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Lady helps deliver her best friend’s baby only to later discover her own husband is the father



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A lady who helped deliver her best friend’s baby has gotten a huge shocker after she discovered that her own husband is responsible for the pregnancy.

28-year-old Hailey Custer, from Wickenburg, Arizona, revealed how devastated she was when she discovered that her husband of six years, Travis Bowling, 36, had allegedly cheated on her with her best friend.

Hailey, a mother-of-four revealed that after being there ‘every step of the way‘ to support her unnamed best friend during the pregnancy and birth, including wearing the hospital’s ‘daddy wrist band‘, she was stunned when she spotted a birth defect on the baby’s neck that was identical to one her husband has.

After confronting the pair about the birth defect, she claimed her worst fears were confirmed and she now alleges that Bowling had cheated on her with up to 30 women during their marriage.

Despite the infidelity, Hailey said she welcomed her friend into her home after she gave birth because she had ‘nowhere to go.’

“I kept thinking of my kids, at the end of the day that is their blood sibling and I’m not going to be the one who causes harm to that child,” she said.

Hailey, who is a recovering drug addict, shared her story on TikTok and it quickly went viral.

According to her, she decided to get sober after she became pregnant with her own child years earlier. And she wanted to help her friend, who was also an addict, do the same.

“I had been forced to sober up because I found out I was pregnant.

When I found out my friend was using and she found out she was pregnant, I wanted to do what was right and make sure that she was safe and taken care of,” she explained.

Hailey, who works in administration, also opened up about the situation to Caters News, and she told them that she noticed her friend and her husband getting close, but didn’t think anything of it.

“We are all charismatic people, so we all had that nature to be charismatic around each other and make jokes. I didn’t see anything there. I was very naïve so I just didn’t think it would be possible for someone to do that,” she said.

She explained that she helped take her friend to doctors appointments, drove her to the hospital while she was in labor, and was right by her side when she gave birth.

“It was a beautiful experience for me at the end of the day, I will never forget that. I was just happy to be a part of that,” she added on TikTok.

She also told Caters; “In the hospital before I found out, I stepped into that father figure role. I was there for her every step of the way. Even in the hospital, I wore the daddy wrist band, when she got her epidural, she laid on me. I actually gave the baby her first bath.”

But when she noticed a hereditary defect on the baby’s neck a few days after they got home from the hospital, she claimed that she knew right away that the baby was her husband’s.

“I’m very familiar with [the hereditary defect] because my older son has it – it’s an extra piece of cartilage that grows out of the side of his neck,’ she explained on the video streaming app.

I was changing her daughter and I noticed that she had what we call the Bowling bumps, and several of his other children have it as well, so I knew exactly that that baby was my husbands.”

She also said she remembered feeling ‘shock come over her.’

Hailey added; “When I found out my friend was standing next to me, I looked at her and you could just tell. She couldn’t say anything, she just dropped her head and looked to the floor, and I just knew.

There were no words that were said, I just knew. For me, I was in a state of shock for a little bit. I walked outside when I first found out and just prayed.

I kept hearing the words over and over in my head – “bigger picture.” For me that meant, stop with your tunnel vision.

I was in a lot of shock in the beginning I couldn’t even process what had happened, it was almost like a stage of grief.

Like you have your shock, your anger, and then you come to the conclusion that this is actually real life, this is actually happening.”

But she said she was keen to help her best friend and continued to let her live at her house.

She told Caters; “Now we have this innocent child who had no say in this whole situation, you have someone who doesn’t have anywhere to go, who has no family, we’re not going to kick them to the streets.

I kept thinking of my kids, at the end of the day that is their blood sibling and I’m not going to be the one who causes harm to that child. So, she ended up staying with us.

We stayed friends right after. I was upset, don’t get me wrong, but she stayed at our house,” she also said on TikTok.

“She helped with my kids and I helped with her kid. We basically played house together while he was out doing whatever he wanted to do.

They stayed with us and I ended up taking care of the baby. The dad was never around, still battling addiction and couldn’t take responsibility – he didn’t want to admit it was his.

There were a couple instances where he came home, and he was upset and he actually physically abused both of us.

I always say that she was a victim as well. Especially when you’re dealing with addiction, you’ll do anything for your drug of choice and he was the biggest drug dealer where I’m from. So it is what it is, I get it.”

However, despite her ordeal, Hailey said she found forgiveness within herself.

She explained on TikTok; “Everything happens for a reason and I’m still friends with her today. I still love her, I forgive her I just hope she can forgive herself. Everyone makes mistakes.

‘There is no hate in my heart for either party. My ex-husband and me have three children together so I have to co-parent with him. And at the end of the day, my now ex-best friend’s daughter is my children’s sister. So I don’t hold any hate in my heart.”


