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Reminder: Being A Strong Woman And Wanting Love Aren’t Mutually Exclusive



It’s all about girl power these days and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Women are strong, beautiful, and independent and we definitely don’t need a romantic partner to fulfill us in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want one. Just in case you forget or for some reason feel like wanting to fall in love makes you less of an independent woman, think again.

Single doesn’t always mean independent and vice versa. 

Always remember that you don’t have to be single to be independent and if you are single, it doesn’t always equal independence. Independence is a state of mind and a quality that is entirely separate from your relationship status. Just because you want to be in a romantic relationship or have fallen in love with someone, does not mean that you’re losing all of the qualities that make you strong and independent. You can definitely have both.

Wanting love doesn’t make you desperate. 

You might find yourself thinking that if you want to be in a relationship it means that you’re desperate, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re a strong, independent woman who takes care of herself and fulfills all of her own needs without a relationship but still wants one, that means that you’re not looking for a relationship to fill a void or fix a problem. You’re simply desiring a connection with another person and there’s nothing desperate about that.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. 

You might think that in order to show people that you are, in fact, strong and independent you have to stay single to prove that you can live life alone and happy. The thing is though, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. If you want to be alone, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if what you’re desiring is a romantic connection with someone, you can have that while still maintaining every other area of your life. Very few people want to be alone their whole lives and there’s no reason that anyone should feel like they have to be.

Relationships can help make us better people.

If you think that being in a relationship rips away all of your independence, think again! Relationships with the right partners can, in fact, help make us more independent, more compassionate, more thoughtful, and just all-around better people. Good people bring out the best in us and you could find yourself becoming stronger and smarter rather than feeling like you’re sacrificing everything that makes you an individual.

The right person will support your independence. 

If you’re in a great, healthy relationship with someone who embraces and loves the fact that you’re strong and independent, they’ll support you and encourage you and you’ll never have to worry about those things being taken away from you. If you’re in a relationship with someone who is threatened by those things they might try to suppress them or make you feel guilty for still wanting to do your own thing while being in a relationship, so you need to make sure that you’re considering all of these things when choosing to be in a relationship with someone.

You deserve the future you’ve always wanted. 

Settling down doesn’t put an end to your freedom and adventure, contrary to some opinions. You deserve to have it all and if that means you have independence and a great career but also marriage and children, don’t let the fear of what others might think of your choices deter you. Go after what makes you happy and leave behind everything that doesn’t.

Embracing your sensitive side makes you stronger. 

We tell men all of the time that they should be proud of their emotions and not hide them but we often forget that as women, we can be shamed into suppressing our feelings. People often assume women are sensitive and emotional which can lead to women feeling the need to act tough all of the time in order to disprove that stereotype. You might think that you need to conceal your longing for a romantic connection but you don’t. Be honest with yourself and your emotions and you’ll find that it makes the stronger parts of you even stronger.

Teamwork makes the dream work. 

It’s great that you’re capable of doing everything for yourself and on your own but if you’ve never tried life with a partner beside you, you might not even realize that you could be missing out on a whole lot of incredible experiences. You’re totally able to carry everything yourself but why not let someone else step in and help who you also happen to be madly in love with? You can both excel in your own lanes but be each other’s biggest hype man and woman! Wins all around!

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LG Unveils Gigantic 325-Inch TV For The Most Extreme Home Cinema Ever



I feel like it’s fair to say that I really love TV. Whether it’s streaming shows on Netflix or Hulu or watching what’s actually on terrestrial television (which is occasionally enjoyable), there’s just nothing better than getting immersed into a good binge-watch session, right? If you feel the same, you may want to spruce up (or start) your own home cinema with LG’s new gigantic 325-inch TV that’s probably bigger than any wall in my apartment, but whatever!

It’s literally called The Extreme Home Cinema. LG wasn’t playing around with this bad boy, offering an insane 325 inches of TV goodness at its widest. It has Direct View LED technology and it can even be customized to be a bit smaller if it won’t quite fit your space but you want the same features. “Available in various sizes and performance levels, LG’s home cinema displays take the guesswork out of configuring which DVLED screen is right for you,” the company says on its website.

There’s literally nothing more you could ever want from a TV. You’re not just getting a really big screen here. LG has created the Extreme Home Cinema to offer “2K to 8K configurations with screen sizes from 108″ to a show-stopping 325″, these solutions come with virtually everything you need, except the popcorn.” I’m sold!

This one isn’t for us commoners, I’m afraid. As you can probably imagine, you’d likely need to live in a mansion and be super rich to be able to have the space for it and the money to buy it in the first place. After all, a 325-inch TV doesn’t come cheap!

LG hasn’t actually said how much the Extreme Home Cinema will cost. However, if you want a little hint, just getting one installed and purchasing the warranty and support costs $30,000, so that should tell you what you’re in for.


