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Urine Colour And Health Status -Doksblog



Urine colour and health status? The urine is a by-product of the metabolism that happens in your body. This by-product or waste is called urea.

It is made when your kidneys filter wastes and extra water from your blood.

From the kidneys, urine travels down two thin tubes called ureters to the bladder.

The bladder stores urine until you are ready to urinate. The urine, however, can serve as an indication of your health status.

Urine Colour And Health Status

Below are some of the things to look out for next time you urinate:


The colour in urine is caused by a pigment called urichrome, which gets lighter and darker depending on how concentrated urine becomes.

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When your urine is dark yellow or amber or honey coloured, it is an indication that you aren’t drinking enough water.


While it is good to drink enough water to keep you hydrated, you should also note that drinking too much water can rob your body of electrolytes.

When your urine is transparent it is an indication that you are drinking too much water.


One of the quickest ways to check for pregnancy is to test the urine.

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In the first few weeks of pregnancy, the foetus begins to secrete the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, which is what is detected by home pregnancy tests.

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A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is an infection in any part of the urinary system, which includes the kidneys, bladder, ureters, and urethra.

According to research a woman’s chance of getting a urinary tract infection is high.

Some experts rank the lifetime risk of women getting one as high as 1 in 2, with many having repeat infections, sometimes for years.

Meanwhile, about 1 in 10 men will get a UTI in their lifetime.

Urine that has a strong ammonia smell or a foul or slightly-sweet scent is often the first indication that you have a UTI.

The bacteria causing the infection produce the odour, in addition to making your urine appear cloudy or bloody.

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 is Ciprofloxacin An Antibiotic:How To Recover From Its Side Effects -Doksblog



Is ciprofloxacin an antibiotic? How do one recover from Ciprofloxacin side effects? Cipro is the brand name for ciprofloxacin, which is a type of antibiotic known as a fluoroquinolone.

Doctors use fluoroquinolones to treat a range of different bacterial infections and the fluoroquinolone they prescribe depends on the underlying infection, and if the bacteria are resistant to a specific drug.

In addition, fluoroquinolones work by interfering with the bacteria’s ability to replicate and grow, and so it kills the infection.

What Is Ciprofloxacin And How Does It Work?

Like mentioned above, ciprofloxacin or fluoroquinolone is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Ciprofloxacin belongs to a class of drugs called quinolone ANTIBIOTICS. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria.

This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for virus infections such as common cold, flu. Unnecessary use or overuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness or efficacy.

Side Effects Of Ciprofloxacin

Side effects are common with antibiotic drugs such as Cipro. The most common side effects while taking Cipro include:

  1. Nausea
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Vomiting
  4. Rash
  5. Abnormal liver function test

These common symptoms tend to be mild and clear up without treatment once a person stops taking Cipro.

Also, less common side effects, occurring in less than one (1) percent of people, may include:

  1. Headache
  2. Abdominal pain
  3. Pain in the extremities
  4. Pain in the feet
  5. Dizziness or fainting
  6. Difficulty sleeping
  7. Palpitations, flutters, or rapid heartbeat
  8. High or low blood pressure
  9. Heart attack
  10. Fever
  11. Yellowing of the skin or eyes
  12. Dark urine
  13. Oral yeast infections
  14. Intestinal tears
  15. Gastrointestinal bleeding and blood in the stool

Rarely, Cipro can also cause a severe allergic reaction. Anyone who experiences any of the following symptoms should seek immediate medical care:

  1. Hives forming an itchy or irritating skin rash
  2. Trouble swallowing or breathing
  3. Swelling of the tongue, lips, or face
  4. Tightness in the throat

How To Recover From Ciprofloxacin Side Effects

To recover from side efects of cipro, one needs to tackle some of the side effects listed above, but before then, talk to your DOCTOR about the medication and time dosage.

Discuss with him or her over diarrhea, the severity and frequency of nausea. Then, your DOCTOR may be able to alter the timing and dosage of your medication to reduce the unpleasant feeling or prescribe a nausea medication that will help you.

If your DOCTOR has prescribed an anti-nausea medication, take it as soon as you begin to feel nauseated.

1.To Cope With Nausea

  • Monitor your drinks: Avoid taking too much liquid with your meals, and drink slowly between meals to prevent triggering nausea. Take sips of lemon water or suck on ice chips to reduce nausea.
  • Space your meals: Instead of three large meals per day, spread your days’ food over five (5) small meals. Choose easy-to-digest foods and stop eating before you feel full. Overeating can increase nausea, and avoid sugary snacks and drinks.
  • Have rest: allow your stomach settle after. Avoid vigorous activity for about 30 minutes or so but do not lie down right after eating. You can be checking on our blog in order to keep your mind occupied. When feeling nauseous at other times, place a cold cloth on your forehead and lie down.