Uche Maduagwu Blasts Mr Ibu For Allegedly Endorsing Atiku Abubakar Ahead Of The 2023 Presidential Election



Uche Maduagwu

Actor, Uche Maduagwu, has attacked comic actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu for publicly ‘endorsing’ ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar ahead of the 2023 presidential election
Recall that Mr. Ibu and some of his colleagues were dragged online last week for allegedly endorsing APC National leader, Bola Tinubu’s presidential bid. This came after a video of them singing Tinubu’s praises at a meeting surfaced online.

In his defense, Mr Ibu said former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, has done so much for him and even gave him a house to stay in. He added that based on that, Atiku is his candidate and there’s no way he will leave Atiku to support someone else.


Uche is not buying Mr Ibu’s defence and has come online to attack him. Read what he wrote below





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Tega shades her BBNaija colleagues, says they are full of lies and deceit



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Big Brother Naija season 6 ex-housemate, Tega Dominic has thrown a shade at her colleagues on social media.

The reality TV star took to her Twitter page to state that her fellow ex-housemates from the Shine Ya Eye edition of BBNaija are liars and deceitful people.

Tega, however, did not give reason for her statement neither did she disclose the housemates she was referring to.

She tweeted; “lol this our set sha… all BARS & LAMBA.”

See below;

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Quavo And Jayda Cheaves Respond After Social Media Pins Lil Baby As Saweetie’s Mystery Bae



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Saweetie, Lil Baby, Jayda Cheaves and Quavo were the stars of a lil’ tea party on Sunday evening. And the refreshments served by social media users, and later the celebrities themselves, was definitely piping hot. The tea party kicked off with an Instagram post by Saweetie and ended with Lil Baby dropping a harsh message on Twitter. Let’s get into it, chile…

Saweetie Posts Mystery Bae 

Early Sunday, Saweetie shared the moment dozens of roses were delivered to her. She appeared to be at a recording studio, but didn’t share any details or words about the sweet gesture.

A few hours later, the ‘Icy’ rapper posted a photo dump on Instagram. The carousel-type post featured selfies, moments with fans, bawdy-ody-ody shots and a Chanel purse sitting on a piano. However, it was the last flick of the slider that put social media detectives to work! Saweetie snapped a mirror selfie that captured her sitting on the lap of a mystery bae. Almost immediately, social sites exploded with users giving their theories on who the partially hidden person could be.

Social Users Name Lil Baby 

From Nigerian artist Olamide to 42 Dugg, the guesses kept rolling in. Then, a post on Lil Baby’s official Facebook account painted another picture. Apparently, Lil Baby recently wore dark pants and black shoes that match those seen on Saweetie’s mystery boo. The Facebook post is dated November 18 with the caption “It’s only a handful of real ones, people be corny.” It features a still photo and a video of Baby showing off his drip in a mirror. The video’s caption reads “It’s a cold cold world.” As expected, social media users put two and two together–down to the accents on the shoes and pants. The side-by-side comparison quickly went viral.

Lil Baby Deletes A Tweet 

As online users discussed the assumed pair, Lil Baby took some time to clean up his Twitter account. Just days ago, he told fans “Baby not dating NO ONE” on Twitter. He also confirmed his bachelor status saying “I’m single.” But, in the midst of this rumored romance exploding on Sunday night, the tweet disappeared.

Quavo Enters The Chat 

After about an one hour of sipping this tea, Quavo let his feelings about the situation be known. He wrote “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out #QCTheLabel” on his Instagram Story. While Quavo didn’t mention names, users ran with the idea that he was speaking on Jayda Cheaves. Jayda, as you may know, is Lil Baby’s ex-girlfriend. She shares a toddler son named Loyal with the rapper.

Hey Jayda GWORL! 

Moments after The Shade Room posted Quavo’s message on Instagram, Jayda popped up on the page. Apparently, she liked and then unliked ... featuring Quavo’s suggestion. Afterwards, Quavo’s sister decided to add her two cents by reposting a photo of Jayda to her Instagram Story.

Later in the evening, Jayda hopped on her Instagram Story with a jokey joke. She posted a photo of her trending status on Twitter and wrote “I ain’t even do bun.” Jayda also included a GIF reaction of a woman eating popcorn.

Lil Baby Speaks 

Hours after social media users pinned him as mystery boo, Lil Baby said his piece. The Atlanta artist hopped on Twitter and let off two thoughts while keeping his words name-free.

“B****es really be weird,” Lil Baby tweeted. He continued on in a separate post saying, “If you want clout use BABY.”

And to wrap things up, at some point throughout the entire fiasco, Saweetie reposted her carousel of images. The second time around mystery man, who is presumably Lil Baby, was not included. Whew, what a party! *sips tea*

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