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Lebanon Becomes First Arab Country To Legalize Cannabis -Doksblog



Lebanon becomes first Arab country to legalize Cannabis? The Lebanese parliament voted to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medical and industrial use making Lebanon the first Arab country to do so.

The law regarding the infamous plant, which has a great variety of uses such as pharmaceutical, wellness and textile products, passed last April.

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The conversation toward legitimizing the farming of cannabis was growing for years in the Mediterranean country, but was pushed in the forefront recently, because of the current economic crisis.

Lebanon suffers from the worst financial and economic disaster in its history, which some officials believe cannabis can help relieve.

Alain Aoun, a senior MP in the Free Patriotic Movement told Reuters “we have moral and social reservations but today there is the need to help the economy by any means”.

According to a report by Ameri Research Inc., the global legal cannabis market was valued at $14.3 billion in 2016 and is forecast to grow to $63.5 billion by 2024.
The market is witnessing an expansional growth mainly due to the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis products worldwide.

Lebanon is the third-largest supplier of cannabis resin, also known as “hashish”, after Morocco and Afghanistan, according to the UN.

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The plant, which is known to be farmed illegally in the country’s Bekaa Valley, represents a clear opportunity for profit by exporting the crop internationally in an attempt to revitalize the country’s already crippled economy.

Yet, despite all the benefits of economic potential the pro-cannabis law officials have boasted, many expressed their concerns, linked mainly to the lack of confidence in the state’s ability to impose the necessary measures to restrict the legislation to medical ends.

There is also the issue of rampant corruption in Lebanon.

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Many of the reluctant to give full endorsement to the law fear that any benefit from the legislation will be limited to a small number of people, instead of seeing a trickle down effect from the hashish revenues to the entire population.

In addition, the new law did not decriminalize consumption of the plant or reduce sentences, with all recreational production and use remaining illegal.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 people are arrested for drug crimes each year in Lebanon, the vast majority for the consumption of hashish, according to statistics from the Central Drug Enforcement Office.

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Imo Youths Kill Man In Anara Market Caught With Mkpuru Mmiri -Doksblog



Some angry youths have reportedly beaten one 27 year-old Darlington Ugboaja to death at Anara market in Imo state, after a local drug, Methamphetamine, better known as Mkpuru Mmiri, was found on him.

According to Punch, Ugboaja’s killing has caused panic in the market as traders shut their stalls out of fear of a reprisal attack from the victim’s kinsmen.

The mob reportedly searched him, found the substance on him and tied his hands to an electric pole.

The source said, “They saw him coming out from a bunk were drugs are sold. They suspected he had Mkpurummiri in his possession. They quickly searched him and found the substance. They immediately tired his hands on an electric pole and started beating him.

“He lost consciousness and he was rushed to Anara Health Centre but unfortunately there was no doctor on duty. They rushed him to another hospital at Umunachi where he was pronounced dead. ”

Lately, the distribution of the substance has raised eyebrows in the southeast, with many youths getting addicted.

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Chewing Gum Benefits You Should Know By Now



chewing gum benefits? Have you ever wonder why people, especially ladies and sports people, chew gum? Have you considered any benefit(s) one can derive chewing gum?

Well, chewing gum has been with us since the Stone Age as it has been around for centuries now (the ancient civilizations like Aztec talk about chewing gums).

Over the years, there has been a lot of curiosity as to whether chewing gum is good for the body or if we should stay away from it.

This curiosity has led to studies to see what effects chewing gums have.

As early as in 1939, Leta Hollingsworth did some detailed studies and came up with linkages between chewing gum and cognitive functions.

This is intellectual property of

From helping with hunger management, memory alertness, improved learning and anxiety, chewing gum does have health benefits on the body. Below are some benefits of chewing gum according to Lybrate and Healthline.

Chewing Gum Benefits You Should Know By Now


Mastication which is chewing in layman terms helps with the production of certain chemicals in the brain that promotes blood flow and improves performance.

There have been studies that confirm improved performance if the gum is chewed before a test although it has no significant result if chewed during the test.


People who chew gum have been found to handle anxiety and depression better as gum has been shown to stimulate the ventral part of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for causing depression.

Studies have actually shown a relationship between chewing gum and improved focus, productivity, efficiency and improved professionalism.

a survey was conducted at the end of the day, gum chewers reported higher levels of happiness being at the job with reduced fatigue and stress.


Chewing gum after a meal increases saliva flow. This helps wash away harmful sugars and food debris, both of which feed bacteria in your mouth.

Chewing sugar-free gum after a meal could help keep your teeth healthy and prevent bad breath.


Some studies have suggested that gum containing xylitol could prevent middle ear infections in children.


I think, this to be one of the reasons athletes like chewing gum.

Chewing gum could be a helpful tool for those trying to slim down. One study even found that people who chewed gum were less likely to snack on healthy snacks.


Studies have shown that chewing gum after an operation could speed up recovery time.

With that said, it is important to note that the sort of gum you are chewing decides the effect it has. The texture, flavour and density are some of the parameters that need to be considered also.

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Peeing After Sex:5 Things Ladies Shouldn’t Do After Sex



Peeing after sex? Sex is an enjoyable activity and the best form of intimacy a couple can have in their relationship. While there are many tips on tricks on how to be more intimate with your partner, there are other health factors to be considered after sexual activity.

It is important to take the proper steps some point after intimacy to make sure you’re protecting yourself and the person you are involved with.

Although it is important to take care of your reproductive health, but endeavour not to involve yourself in these acts.

Peeing After Sex:5 Things Ladies Shouldn’t Do After Sex

Peeing After Sex Or Rush To The Bathroom

It is true that easing yourself after sex can help clear the urethral tract of any bacteria introduced during sex that can lead to painful UTIs, but you don’t need to do it right away and ruin the moment.

Sleeping In Lingerie

After sex, your skin tends to be warm and damp, thanks to perspiration, vaginal secretions, and semen. Sleeping in your underwear traps the moisture and you run the risk of a yeast infection.

Use Wet Wipes

If you’re sensitive to chemicals like alcohol, glycerin, scents, and certain oils, using a flushable wet wipe after sex can cause irritation since you’re more susceptible to skin issues after-intercourse

Wash Your Vagina With Soap

You might be tempted to cleanse your private area with soap but the truth is vaginas are self-cleaning organs, there is simply no need for you to use soaps or detergents in your privates. Clean warm water should be enough and preferred to dispel any lubricants or fluids.

Shave Right After Sex

You’re more likely to develop irritation if you shave right after sexual intercourse, this is because during sex women experience an increased blood flow to the genital area making them really sensitive.

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