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Raw Food Dieting and Top Edible Wild Plants



Raw Food Edible wild plant Dieting

Raw food dieting with edible wild plants as the name suggests here we are going to discuss pure foods that you will eat as it is nature has given that to us. However, you need not be sacred with this wild term as not all wild plants are injurious for your health. Some of them are highly nutritious that can boost your immune health and protect your risk of several diseases.

These nature-driven plants are truly full of health benefits so you can enjoy a diversified level of benefits after incorporating them in your daily diet plans such as improvement in skin health, digestion, bowel movement, and lots more. Being rich in protein and vital medicinal properties reduces your risk of developing two major life-threatening diseases such as cancer and heart disease risk.

These wild plants will also help in keeping your weight off without hampering your inner health with its proper nourishment support. So it is really a good idea to include some of them in your diet routine to achieve your fitness goal faster.

Some of these wild pants you may get in the local market whereas some are limited to certain regions of a country which you can avail on online sites or you can also travel there if you wish to see them directly and can carry a good amount of them with you. So let’s begin with our list of top wild plants that are edible.

Top 16 Edible Wild Plants

Clovers (Trifolium)

Clovers or Trifolium are edible wild plants that you must include in your diet to get its amazing health benefits for you. This wild plant you can easily avail in many parts of the world wherever there is a wide grassy area.

You can easily identify this plant with its special trefoil leaflets. Though you can consume clovers in raw form, it is recommended to have them after boiling it to eliminate its bitterness and for a better taste experience.

Burdock (Arctium lappa)

This is another edible wild plant that comes in medium to large size. These plants have big leaves along with a purple thistle-like flower head. Though it is native to the temperate regions of the Eastern Hemisphere but it then also becomes common to some parts of the Western Hemisphere. This wild plant is very popular in Japan.

Its leaves and peeled stalks are the edible ones that you can eat either raw or after boiling it. As its leaves taste very bitter so it is recommended to double boil it before consuming as double boiling will help in removing its bitterness and make it easier for you to eat. Also, you can eat even the root of this wild plant after peeling, and boiling it.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

For weed lovers, this wild plant is a great savior while outing in a wild area. Dandelion is particularly known for its several medicinal properties that prove beneficial in the natural treatment and relaxation of different health concerns. Every part of this plant is edible like its flowers, leaves, and roots. Pluck its flowers when they are young as this tastes really great otherwise if you make a delay in plucking them then you have to experience the bitter taste that usually remains in mature leaves.

However, its bitter taste can be removed after boiling the mature leaves. Also, before eating the roots of dandelion, boil them first. The best thing about this edible wild plant is that it can be consumed in tea form and for that, you need not put your extra effort. Simply drink the water used for boiling the roots. Also, you can use the flower of dandelion for garnishing purposes.

Amaranth (Amaranthus Retroflexus)

Amaranthus retroflexus and its other species are though native to the Americas but you can get it in many countries around the world. It is an edible weed having the potential to uplift your health. Though all parts are edible, take care of its spines that are found on some of the leaves.

This plant leaves are not poisonous but it usually contains oxalic acid and in some cases in a huge amount of nitrates if it is grown in the nitrate soil. So to avoid the contact of these harmful substances it is advised to boil these leaves to eliminate its oxalic acid and nitrates content. You can consume the amaranth leaves after boiling them however, do not drink the water used for boiling. Overall this wild plant is edible in its raw form and very good for your health.

Asparagus (Asparagus Officinalis)

This is one of those wild plants that are more popular and consumed by most of the people. This wild plant grows in most of the wild areas of Europe and certain parts of North Africa, North America, and West Asia. You can differentiate between the wild asparagus with the grocery variety asparagus with the fact that the wild one has quite thinner stalk.

You can consume this wild plant without any fear of side effects. With its high nutrient essences such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium, and thiamine it nourishes your overall health and gives protection against free radicals damages which is harmful to both your inner health as well as the outer layer of the body i.e. your skin appearance. As per your taste preference you can eat asparagus raw or after boiling them. They are healthy for you in all forms containing the full essence of their nutrient essence.

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

This particular edible wild plant primarily grows in Australia, North America, and Europe. It is a bushy plant with little white, blue, and lavender color flowers. All parts of the chicory are edible. For best taste experience you can consume young leaves either raw or after boiling them.

The root of chicory tastes good if you eat it after boiling. You get a handy plus delicious snack in the form of its flowers that you can pop in your mouth quickly.

