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Are Skitmakers Proper Actors, Comedians?



Sydeny Talker KOKO TV NG 3
Over the last few years, since the rise of what some have described as social media comics, social media sensations, or more relatable for all “Skitmakers” on social media platforms there has been the consistent question on the veracity of their claims as prime industry entertainers. Skitmakers

The question that begs for an answer is are these guys proper actors, are they comedians or they are just skitmakers, and brand influencers. Well, to answer these questions one is to first question how have these guys faired when pulling of their phones or behind the camera’s in their living room to doing the act properly on set, or on stage.
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It is quite unique to note that some of the most popular skit makers or guys known to do skits have actually go on to feature in proper movies and excel quite exceptional. While some of them have gone on stage to perform their acts or tell jokes on stage and have excelled greatly as well. 

Taaooma KOKO TV NG 12

It is unfair to them that they are tagged simply as social media sensations or just skitmakers. We’ve seen Broda Shaggi feature in several movies and he has pulled his weight not disappointing his clan of other skit makers. While also it will be quite insulting of actors of comedians to say what these guys do passes as nothing but just social media sensationalism knowing fully well that several actors and actresses also do skits and post on their pages.
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While also several times we’ve seen veteran actors and actresses feature on different sets on this skitmakers platforms. 

Josh2Funny 455

Some of these guys do way more than just perform funny acts on their pages, they edit their videos themselves, write scripts and direct when they have other people on their videos. They deserve more accolades than they’re given and get.
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Respect their hustle and if they create an association of their own they simply intend to make their voices heard as a minority group and want more respect than they get. 

Skitmakers are actors, comedians, directors, cinematographers and most importantly primetime entertainment industry stakeholders.  Broda Shaggi KOKO TV NG 4  

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“You Get What You Give,” – Singer Jaywon Slams Kizz Daniel Over Tweet On Music Industry“You Get What You Give,” – Singer Jaywon Slams Kizz Daniel Over Tweet On Music Industry 8



kizz daniel and jaywon kokotvng
Singer Kizz Daniel is definitely having it hot from his colleagues over his tweet about the music industry. The hitmaker had described the industry as a cabal and his colleagues having to blow hot over the statement and now singer Jaywon has come out to chide him over the tweet.


The Woju singer had shared that the industry had a cabal and he belonged to no one so he has learnt to walk on his own. Jaywon reacting to his post shared that the industry isn’t just about talent and packaging but there are deeper lessons required to survive there like love, respect for people and they would do the same to him. The “Odun Yi” singer further shared that he cannot receive what he doesn’t give.


In another post, he shared that Kizz has been shown the true colours of the game and now believes that there is a cabal but he will be fine at the end of the day and as for him he will always be relevant till he dies.
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Singer Jaywon Slams Kizz Daniel Over Tweet On Music Industry KOKOTVNG

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Ojodu Junior Grammar: Identities Of Lagos School Students Crushed By Truck Revealed



Inec accident koko tv ng

The Ojodu Local Council Development Association in Lagos State has revealed the identities of some secondary school students who were killed and injured by a truck in the Ojodu area of the state on Tuesday.

Trains and Truck accident at Fagba KOKO TV NG 2

The students were going home after closing from school around 2pm when the truck ran over them.

According to the police, two died while about 12 were injured and rushed to the hospital.

In a statement titled “Events of fatal motor/pedestrian accident at Ojodu involving students”, the Executive Chairman of Ojodu Local Council Development Area, Odunmbaku Segun, claimed that two students died while 12 others were injured.

Ojodu Schoolchildren truck accident KOKO TV NG 1

“Unfortunately, as a result of the accident, two students were confirmed dead on the spot. The identity of the deceased revealed below: 1. Adedoyin Adebayo; 2. Akpolebi Israel. Asides from the two deceased, seven females and five males totaling 12 victims also sustained varying degrees of injuries,” he said.

His full statement reads,“Yesterday, December 7, 2021, at about 02:15 pm, a DAF truck with Registration No. APP 438 YA driven by one ‘Bolaji Kabiru’ rammed into some pedestrians at Grammar School Bus Stop along Ogunnusi Road later identified as students of Bab Fafunwa Millennium School, Ojodu Junior Grammar School, Omole Junior High School.
Trains and Truck accident at Fagba KOKO TV NG 3

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“Waiting Until Marriage Night To Have Sex For The First Time Is A Really Bad Idea” – Woman Narrates Her Ordeal



Laci Bean KOKO TV Nigeria 3

One wife is explaining why NOT to wait until marriage to have sex for the first time after having a bad experience on her wedding night.

Laci Bean KOKO TV Nigeria

Laci, from the US, said that she was raised in a “purity culture” but explains why this ruined her sex life for years.

Taking to her TikTok account, the wife was replying to another man’s post which said: “I just want to say that waiting until marriage to have sex for the first time is a really bad idea.”

Posting under the domain @laci_bean, Laci said: “I could not agree with him more. Let’s get a little vulnerable.”

“I grew up in the 90s where purity culture was like ALL the rage. There was even a point where I was like ‘I’m not even gonna kiss until marriage.’ Well, my husband and I did ‘technically’ wait until marriage” she added. 

Laci explained that she did have some sexual experience with her boyfriend but the pair did not have sex before their wedding night.

Laci Bean KOKO TV Nigeria 1

“We weren’t like 100% pure but you know what I mean. When I tell you that my wedding night was f*****g sucked, it is an understatement” said Lacy.

Adding: “On my honeymoon, I called my sister, who is a nurse, literally bawling on the phone, saying ‘I think my vagina is broken’.”

Another thing the woman grew up believing is that she should put her own sexual needs and desires aside, and just focus on pleasing her man.

“And because purity culture thought me, that it was my job to please my husband, and it was all about HIM, or he would go watch porn and cheat on me, literally it took me a few years to be like ‘hey, what about me in this little tango?’” said Laci.

Adding: “I’m 32 and I’m still unlearning s*** guys. I f*****g hate purity culture.”

The wife’s post has over 887k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

“If you want to wait, thats’ fine. But it shouldn’t be because an institution pushed it on you” commented one person.

Another added: “My mom told me to go live with someone for a year before thinking about getting married. Best advice ever.”

“Nana told me to test drive the car before you buy it” commented a third.

Laci Bean KOKO TV Nigeria 2

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