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Buhari Should Negotiate With Boko Haram, Bandits And IPOB – Adamu Garba



Buhari and Adamu Garba KOKO TV Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari has been told to dialogue with bandits, Boko Haram terrorists and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra.

Adamu Garba Slams Media House Over Oyigbo Killings Non-ReportageThe call was made by former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba. Garba made this known in a lengthy statement via his Facebook page on Monday.

He stated that dialogue is the only way to stop the insecurity experienced in the country and not offensive attacks by the Nigerian military.

Garba pointed out that insurgency is motivated by a desire for justice or economic survival, asking the federal government to find another way to fight the war against terrorism.

He wrote: “To those who said that negotiations with Boko Haram, Bandits and IPOB is not possible, we should keep bombing and keep losing lives, I say this to you: Where are ISIS in the Levant today? What of Nusra Front, Haqqani Network, Al Qa’ida, Alshabab, AQIM, Ansar Dine, Irish Republican Army etc? What of the Afghan Taliban?.

Gunmen Bandits KOKO TV NG 12“Ask Russia and Turkey how to they handled ISIS, ask Qataris, Saudis and Pakistanis how they managed to disappear Nusra Front, Qaida and Haqqanis, how did France deal with Ansar and AQIM in Africa, how did Britain ends and contained the IRA or why the American super weapons ended up running away from the untrained, uneducated and ill-organized Afghan Taliban.

“Everything ended up on a negotiation table. The truth is, all insurgencies from history are motivated by two things: desire for justice or economic survival. Nigeria’s case is not an exception.

“We cannot continue to throw bombs in our backyard, to our neighbors, fellow citizens and fellow countrymen and women and believe we are making any progress. This is the clean principle of self-destruction. This is illogical to the modern state governance in the 21st century. It cannot take us anywhere. We must find other means.

Bandits“Since the inception of the crisis in 2009, Nigeria burnt $44Bn to kill its fellow citizens and destroy its infrastructure to fight an enemy that simple listening and conversation can solve.

“That amount, the $44bn can dredge River Niger and Benue through the deltas of Anambra and Imo, Build superhighway from Maiduguri to Calabar through Mubi, Yola Jalingo, Wukari, Zaki Biam, Vandekya, Ikom and Ugep, Link Kano, Sokoto, Kebbi to Badagry, through Borgu, in Niger State, and lay gas pipeline and fibre cables from Niger Delta and Lagos to Abuja and Kaduna upward to the hinterland respectively.

“All these burnt away in trying to fight ourselves. That is needless to say that most of these monies we’re either stolen, shared or disappear into the thin air.”

The All Progress Congress (APC) stalwart stated that Boko Haram, bandits, IPOB are all Nigerians and should be treated with dignity.

Garba demanded that the fight against terrorism should be called off, asking Nigerians to fix the various internal differences and disagreements in the nation.

boko haram
He said: “Believe it or not, Boko Haram, Bandits, IPOB are all Nigerians and our fellow brothers and sisters. We share the same border, live in the same neighbourhood, eat the same food, share the same language and the same tradition and suffer the same way. Whether we kill 10 terrorists today and 1 soldier, we cannot escape the facts that Nigerians killed fellow Nigerians.

“We must look beyond our borders if we must fight an enemy, but we must do all we can to protect our homeland and fix our differences without the sacred blood of our brothers and sisters getting shaded.

“These so-called internal wars against terrorism should be called to a halt and larger table to expand to accommodate our differences no matter our disagreements.

Malami Nnamdi Kanu IPOB KOKO TV Nigeria“Let’s call a spade a spade, all terrorist are known by the state, in each country. Nigeria definitely knows who are those terrorists and the real sponsors even though no legal case might have been established against them. We must slow down on the killings, open our country, bury our pride and fix our internal differences and disagreements by mainstreaming a legal framework for a fair position for all.

“The villagers cannot go to the farm, hunger is on the rise, we’re now in a dry season without good harvest, food inflation is very high, the cost of everything is getting unbearable, we cannot afford to keep spending on wars, we must accept our issues and come to terms with the best way out of this by tackling the very basic necessities of our livelihood.

“These wars should be over, let’s work towards peace and prosperity of our people. The desperation, lack of opportunities and better future, hope is more important now than the blood of our fellow citizens.”ipob
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“It Hurts That I Can’t Give Him A Child” – Bobrisky Shows Off N20 Million He Got From Married Boyfriend



Bobrisky KOKO TV Nigeria
Crossdresser Bobrisky has shown off the 20 million naira cash gift he received from his married boyfriend to enjoy the weekend. The Internet sensation took to social media to show off the bag filled with cash.

bobriskyHe revealed that his boyfriend sent him N10million to enjoy himself, and after receiving the money, he began to wonder what he did to deserve such a man. The Instagram star said he received 10 million the previous week and hasn’t even touched the money. Bon also shared that his partner is married with kids and it hurts that he can’t give him a child.
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Bobrisky Shows Off N20 Million He Got From Married Boyfriend kokotvng
Recall that a few days ago the Nigerian crossdresser shared that she had just acquired a petrol station worth several millions of Naira and it all came from the money he has acquired in his dealings.
30 Never Look Dis Good Bobrisky Shares Alluring Birthday Snaps KOKOTVNGKOKO Trending Video:
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... “It Hurts That I Can’t Give Him A Child” – Bobrisky Shows Off N20 Million He Got From Married Boyfriend ... KOKO TV Nigeria | Nigeria News & Breaking – Nigeria News & Breaking | Nigeria Fashion & Style | Nigeria Beauty | Nigeria Entertainment | Nigeria Designers | Nigeria Weddings.

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Gov. Sanwo-Olu’s Representative Booed At Gospel Event #TheExperience2021 New Gov. Sanwo-Olu’s Representative Booed At Gospel Event #TheExperience2021



Sanwo Olu KOKO TV nigeria
The representative of the Lagos Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu was booed at The Experience Concert, which was held last night, Friday in Lagos. The person who represented the governor was shunned by worshippers in the hall while speaking and addressing the audience in attendance.


The commissioner was giving the governor address and during his speech youths in the hall shouted at him asking who gave the order and booed on the stage According to the viral video spotted on social media. The representative was quoting scriptures before some boos stood up from the crowd, who were largely youths.
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The senior pastor, Paul Adefarasin, had to apologize to the Lagos state government after the incident. He admonished them never to disrespect authority because they bear the sword and they don’t want them to bear the sword against them in judgment.

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Police officers assault, arrest LASTMA official who confronted them for driving one-way (Video)



police lastma

An official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, LASTMA was allegedly assaulted and arrested by police officers who violated traffic.

In a video posted by Instablog9ja, a good Samaritan narrated how a female LASTMA official was controlling traffic when she spotted a police van driving one-way.

She confronted them, but instead of apologising and doing the right thing, they allegedly assaulted her and took her to their station.

The good Samaritan said he was able to secure her release from the police station and took her medical attention.

A part of the video showed the LASTMA lady in a hospital explaining what happened between her and the police officers.

Watch video HERE

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