Cattail (Typha)

Cattail or Typha wild plant is commonly found around the edges of the freshwater wetlands. It is also popular in the name of punks in North America and reedmace and bullrush in England. This is a staple food for many of the Native American tribes.

Most of the cattails are edible that you can eat after boiling or can even eat raw the rhizomes or rootstock of this plant. Its rootstock generally existed underground so to make it edible you should wash them thoroughly to clear the mud.

The most effective part of the cattail stem is close to the bottom area where it usually remains white. You can consume its stem either raw or after boiling it depending upon your choice. Treat its leaves the way you treat spinach. Eat its leaves only after boiling them.

You can eat flower spikes after breaking it like corn during the early summer days which is the initial growth time of this plant. The flower part of this plant tastes very much similar to corn. That means you can enjoy its great taste along with getting its essential nutrient essence that is beneficial for your health.

Curled Dock (Rumex crispus)

Curled dock wild plant is native to North America, South America, Australia, and Europe. One can identify these edible wild plants with its long and bright red stack that can easily attain the height of three feet.

Its stalk is edible either raw or boiled form depending upon your choice after peeling off its external layer. The curled dock pant naturally tastes bitter so to eliminate its bitterness it must be boiled by changing water several times.

Field Pennycress (Thlaspi vulgaris)

Field Pennycress is weeds plants that are found in most regions of the world. It grows in early spring to the late winter season. Its leaves and seeds are edible that you can consume either raw or after boiling it. However, if any field pennycress is growing into contaminated soil then avoid consuming it as it can harm your health. It is recommended to avoid eating field pennycress if it is grown near a superfund site or roadside.

This wild plant contains the property of absorbing minerals in a high amount. Resulting in it easily sucks up all the minerals around it. That is why it is vital to rightly identify the well grown, healthy field pennycress before including them in your diet.

Wood Sorrel (Oxalis)

The wood sorrel wild plant grows in almost all parts of the world. However, its species diversity is mostly found in South America. This wild plant is mostly used as food as well as medicine for millennia. It is used by Kiowa Indians to relieve their thirst as they chew it.

Whereas Cherokee consumes this plant for curing their mouth soreness. The roots of wood sorrel are starchy and taste like potatoes. You can eat its root after boiling them. It is a great source of Vitamin C so help in uplifting your health.

Green Seaweed (Ulva lactuca)

This weed plant is widely grown in oceans around the world. So for some reason, if you get stuck in a deserted island then you can look for the green seaweed around you as chances remain high that you can find this edible plant.

After taking out seaweed from the water you should rinse it thoroughly with clean water if available and then let it dry. You can eat this edible wild plant raw or can use it in a soup that tastes great. Also, green seaweed can be used for preparing delicious sans rice and sushi rolls.

Plantain (Plantago)

Plantain wild plants must not be confused with banana-like plantain. This wild plant is grown in almost all parts of the world. It is mostly used as food as well as a natural remedy for different types of maladies. Mostly it grows in wet locations like bogs and marshes and they can also grow in spine areas. You can identify this with its oval, short-stemmed, and ribbed leaves that look like touching the ground.

This wild plant may grow up to 6″ height and up to 4″ width. Prefer eating its leaves when they are young as with maturity they start tasting bitter. This plant is a great source of Vitamin A and little amount of Vitamin C as well as a good amount of calcium mineral.

Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium)

Fireweed is a little plant that primarily grows in the Northern Hemisphere. One can easily identify this edible wild plant with a very specific structure of its leaves veins that are circular in the structure instead of terminating on the leaves edges. It has a beautiful purple color flower. It is a widely used diet by many Native American tribes.

For better taste experience it is advised to eat its tender leaves because when its leaves turn mature it gets hard to touch and tastes very bitter. The stalk of this plant is also edible. However, its seeds and flowers taste peppery. This edible wild plant is a rich source of Vitamin A and C which means you get an ample amount of health benefits associated with these vital nutrients essence.

Prickly Pear Cactus (Opuntia)

Prickly Pear Cactus is widely grown in the deserts of North America. This wild plant not only tastes great but also is a rich source of nutrients which makes your stay in the desert more comfortable. Fruits of this wild edible cactus look similar to a red or purple pear and that is one of the reasons behind its name.

Before eating this plant carefully remove the spine existing in the outer layer of the plant otherwise it will feel like you are swallowing a porcupine. Pluck off the young stem of this plant as it tastes good. For better taste experience boil the stem first before eating it.