2.To Cope With Diarrhea

  • Drink enough fluids. To counter a mild loss of fluids from diarrhea, drink more water. For a more severe loss, drink fluids that contain water, sugar and salt. Try fruit juice that isn’t high in sugar and avoid beverages that are high in sugar or contain alcohol or caffeine such as tea and colas which can worsen the symptoms. For infants and children with Diarrhea ask your DOCTOR about using an oral rehydration solution to replenish fluids and electrolytes.
  • Avoid certain foods. It’s a good idea to avoid fatty and spicy foods while you have diarrhea. You can usually get back to a normal diet soon after the symptoms resolve.
  • Ask about anti-diarrhea medications. In some cases of mild antibiotic-associated diarrhea, your DOCTOR, may recommend anti-diarrheal medication. But check with your doctor before taking anti-diarheal medications because they can interfere with your body’s ability to eliminate toxins and lead to serious complications.
  1. To Cope With Headache.
  • Drink enough water. Water may help prevent headaches or help reduce the severity. Dehydration can be an underlying cause of many simple headaches. It may also alter how a person feels, acts or thinks.
  • A cold compress. Cold compress may be simple headache solution that people may have on hand. Applying an ice block or another cold item to the head or neck may help constrict the blood vessels and reduce inflammation in the area. Doing so could temporarily relieve headache pain.
  • Warm compress. In some other cases such as with a tension headache where the muscles are too tight, a warm compress may help relax those muscles and bring relief. A warm compress could be as a heated towel. People may be able to get the same effect from lukewarm shower or bath.

4.Abstain From Taking Alcohol

Alcohol and antibiotics can cause similar side effects, which are compounded when taking together. In addition, some medications or drugs can trigger more severe reactions such as vomiting, nausea, headache, increased heart rate and flushing, when taking with alcohol.

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Goron Tula Side Effects And Health Benefits -Doksblog



Benefits of Goron Tula? Azanza Garckeana is the botanical name for Goron Tula , although not commonly known by many, it is considered a ‘miracle fruit’ by those who know if for its numerous health benefits.

Known also as Silky Kola, tree hibiscus, Azanza or snot apple in English language, Goron Tula as it is called in Hausa is found in the northern part of Nigeria.

It is sweet and chewy as well, hence why it is also called “African Chewing Gum” fruit.

The fruit is widely cultivated in Tula Kaltungo Local Government of Gombe State and in Michika of Adamawa State in Nigeria.

It’s an important indigenous source of food in Tula and a major component of Kayan Mata.

Goron Tula has been believed to improved sexual performance, transformation and improvement.

Belonging to the family Malvaceae, Goron Tula contains certain chemical constituent such as alkaloids, amino acids, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, cyanogenic glucosides and flavonoids.

As a result of these compounds, Goron Tula possesses a wide range of pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant and iron absorption.

The pulp and seed of the fruit is an important source of phytochemicals and mineral components such as ascorbic acid, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, crude fibre, Carotenoids, Tannins, Saponins, Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Phenols, C. glucosides and Xanthone.

The health benefits of Goron Tula includes prevention of high blood pressure, lowers blood sugar level, ease digestion, improves the body immune system and can serve as a remedy for asthma, aside from the sexual benefits.

Health Benefits Of Goron Tula And Side Effects Of Goron Tula

Health Benefits Of Goron Tula And Side Effects Of Goron Tula
Health Benefits Of Goron Tula And Side Effects Of Goron Tula

How To Use Goron Tula

The simplest way to use Goron Tula is by chewing it when it is ripe, they are chewed like gum producing a sweet taste.

You can as well chew the flesh of the fruit raw, after extracting the seed. Also, the fruits could be soaked in a small amount of water to make jelly.

When it is soft, it is easier to chew or it could be boiled and used as a relish or to make porridge.

This is probably why it is given the name African Chewing gum. Some people dry them and reconstitute later.

Goron Tula is one of the most powerful and fast working aphrodisiacs. It cures lots of diseases but most commonly used for UPGRADING A WOMAN’S VAGINA.

Or go through this simple process;

  • Wash the Goron Tula thoroughly to cleanse any dirt on it.
  • Put it in a saucepan with clean water and bring it to boil for 30minutes.
  • After it is well cooked, peel off the outer cover and chew the inner portion.
  • You can choose to take 2 pieces every day so that it prepares you in waiting for possible pleasurable penetration.
  • Make sure to live a generally healthy lifestyle by exercising, keeping your body hydrated and feeding more on raw foods instead of fried ones and many sugary foods.

