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9 Reasons He Texts You But Never Asks You Out



Often, regular texting (as in often and consistent) can indicate that a guy likes you, so it’s super confusing when he loves sending you messages but won’t actually ask you out. The truth is, anything could be going on in the mind of your love interest. But there are a few common scenarios that lead to this situation! Read on to find out 9 reasons he’s happy to message but in no hurry to actually get together with you in person.

He likes the idea of you.

One of the most common reasons for a guy to text you constantly but not actually ask you out is this: he likes the idea of being with you, but he doesn’t actually want to be with you. Texting you allows him to have regular contact with you, joke with you, and even flirt with you. In short, it allows you to stay in his life without him making any kind of commitment to you. Maybe his logical brain thinks you’d be a great girlfriend, but for whatever reason, his gut is saying no.

He has anxiety.

Anxiety can stop us from doing many things that we want to do. If a guy has anxiety, he might actually want to ask you out but feel too anxious to go through with it. That’s another reason why he might be texting you without ever asking. In this case, he likes you and he loves talking to you. He’s just trying to work up the courage to ask you out.

He’s bored.

Sadly, boredom also leads to people texting but never following through. If he’s bored, it makes sense that he likes talking to you. Depending on the nature of your chats, this might be a source of entertainment for him. A clear sign that he’s only talking to you out of boredom is when he sporadically appears and disappears from your life. When he appears, it’s because he’s got nothing else to keep him entertained. And when he disappears, he might have found something/someone more interesting.

He likes you as a friend only.

If he’s not asking you out but he’s continuously texting you, he might like you, but as a friend only. Luckily, it’s usually easy to tell when a guy only wants friendship. He will try to avoid saying anything flirtatious. Also, he might encourage you to date other people and show interest in hearing about your love life. Often, it’s easy to distinguish a friend from a love interest by looking at these clues.

He is involved with someone else.

Being involved with someone else might stop him from asking you out. But it won’t necessarily stop him from texting you. Depending on what stage of the relationship he’s in, and how loyal he is, he might still want to flirt with you over text when he’s got someone else already. If you follow him on social media or keep up with his friends, you’ll probably have a better idea of whether he’s seeing someone else or not.

He just broke up with someone.

Timing is important. Sometimes, two people can be right for each other, but the timing just doesn’t work out. Case in point: he really likes you but he just broke up with someone. In that situation, he might not be ready to launch into a new relationship. But because he likes you, he won’t want to stop talking to you. Though timing can keep two people apart for a while, they will eventually find their way together if they’re meant to be.

He’s genuinely too busy for a girlfriend.

Maybe he wants to go out with you, but he doesn’t have time for that right now. It happens. School, college, work, health, family … these are all parts of life that can get in the way sometimes. If he is genuinely too busy to go out with you, it should only be a temporary thing. Despite the reality of life being busy, the heart still wants what it wants. So if it feels like you’re waiting forever, it could be that he’s just not into you.

He likes having someone to text.

Having someone to text can ease feelings of loneliness. Although it sounds crazy, it can also make you feel like you have a sense of purpose or achievement in your life. So he might not actually want to go out with you, but keep you in his life so he can gain these positive feelings from texting you regularly.

He’s stringing you along in case he needs you.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that a guy who texts you but doesn’t ask you out could be stringing you along in case he needs you in the future. Maybe he’s got a partner at the moment or is enjoying his single life. Regularly texting you allows him to build up your bond so he doesn’t have to start from scratch when he is ready to have a girlfriend.

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12 Definite Signs He’s Faking The Relationship



It seems like he’s head over heels for you but there’s something that just feels slightly off and you can’t help but feel like he’s not as all-in on you as he claims to be. It’s a scary thought that the guy you’re totally nuts about could be faking his feelings for you. Is he lying? Here are 12 red flags he’s not the guy you thought he was.

He’s mirroring you too much.

When you chat with him, do you feel like he copies your body language? Mirroring is when your body language matches that of your partner and it happens naturally. It signals that you’ve got chemistry. If it feels like the guy’s always noting your body language and tweaking his to match yours, he might be trying too hard to forge that connection.

He tells you you’re number one, but… 

While he might say that you’re his main priority, if his actions don’t match his words then those are what you should be concentrating on. It’s no good to be told that you’re loved and his number one when he’s never around when you need him.

He’s a better boyfriend in public.

When his friends or family members are around, does he seem to treat you with more love and care than when you’re alone? It’s clear that he cares more about the image of your relationship than what it’s really like.

He’s tagging you on social media daily.

While it’s great to feel that your boyfriend is proud of you and wants to show off how gorgeous you are or how happy you both are by posting your images on social media, you don’t want to feel that he’s putting too much attention online and not focusing on your relationship in real life.

He surprises you.

And not in a good way! You might discover things about your partner that you didn’t even know, such as that they love mountain biking or aren’t completely against the idea of an open marriage. When this happens, you might feel like your partner’s hiding a huge chunk of himself from you, and it’s not a good feeling.

He never steps into the ring.

When you and your boyfriend have an argument, do you feel like you’re always the one who has to apologize or try to resolve your dating issues, meanwhile he’s not the type to do this? It’s like he doesn’t want to resolve problems or make the relationship better, which tells you that he’s not really committed to the relationship.

He never stops and thinks about the future.

When you try to dream about your future with your partner, he might shut you down or be pretty vague about it. This is alarming because you might feel like you’re in a dead-end relationship with no future prospects.

He never talks about the real stuff.

While you guys can talk about light topics ad nauseam, he never actually wants to get deep when it comes to real, serious issues. This is problematic ’cause you might feel like he’s just with you for the good times.

He’s quick to hit the eject button.