Sheep Sorrel (Rumex acetosella)

This wild plant is native to Asia and Europe but later on, it also naturalized in North America. It is a commonly grown weed in grasslands, woodlands, and fields. It grows in soils with high acidic value. The sheep sorrel has a tall and reddish stem and it can reach up to the height of 18 inches.

As this weed plant contains oxalates so it is recommended to avoid eating it in large quantities. Its leaves are edible one that you can eat raw as it contains a very soothing tart flavor that seems similar to lemony flavor.

Purslane (Portulaca oleracea)

Though it is considered an unpleasant weed in the United States, Purslane is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. So it aids in surviving in a wild location where you have stuck without any preplanning. It is a small size plant with fat smooth leaves that tastes refreshingly sour when you eat them.

You can eat this edible wild plant that is a rich source of vital nutrients either raw or after boiling depending upon your choice. However, if you dislike its sour taste or want to avoid it then boil the leaves first to remove its sourness and then eat.

Wild Plants to Avoid

It is true that wild plants are rich in many potent health benefits however, to grab their benefits it is essential that you have sufficient knowledge or ability to identify the right one that is edible. However, to make your way bit easier while you get confused in selecting whether a wild plant is poisonous or not you can consider the below-mentioned points into account –

  • It has a soapy or bitter taste
  • It has milky or discolored sap
  • You found seeds, beans or bulbs inside the pods
  • It has thorns, spines or fine hairs
  • The growth pattern of a plant in three-leaved
  • You get the almond smell in the leaves and woody parts of a wild plant
  • The grain heads with black, pink and purplish spurs

If you found the above-mentioned features in any plant simply avoid their intake. However, keep in mind that some of these characteristics you may get in wild plants are enlisted here still they are edible. The above-mentioned characteristics are guidelines for you in a situation when you are not sure about the edibility of a wildly grown plant.

Now you have a list of some most popular wild plants that you can eat without any fear of getting sick or developing any side effect. So, it’s your turn to start raw food dieting with edible wild plants and be ready to grab those amazing health benefits that your body can avail with those specific nutrients substances that you can hardly get from any widely available food especially when you consume it after processing.

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Female Condom How To Use -Doksblog



Female condom how to use? Before we go further describing female condom, let us use this very opportunity to explain what condom is in general sense.

Condom commonly known as prophylactic, rubber or most times sheath is a narrow rubber or latex bag that a man or probably a woman wears while having sex with the sole aim of protecting against unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

They provide great protection from both pregnancy and STDs but one has to bear in mind that condom is not a complete safeguard, although they are easy to use and easy to get.


Condoms stop sperm from getting into the vagina, preventing sperm from meeting up with an egg and cause pregnancy. Condoms also prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) by covering the penis, which prevents contact with semen and vaginal fluids, and limits skin-to-skin contact that can spread sexually transmitted infections.


Female condoms are made from soft, thin synthetic latex or latex. They are worn inside the vagina to prevent sperm or  semen getting to the womb.


If used correctly, female condoms are 95% effective.

They protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections commonly known as STIs.

A female condom needs to be placed inside the vagina before any contact with the penis.

A female condom can get pushed inside the vagina during sex but you can easily remove it yourself if this happens.

Female condoms may not be suitable for women who are not comfortable touching their genital area.

Female condoms should not be washed and reused.


Most people can safely use female condoms. You can also use them immediately after having a baby, miscarriage or abortion.

Like we earlier said, they may not be suitable for women who do not feel comfortable touching their genital area.


They help to protect both partners from STIs, including HIV.

When used correctly, they are a reliable method of preventing pregnancy.

It’s a form of contraception you only need to use when you have sex.

There are no serious side effects associated with it.


Some couples find that putting in a condom interrupts sex.

Female condoms are very strong, but they may split or tear if not used properly.

They are not as widely available as male condoms and can be more expensive when seen.

There is a chance that sperm can sometimes get into the vagina during sex, even when using a female condom.

How Much Is A Female Condom?

Female condoms are a little more expensive and cost about $2 per condom or around #800 to #2000 per pack (Eight hundred to two thousand Naira).

You can checkout the prices lists

Also, some health centers and family planning clinics have female condoms available for free.

How Do Female Condoms Feel?

Female condoms are not tight on the penis, and they don’t inhibit or dull sensation like male condoms.

Hence, it is believed that they feel more natural compared to wearing male condoms.

Some female condom products are made of heat-transmitting materials, which are more pleasurable as compared to latex condoms.

