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‘Why Stressing Yourself About Marriage, Are You Mad?’ – Prophet Seer1 Confronts Singles



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Today, Prophet Seer1 real name Andrew Ejimadu did not come with a prophecy for the Zambian government or congratulating Hakainde Hichilema also known as Bally on something he has done, instead he has come with a word for the singles.

Seeing how this generation is obsessed with being in a relationship, has asked those stressing themselves about marriage and relationships if they are mad or not.

“Stressing yourself about marriage or relationship? Are you mad?” asked Seer1.

According to Seer1 if marriage was equally as important as people deemed it to be the God would have created a wife for himself.

“God created everything but did not create a wife for himself, his only begotten son Jesus stayed away from marriage and relationship,” he said.

He added; “Satan himself refused to marry and you are here stressing yourself about relationship and marriage.”

Seer1 then said that until the three mentioned above explain about their singleness, no one has a reason to stress about their relationship status.

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Ethiopia Closes Schools To Help Harvest Plantations Of People Fighting Rebels




The Ethiopian government Thursday announced that secondary schools will be closed across the country to help in harvesting plantations of those who are on the frontline in the fight against the rebel fighters.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Education announced that all secondary schools throughout the East African country will be closed for a one-week period.

This is happening when the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) supported by regional allies and the popular movement intensified its military operations against the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Over the past few days, the ENDF jointly with regional forces and militia fighters has claimed control of strategic cities and towns across Amhara and Afar regions, bordering the Tigray region.

Since the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed joined frontline combat last week, ENDF and its affiliate forces have shown strong mobilization against rebel forces amid the expanding conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia.

Last week, Ahmed had called on “all patriotic Ethiopians” to join him in frontline combat against forces loyal to the TPLF.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) was formed in the mid-1970s to fight for the rights of Tigrayans, a relatively small ethnic group that accounts for just 5% of the population and had long been marginalised by the central government.

Throughout the 1980s the TPLF emerged as a formidable challenger to Ethiopia’s then Marxist military dictatorship and eventually led an alliance of militia organizations, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), that overthrew the Soviet Union-backed regime in 1991.

The current conflict started around 2018 when Abiy Ahmed of the Oromo ethnic group was elected prime minister.

Abiy unseated many Tigrayan officials, charged some with corruption and introduced a set of political reforms which sidelined the TPLF.

He disbanded the EPRDF coalition government in 2019 and moved to create the new Prosperity Party (PP).

TPLF refused to join the group and moved back to its stronghold.

Abiy postponed the 2020 general elections citing the COVID-19 pandemic, but officials in the Tigray region went ahead with regional elections in September 2020.

In October, the federal government began withholding funds from the regional administration.

In early November 2020, TPLF forces were accused of having attacked and looted federal military bases in the region. Abiy kicked off a military campaign in the Tigray region, known as Operation Law enforcement.

Source: Xinhua

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HEARTBREAKING: Maid Kills 6 Months Old Baby Over Unpaid Salary



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Another shocking incident has left the residents of Shabalala in Hazyview, Mpumalanga fuming after what a nanny did to a 6-months old baby girl.

It has been reported that a 6 Months baby girl has been killed allegedly by the nanny for not getting paid her wages.

Apparently, the nanny was not paid since the 25th of November and decided to intentionally kill Angel Ndlovu.

When the mother of the child was still at work, the nanny gave the baby a formula mixed with Sunlight Liquid.

The incident happened on Tuesday evening and the baby was rushed to hospital.

Sadly the baby did not survive the Sunlight Liquid that was given to her and also the doctors failed to help.

According to the statement reported, the nanny Pontsho Mokgoto added the Sunlight Liquid to the baby milk to kill Angel Ndlovu since she was not paid.

Residents are fuming after getting to know that the woman did such a cruel thing to a 6 Months baby Angel Ndlovu.

The nanny was expecting to get her paid before month-end and when the mother of the baby was delayed.

She decided to deliberately kill the baby instead of waiting to hear what caused the mother of the child not to pay in time.

It is very heartbreaking that a woman can do such a thing, to take the life of a baby over money.