When the going gets tough, he’s quick to want to exit the relationship. He might threaten to end things and walk away. This doesn’t feel like he’s in the relationship for the long haul, and he’s clearly not.

He’s the best boyfriend in the bedroom.

Does it feel like your sex life is fantastic but your relationship doesn’t quite match up? It could be because he’s mainly focused on having amazing sex with you instead of building a real future with you that thrives inside and outside of the sack.

He’s always muddling up his words.

When you talk about your relationship or relationships in general, your boyfriend doesn’t really give you clear, concise words. He might waffle, get tongue-tied, or contradict himself so that by the end of the conversation it feels like you’re confused. If this is what’s happening, then the guy is being dodgy.

He’s not chasing you.

If your boyfriend pulled out all the stops to chase you and make you his, now that you’re together does it feel like he’s not that keen on keeping you around? He might seem lazy, like he’s not really putting in lots of effort or he’s making you do all the work. The guy is coasting, and that could be because he’s not invested in the relationship.

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Woman Uses PowerPoint Presentation To Tell Parents She’s A Stripper



Telling your parents that you take your clothes off for money isn’t easy, which is why it’s important that when you do break the news to them, you do it in the right way. A woman named Lex came up with the perfect plan, creating a PowerPoint presentation to not only let them know that she’s a stripper but to preempt any questions or concerns they might have. The special moment was captured on video by her sister, Sami, and uploaded to TikTok, where it’s garnered more than 11 million views and counting.

Lex had it all planned out perfectly. She started by telling her parents that the secret she’s sharing only affects herself and her own life and that she’s not pregnant or in danger. That alone seems to be enough to quell the immediate concerns her parents may have had.

When she breaks the news, they take it really well. Finally, Lex reveals big secret: “I’m a stripper, as in I pole dance, and I love it.” However, she goes further in answering some FAQs to put their minds further at ease.

It’s a safe environment and Lex is there by choice. In the clip, Lex explains that she loves being a stripper because it lets her express herself in a sex-positive environment. She also said that she loves the theatrical performance element of being a stripper. “It’s one of the funnest jobs I’ve ever had so I just wanted to share that with you because you deserve to know and I didn’t want you to worry so that’s why I had the FAQs,” Lex told them.

Lex’s parents’ response was the stuff of dreams. Instead of freaking out or condemning her, they actually voiced their support and appreciation for their daughter’s honesty. “I really appreciate you being forthright and sharing your life with us and I’m glad you’re powerful”. She then gave her a high-five,” her mom said. The only question her dad asked was how much money she was making. They’re the best!

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9 Personality Traits That Make Someone The Most Loving Partner



We fall in love with people for all kinds of different reasons, but have you ever wondered what qualities are the best for a strong and loving relationship? Sure, a lot of these things will vary based on opinion, but here are some of the top personality traits that make the most loving partners.


Obviously, you want to be with someone who’s kind to you but don’t limit your opinion simply to how your partner treats you. Pay attention to how they treat everyone you encounter. A loving partner is aware of everyone around them whether they’re friends and family or just strangers you come across when you’re out and about. You want to be with someone who’s kind to everyone.


Trust is a very important quality for a loving partner to have because if they trust you and believe the things you say to them, they’ll be more understanding when it comes to your independence and individuality. A partner who trusts you to go out with friends without them or doesn’t make a point to keep tabs on what you’re doing is ultimately going to be a partner who loves more genuinely.


Relationships aren’t all about seriousness. It’s so important to have fun with your partner and a partner who is spontaneous and fun is going to be someone who loves fiercely and passionately. If you’re someone who tends to stay by the sidelines or take a backseat to the action in most situations, you might find a spontaneous and fearless partner to be the spice that you need in your life and the best person for you.


When referring to agreeable, I’m not talking about someone who simply agrees with everything you say and never poses a question to your opinions or calls you out. That would be insincere, not to mention boring. You should want a partner that isn’t afraid to challenge you when they have a different opinion than you but is able to present it in a way that is still sensitive and aware of how you feel. A loving partner will compromise with you, seeing things from your perspective while still helping you to see things from a different point of view as well.


Patience is an extremely important personality trait for a loving partner because you aren’t always going to see eye-to-eye and you’re not always going to feel happy and agreeable with each other. You’ll both need to be patient with each other at times and when you are able to, it will make your relationship a lot stronger and more loving.


Empathy is really important in love because your partner needs to be someone that you can share your feelings with and express everything without fear of it being dismissed or misunderstood. Even if your partner can’t completely relate to what you’re feeling and what you’re going through, they should be empathetic and comfort you and you should also do the same for them.


Physical affection can sometimes be placed on the back burner in relationships or written off as not that important but the truth is that all loving relationships need an element of physical affection in order to be the best that they can be. We’re human beings and we crave physical touch and someone physically showing us that they love us. If your relationship doesn’t have physical affection, there is a chance that you and/or your partner don’t feel as loved as you could.


Being loyal to your partner is a very crucial component of a loving and successful relationship. You not only need to be with someone who is loyal and faithful to you but you also need to be with someone who will express their loyalty to in all kinds of situations. There might be instances where their family or friends have a disagreement with you or a complaint about you and your partner should always defend and protect you, within reason and while still respecting their loved ones of course. You need to always express the same loyalty to your partner as well.


Having a creative partner can be essential to have a loving relationship as well because creative people tend to shake things up when life gets boring. Relationships will inevitably go through a stale phase where things get predictable and maybe even a little boring so, being able to get creative and keep things exciting and romantic can be a huge benefit for both of you. The partner that’s willing to go above and beyond to make sure that you always know how much they care for you and value is the partner who is going to be the most loving.

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