Female Condom How To Use

  1. Use a new condom every time you have sex.
  2. Be careful not to tear it when you open the package.
  3. Put the condom in before there is any contact between the penis and vagina or anus.
  4. Put lubricant on the closed end of the condom.
  5. Find the most comfortable position to put it in. You may prefer to lie down, squat, or stand with one leg on a chair.
  6. Squeeze the ring on the closed end of the condom together and insert it in your vagina as far as it will go, just like a tampon. For anal sex, put it as far as it will go into your bottom.
  7. Let go of the ring so that it opens and stays in place and rests against cervix.
  8. Let the ring on the other end hang about an inch outside your vagina or bottom. It is similar to inserting a tampon.

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What Condoms Feel The Best -Doksblog



What condoms feel the best? Condoms get a bad rap for no reason among Nigerians. Some think they are bulky and unwelcome way of deriving pleasure during sex, and that they kill the mood.

But, if you think that all condoms suck, then you are not using the right ones Nwanne’m (my buddy).

There are plenty of ultra-thin and ribbed condoms that both promise to enhance your pleasure and keep you and your partner protected.

But with so many condoms in Nigerian market, it can be hard to figure out which one is best for you.

That is why we have made inquiries at some pharmacy and search the internet for the best feeling, thin condoms that are barely noticeable during the GAME.

In addition to that, when getting down, it is wise to go for the best quality condoms so you are optimally protected and avoid stories that touch the heart.

Therefore, there are now different types of good quality condoms in the market that protects you whilst also keeping your pleasure level at the optimum. Let’s look at a few below.

What Condoms Feel The Best?

Durex Condom

This condom is exclusively on point and practically every top big shot player has a hold on this condom.

It comes both in latex and rubber features and as well as in different sizes from X, XL, XXL.

How big is your manhood? If you know you deserve a big coat for your penis, then this is one from the ten options you should have in mind to pick but just wait and see from the rest before you make your final conclusion.


This one reminds me of the Trojan horse used by Odyssey to enter into Troy. With such a name and what it is connected with, you should know that horses have got large manhood’s and hence using the name Trojan for this product actually makes it clear that it is for those with really mighty Penis.

I do not know but if I can remember well, this happened to be my favorite of all times.

Although Americas number one, but found its way to the Nigerian market and actually happened to fall amongst the top 10 in Nigerian history.

This condom comes in all features from lubricated latex to ribbed rubber condoms all for the protection of those who stay loyal to it.

Gold Circle Condom

I remember the advert growing up, “who get this rain coat”. The video featured a conductor finding a condom on the floor of the Molue and a woman proudly claimed it and so on. That is by the way though…..

This condom is one of the oldest in Nigeria and for it to still be in existence, then over quality is killing it.

This is one of the strongest condoms though for it is known not to easily break and it is quite corrosive in nature.

This happens to even be the cheapest of all condoms in existence that I was born to meet and still exist.

Funny enough, this condom is so strong that I remember filling it with water and it holds without bursting. Our small Pikin balloon that year, hope you remember?

Fantasy Condom

As the name implies, it gives you this fantasy feeling when using it. The condom has varieties and by that I mean flavors of all sorts so when you bring it out, the first feel you get is the aromatic scent that gives you that sin felling of how sweet the sin you are about to commit is. Hilarious abi?

Yeah, I know but then again, what other way would have been better to describe this pleasure enhancing condom.


Not so common among Nigerians, but actually one with quality is one that should not be underestimated.

I think I had to try it once because I ran out of options and it sure did not fail me on that faithful day.

This condom just like some others have rough lubricated bodies to give you that vein feel like you were actually making love skin to skin and you could feel the walls of your babe at every stroke you tend to take.


I never used this though, but some of my close friends are still using this and they testify how awesome and reliable it was.

This condom houses the XXXXXXXXXXXL’s in the house and this is not a joke. Just pronouncing the name alone, you can sense the masculinity behind it but all well and good, here is quite another dope choice you would have to pick from amongst your options.

Kimono Condom

This happens to be Japanese branding of condoms and were accepted into Nigerian market for their quality as well as their corrosive behaviour and adaptability to any size or hole they get to find themselves.

These condoms feature a 20% thinner structure as compared to other latex condoms thereby leading as well as giving room to a better of excitement than others with thicker features would give.

It is just like you are not even putting on anything but you actually are well protected.

One try and you would be confused for the rest of your life if you actually went in with a condom or just with your skin.

Sir Richard’s Condom

These condoms have no single atom of chemicals in them as their vision was to create a world free from any form of infection be it sexually transmitted or irritations that may be caused by chemicals of any sorts to your private parts and more.