Health Benefits Of Goron Tula And Side Effects Of Goron Tula

According to the International Journal of Phytomedicine and Phytotherapy published in May 2020, revealed that Goron Tula plant is widely used as a traditional medicine for treatments of more than 20 human diseases and ailments and a herbal remedy for diseases like cough, chest pains, infertility, menstruation abnormalities, sexually transmitted infections and hepatic impairments.

However, aside from eating it, if you want to use it for infection, you can soak it for three days and allow it to ferment.

After fermentation, you will use the water to wash your vagina and the rest will be history.

Also, a study by Alfred Maroyi published on Science Alert revealed that Goron Tula can be used traditionally to treat or manage at least 22 human diseases and ailments.

And so far, it has been used to treat chest pains, cough, liver problems, prevention of cancer and menstrual problems amongst other diseases.

Here are the health benefits of consuming Goro Tula…

  • Prevent high blood pressure.
  • Prevent liver problems.
  • Helps Improve digestion: It improves bowel movement that helps to improve digestion.
  • Cleanse your body system
  • Help women with vaginal problems
  • Cancer prevention
  • Boost bowel movement
  • Improve immune system: Garon Tula contains antioxidants like ascorbic acids, carotenoids. These antioxidants help to mop up free radicals that are usually associated with chronic diseases. It strengthens the immune system.
  • Lowers blood sugar: Goron Tula is good for people suffering from diabetes
  • Cure chest pains

Sexual Health Benefits Of Goron Tula?


Here are the compilations of Goron Tula surprising sexual health benefits and maximum effects that can change your sexual and general well-being at the snap of a finger.

This natural fruit with enormous sexual benefits can help you get rid of infections, make your vagina wets and juicy, increase libido, promote fertility, tighten the vagina, fight hormonal imbalance, get rid of vaginal odour, serves as vagina lubrication, makes man last longer in bed, makes sex pleasurable for partners amongst others.

Goron Tula Makes Vagina Wet And Juicy

It is no doubt that some women experienced vagina dryness during sexual intercourse which usually makes sex painful and uninteresting.

Although some go as far as using oil as a lubricant to ease the tension during penetration.

While it is working for some, it is wrecking others sexual life.

So to boost your sexual relationship in bed by saying no to vagina dryness, Goron Tula fruit is the natural answer to your inquiry.

It helps to stimulate the production of vagina wetness without irritation, it is perfect for keeping the vagina area moist and wet.

Goron Tula has been recommended for women who find it hard to reach orgasm.

You need to chew about 5-10 pieces to feel the effect very well down there although depending on your body type, you may chew more or less before you get the result.

Goron Tula Boost Fertility

Looking for a natural fertility enhancer, Goron Tula is the answer to your quest, this magical fruit helps to stimulate vaginal wetness of the female reproductive system by keeping the vagina area moist and wet ahead of the sexual activity.

The fruit makes the vagina wet, slippery and drip for days facilitating easy penetration, intimacy and sperm transport of egg white cervical mucus from the cervix into the uterus and eventually the fallopian tubes.

The antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant and iron absorption properties in the fruit have made it widely recommended for people who are trying to conceive because it helps deactivate the free radicals in the body, which can damage both sperm and the egg cells.

Goron Tula fruit is also a good source of magnesium which plays a key role in regulating the body’s stress-response system.

Research published in the Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare suggests that the fruit should be encouraged since it minimises the dependence on synthetic drugs as fertility-enhancing agents.

Goron Tula Increases Libido

Couple having on couch
Couple having sex

The consumption of Goron Tula is also known to increase libido in both male and female.

This fruit goes as far as helping individuals to develop a strong desire for sexual intercourse as well as serving as an aphrodisiac, giving you energy for several rounds of sex with your partner.

Partner experiencing lowered libido, as a result of stress or other health conditions, should opt for this great fruit in order to stimulate wetness before intercourse which will lead to reaching orgasm on time.

It can also make men last longer and ejaculate at the right time when consumed appropriately.

Goron Tula Helps You Get Rid Of Vagina Odour

Vaginal odour
Vaginal odour

Gorontula is good in getting rid of infections and bad odour coming from the vagina before or after menstruation as it serves as a vagina cleanser, helping to clean the totality of the Vagina area.

The nutrient in the consumptions of the fruit is able to get to the vagina without needing to use the seed powder on the surface of the vagina.

Once you chew the fruit or drink the juice,  the antioxidants in the fruit are able to get to the vagina or infected area and cleanse it properly, just that it will take hours or days for the full effect to be seen due to the digestion and absorption process.

You can also add it to hot water and allow the steam to penetrate the vagina or douche on it, burn the chaff after chewing it and douche on the smoke.

The vagina cleansing effect happens while that process is on.