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12 Definite Signs He’s Faking The Relationship



It seems like he’s head over heels for you but there’s something that just feels slightly off and you can’t help but feel like he’s not as all-in on you as he claims to be. It’s a scary thought that the guy you’re totally nuts about could be faking his feelings for you. Is he lying? Here are 12 red flags he’s not the guy you thought he was.

He’s mirroring you too much.

When you chat with him, do you feel like he copies your body language? Mirroring is when your body language matches that of your partner and it happens naturally. It signals that you’ve got chemistry. If it feels like the guy’s always noting your body language and tweaking his to match yours, he might be trying too hard to forge that connection.

He tells you you’re number one, but… 

While he might say that you’re his main priority, if his actions don’t match his words then those are what you should be concentrating on. It’s no good to be told that you’re loved and his number one when he’s never around when you need him.

He’s a better boyfriend in public.

When his friends or family members are around, does he seem to treat you with more love and care than when you’re alone? It’s clear that he cares more about the image of your relationship than what it’s really like.

He’s tagging you on social media daily.

While it’s great to feel that your boyfriend is proud of you and wants to show off how gorgeous you are or how happy you both are by posting your images on social media, you don’t want to feel that he’s putting too much attention online and not focusing on your relationship in real life.

He surprises you.

And not in a good way! You might discover things about your partner that you didn’t even know, such as that they love mountain biking or aren’t completely against the idea of an open marriage. When this happens, you might feel like your partner’s hiding a huge chunk of himself from you, and it’s not a good feeling.

He never steps into the ring.

When you and your boyfriend have an argument, do you feel like you’re always the one who has to apologize or try to resolve your dating issues, meanwhile he’s not the type to do this? It’s like he doesn’t want to resolve problems or make the relationship better, which tells you that he’s not really committed to the relationship.

He never stops and thinks about the future.

When you try to dream about your future with your partner, he might shut you down or be pretty vague about it. This is alarming because you might feel like you’re in a dead-end relationship with no future prospects.

He never talks about the real stuff.

While you guys can talk about light topics ad nauseam, he never actually wants to get deep when it comes to real, serious issues. This is problematic ’cause you might feel like he’s just with you for the good times.

He’s quick to hit the eject button.

When the going gets tough, he’s quick to want to exit the relationship. He might threaten to end things and walk away. This doesn’t feel like he’s in the relationship for the long haul, and he’s clearly not.

He’s the best boyfriend in the bedroom.

Does it feel like your sex life is fantastic but your relationship doesn’t quite match up? It could be because he’s mainly focused on having amazing sex with you instead of building a real future with you that thrives inside and outside of the sack.

He’s always muddling up his words.

When you talk about your relationship or relationships in general, your boyfriend doesn’t really give you clear, concise words. He might waffle, get tongue-tied, or contradict himself so that by the end of the conversation it feels like you’re confused. If this is what’s happening, then the guy is being dodgy.

He’s not chasing you.

If your boyfriend pulled out all the stops to chase you and make you his, now that you’re together does it feel like he’s not that keen on keeping you around? He might seem lazy, like he’s not really putting in lots of effort or he’s making you do all the work. The guy is coasting, and that could be because he’s not invested in the relationship.

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Woman Uses PowerPoint Presentation To Tell Parents She’s A Stripper



Telling your parents that you take your clothes off for money isn’t easy, which is why it’s important that when you do break the news to them, you do it in the right way. A woman named Lex came up with the perfect plan, creating a PowerPoint presentation to not only let them know that she’s a stripper but to preempt any questions or concerns they might have. The special moment was captured on video by her sister, Sami, and uploaded to TikTok, where it’s garnered more than 11 million views and counting.

Lex had it all planned out perfectly. She started by telling her parents that the secret she’s sharing only affects herself and her own life and that she’s not pregnant or in danger. That alone seems to be enough to quell the immediate concerns her parents may have had.

When she breaks the news, they take it really well. Finally, Lex reveals big secret: “I’m a stripper, as in I pole dance, and I love it.” However, she goes further in answering some FAQs to put their minds further at ease.

It’s a safe environment and Lex is there by choice. In the clip, Lex explains that she loves being a stripper because it lets her express herself in a sex-positive environment. She also said that she loves the theatrical performance element of being a stripper. “It’s one of the funnest jobs I’ve ever had so I just wanted to share that with you because you deserve to know and I didn’t want you to worry so that’s why I had the FAQs,” Lex told them.

Lex’s parents’ response was the stuff of dreams. Instead of freaking out or condemning her, they actually voiced their support and appreciation for their daughter’s honesty. “I really appreciate you being forthright and sharing your life with us and I’m glad you’re powerful”. She then gave her a high-five,” her mom said. The only question her dad asked was how much money she was making. They’re the best!

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