Glyde Condoms

This are naturally featured manufactured condoms with the purpose of giving a natural feel to both parties during usage.

What more can you ask for other than having to use a condom that is all natural.

One Condoms

The products idea of a name is the oneness sex creates as a bond like thing between two who are sexually attracted to each other and bringing them together as one hence the name “One” but I do not buy the idea behind the name though.

What condoms feel the best? Share with friends..

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Can You Get Pregnant With Irregular Period? -Doksblog



Can you get pregnant with irregular period? An irregular period is not uncommon among women. 14 to 25% of women experience irregular cycles at some point during their lives.

Irregular periods can affect your chances of getting pregnant. In fact, it is responsible for 30 to 40 per cent of cases of infertility in women.

So for the aspiring mothers in that bracket, the idea is to know how to get pregnant fast with irregular periods.

Much of pregnancy is about timing, even for women with regular periods.

Fertilization has to coincide with ovulation. When the egg is released from one of the ovaries, the process is called ovulation.

It is during this time that the body prepares for a possible pregnancy. But if this time passes without fertilization, then the uterus will then shed and come out through the vagina.

Hence the start of menstruation.

Consequently, irregular periods reduces the occurrence of the above process, reducing the chances of getting pregnant.



If your periods are always shorter than 21 days or always longer than 36 days, you’re having irregular periods.

One way to know is that you can’t predict your next period with any degree of certainty.


You are at your most fertile in the days leading up to your ovulation.

Ovulation is when an egg is released from the ovary, awaiting fertilization.


Every woman ovulates fourteen days before the next period comes around.

For a woman with regular periods, she’ll ovulate on day 14 if she has a 28-day cycle.

And if she has a 32-day cycle, she’ll ovulate on day 18.

Unfortunately, for women who always have irregular periods, it not easy to pinpoint an ovulation day with any measure of certainty.

This makes it harder to get pregnant because you don’t know when to count back 14 days from.

According to George Carson, a Regina-based OB/GYN, A woman ovulating with a 28-day cycle ovulates 13 times a year.

So there are 13 times in which she can get pregnant and she can figure out when they are.

But if she ovulates six times a year, right away it’s half as likely that she’ll get pregnant.”

Additionally, some women with irregular periods do not ovulate at all.

They may bleed sometimes, but menstruation doesn’t follow after an egg is released. This is known as ANOVULATORY.

Can You Get Pregnant With Irregular Period?

Irregular periods disrupt your ability to become pregnant, but with the following tips you can get things back on track.


A menstrual calendar can help you keep track of your ovulation, which is your fertile window.

The app is designed to let you put in sufficient information and symptoms that helps it calculate your cycle.

Also, to predict your ovulation, you can look to your cervical mucus and temperature, using a basal body temperature thermometer.

During ovulation, there’s an abundance of estrogen and progesterone, which brings about an increase in your body’s temperature.

And the basal thermometer can detect small changes up to 1/100th of a degree.


Sperm can stay in your body for up to six days.

So typically, having more sex can help your chances of getting pregnant fast with irregular periods.

The more sex you have, the more likely you are to catch your fertile days.

Additionally, to figure out when to have sex, you can use predictor kits to test your urine.

This is possible because before ovulation women produce luteinizing hormones (LH).

The hormones make the egg drop from the ovary.


If your periods are irregular, it is imperative to eat healthy and well balanced diet.

Shun food with too much fat and carbohydrate.

Also, stay away from processed and junk food and instead eat more fruits, whole grains and vegetables.


This concerns both overweight and underweight women. It is important to keep an ideal weight because weight problems can bring about an imbalance.

And when there’s a hormonal imbalance it can cause irregular periods and disrupt ovulation.

And as a woman with irregular periods who’d decided she wants to get pregnant, maintaining an ideal weight can help mend these imbalances.

But if you’re having problems hitting the ideal weight, it could be a hormonal imbalance.

So talk to your doctor.


Reducing stress can have a big impact if you’re trying to get pregnant fast with irregular periods.

Anxiety and too much stress can delay your ovulation, affecting your chances of getting pregnant.

Try to adopt some stress management techniques during your day, as trying to get pregnant actively can bring about its own stress.

Irregular periods are common and are sometimes caused by underlying problems.

If your periods are irregular, visit your DOCTOR for a diagnosis.

Your DOCTOR will examine you, check your hormonal levels and also verify if there’s an overlooked problem.

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