Goron Tula Helps Vagina Tightening

vagina picture
vagina picture

Goron Tula is good for women who want the tightening of their honey pot and sweetening during sexual intercourse.

As said earlier, Goron Tula is one of the most powerful and fast working aphrodisiacs that cures lots of diseases but most commonly used for upgrading a woman’s vagina.

For vagina tightening, once you chew the skin to the point that it is no longer sweet, you sun-dry till it is very dry.

Thereafter, you can pick the dry chaff, put it in something you can set fire in. Burn it and douche on it and make your vagina get close to it.

Let the steam get to your vagina. If you do that for about 7 days, you will get the result you seek.

One of the components of the fruit, Phenols, has so much to do with the skin and repairs.

A study carried out in 2002 on Phenols reveals that it has low toxicity and the phenolic compounds are a promising tool in eliminating the causes and effects of skin ageing, skin diseases, and skin damage, including wounds and burns.

Goron Tula Gets Rid Of Infections

Getting rid of infections is yet another amazing health benefits of Goron Tula that people are yet to discover.

One of the components that makes up Goron Tula fruit is saponins and this compound exhibits antimicrobial properties that guard your body against fungi, bacteria and viruses.

This component improves immune function by stimulating the production of T-cells in the body and also acts as antioxidants and scavenges oxidative elements.

Health Benefits Of Goron Tula And Side Effects Of Goron Tula

Side Effects Of Goron Tula

Although Goron Tula possesses a wide range of pharmacological activities including sexual benefits, it also has its side effects like many other herbal plants.

Some of the side effects includes;

Forced Period

Goron Tula as earlier mention contains anti-inflammatory properties that could trigger quick arrival of menstrual flow, so women who are expecting their period in days could receive an early visitor when they consume the fruit.

Also, the consumption of over 10 fruits of Goron Tula in one day is basically overdose and it can trigger an early menstrual period.

For whatever reason, the fruit should be eaten or consumed in moderation to avoid reactions and irritation.



Like many plant food, Goron Tula contains tannic acid therefore excess consumption of the fruit can make you susceptible to cancer.

Tannic acid is water-soluble polyphenols that are present in many plant foods.

Therefore, too much consumption of Goron Tula can predispose you to cancer.

Adverse Reaction Or Allergic Reaction

Goron Tula contains a high quantity of polyphenol which is harmless to most people, however, it may have an adverse effect on others.

That is why most often time, people with medical issues are advised to avoid fruits such as Goron Tula.

Likewise, people with certain food allergies may need to avoid certain polyphenol-rich foods like Goron Tula.

Where to Buy Goron Tula In Nigeria And Price

The fruit can be bought cheaply in the local markets especially in the northern part of Nigeria or supermarket but prices varies.

It is available in almost all the States in Nigeria, but not that common in southern part of the country.

It can also be gotten from an online store such as JUMIA and JIJI.NG and the price ranges between #1,500 to 20,000 (One thousand five hundred to twenty thousand Naira).

However, from the above research findings, it is obvious that the fruit has a lot of health benefits, especially sexual benefits.

Therefore, it is necessary that you discontinue the use of Goron Tula once you are pregnant and seek advice from DOCTOR on the best foods to eat to give the forming baby the necessary nutrients.

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Sugarcane Benefits For Health -Dokblog



sugarcane benefits for health? Sugar cane is popular because of its sugar content. So many arguments have come up as to if sugar cane is healthy or not basically because of its sugar content.

However, research has been done and sugarcane has been found to be very important to human health. Below are some health importance of sugar cane.

Sugarcane Benefits For Health


Sugar cane helps prevent cancer because of the minerals present in it. Also, Sugarcane juice is an alkaline-forming food because of the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese in it, diseases like cancer cannot survive in especially prostate and breast cancer.


Sugar cane has proven to be a good source of energy because of the calories present in it. Sugar cane juice is also a good source of glucose which helps to re-hydrates the human body and gives it a boost of energy.

Again, according to recent research, Sugar cane or its juice is highly recommended by medical experts to serve in replacement of most energy drinks which might not be made from whole fruits and may contain some chemicals such as the preservatives used to increase the shelf life of the drink/energy booster.


Sugar cane is very useful for the skin. The Glycolic Acids present in Sugar cane is popular for its facial and skin treatments which helps in the removal of blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles and dead cells from the body creating an avenue for new skin cell regeneration.

For this, you can apply sugar cane juice to your skin and let it dry or add it to your favourite face mask and scrub. Use it regularly to see the effect.


Sugar cane is very efficient in treating diabetics. Diabetic patients especially those suffering from type-2 diabetes or any other person can take sugar cane because of its natural sugar.

It does not trigger the rise in blood sugar because of its slow digestion and absorption rate in the body.

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