The mother of Angel Ndlovu is left traumatized as she trusted Pontsho Mokgoto with her baby and now the baby girl is gone.

Police are now looking for Pontsho Mokgoto after disappearing from the day she gave baby Angel Ndlovu milk mixed with dishwashing soap.

The murder case has been opened and the Police officers promised to look for the nanny day and night until she is found.

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KENYA: Suspected Witches Exhume A Dead Kid, Eats Body Then Throws Coffin Near A River



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Witches from the county of Kisii in Kenya on Wednesday night exhumed the body of a dead kid before dumping the empty coffin near a river.

According to sources, the witches in Kisii are believed to have stolen the body and probably eaten it since the same was not found inside the coffin as buried in it.

“Coffin purportedly used to bury a kid at Gionseri, Bobasi in Kisii found near a riverbank.

However, the said body could not be traced. It’s believed that the body was exhumed by witches. Matters of witchcraft are rampant in Gusii. It’s believed witches eat corpses.” Reported the source.

This news from Kisii shocked many Kenyans who had the following to say:

“I hear relatives should guard the body for several days so this witches can’t take the organs they want woiii this community is something else.”

“I was to marry a kisii but based on this findings I can’t anymore 😂.”

“I had a kisii boyfriend sometimes parents knew about it. It was vayolense after vayolense mpaka boy child akatoroka Kennedy I loved you but also I could not disrespect my parents.”

“I think it’s time we stand together as kisii and condemn this unverified information meant to tarnish the name of gusii.i personally don’t believe in witchcraft.i have grown in kisii and spent my 30years in kisii but I have never seen a witch.OMGvoice should apologize for this unverified information.”

“Kenya should just be disbanded and citizens distrusted to neighboring countries. Too much evil going on. Mungu saidia.”

“Isabimo Moranga, Sheila Bahati , John Nguru I always force myself to believe that there’s no such thing like witchcraft but when I see this am left with no words. It’s scaring.”

“Been living in kisii all my life and I’ve never seen a witch with my eyes, just stories, like this one. I was almost believing witchcraft is an illusion until I realized that witches Are everywhere in the country, except that in most communities it’s concealed andv viewed as normal practice. We don’t do that in kisii, witches are evil.”

“Not only do they kill the body, they also kill there children’s dream and vision, Nowander remote areas of kisii you will find unexplainable poverty.”

“Have a kisii freind who told me this thing are there…witches are there,it’s true they exhume bodies and eat them.”

“I’m proud to be a kisii…coz it doesn’t bother me…Wen God wanted to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, there individuals who were left coz of there deeds…I’ll stand out to be counted.”

“When growing up, I used to hear stories about witches though I never saw a single witch. I almost believed in it until a time when witchcraft was fronted as the cause of an issue which I knew very the truth about its cause. That’s how I knew witchcraft in kisii is all a fallacy…

There’s even a former MP who won elections after duping electorates. During campaign period, he distributed goodies and then ran a propaganda that whoever partook his goodies and talked or even thought about not voting for him a calamity befell him. Out of fear, guys voted him enmasse.

Now, if u look at that coffin, if indeed it was used for burial purposes , no way it would be spotless. The process of burial is abrasive, but I don’t see a single scratch on that coffin., not even a spec of streaks of mud or soil…

Whoever dumped that coffin by the said river had an agenda.

I call upon people of my community to be woke, these narratives are tarnishing the name of our tribe both within and outside the borders of Kenya. I find it difficult to interact with new found colleagues and friends coz everytime they learn am from the Gusii community the first task is ask me to explain to them how we practise witchcraft., it’s so tiring.

There’s no witchcraft in kisii to the best of my knowledge, it’s just some twatt & low IQ individuals who find easy answers in witchcraft whenever a difficult situation arises.”

“Fabricated stories. Tell us where the said child was burried and re-dig the grave to confirm the absence of the body. Otherwise these are scare tactics from malicious individuals.”

“Witchcraft is real,hence the devil is at work,real christians be vigilant and continue praying unceasingly and fasting and meditating on word of GOD 🙏”

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