lie, one kiss with a stranger, or one flirty text with a co-worker to turn a relationship upside down. Honesty is always the best policy. If you’re feeling unfulfilled it’s better to be upfront and either work through it or walk away.

8. You hold grudges

It’s perfectly normal to have arguments and disagreements. Once you’ve talked through something that upset you it’s best to let it go. If you begin feeling anger again over something that happened two months ago, try to remember what conclusion you both came to. Was there an apology? Have things improved? Don’t just immediately start giving your partner the cold shoulder over issues you already “resolved”.

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Crayfish: 5 incredible health benefits of eating this seafood



With over 300 hundred different species, crayfish are among the popular cuisines in the world. And it is known for both its great taste and lot of vitamin minerals.

Categorized as seafood, studies have shown that cooked crayfish is rich in vitamin B, copper, selenium, protein, iron, zinc, and amino acids.

And they help promote body metabolism as well as regenerating body cells.

It also contains omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in the promotion of healthy joints and overall body health.

There is also protein in crayfish, and it serves as building block for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Here are some of the incredible health benefits of eating crayfish

In addition to eating crayfish, vitamin A foods like carrot, beef liver and other vegetables also help to promote healthy vision.

The omega-3 fatty acid which is contained in crayfish helps to promote mental health. This is why some medical practitioners believe that that this food can help to deal with depression.

Owing to this, it is, therefore, advisable for people exposed to conditions that might lead to depression to consume crayfish to help them get rid of depression.

As doubtful as this might sound, it is what it is. Studies have shown that this supper seafood can help promote healthy skin. And this is due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids which protects the skin against UV (Ultra-Violent) rays.

It also goes to say that crayfish deal with spots and blemishes, as well as promoting glowing skin.

It is important to note that just one serving of crayfish contains 30percent of the daily value vitamin B-12, 10 percent of the DV for niacin and folate and four percent of the DV for riboflavin, thiamine, and vitamin B-6.

As a matter of fact, the B vitamins are essential for nervous system function, turning the food you eat into energy and keeping your liver, eyes, skin, and hair healthy.

As earlier mentioned, the omega-3 acids that are contained in crayfish help promote the work of brain functioning and give more energy to the brain. They also encourage a strong cognitive function.

In addition, recent studies have shown that eating crayfish on a regular helps prevent the risk of Alzheimer disease.

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