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Foods To Increase Sperm Count



Foods to increase sperm count? Sperm quality is important in your quest for reproduction. Usually, male infertility is mostly associated with low sperm count.

The average number of sperm contained in a sample of semen is what is known as sperm count.

And going by the World Health Organisation guidelines, a normal sperm count has to be up to 15 million per millilitre or 39 million per sample at least.

So what this means is that any sperm count below 10 million per millilitre is below normal.

So in cases of male fertility associated with low sperm count, the solution is to boost speed count. This article focuses on how to increase sperm count by food.

Foods To Increase Sperm Count

There are other ways of increasing sperm count. Like the use of medication. But we bring you different foods that can help you with low sperm count in the most natural ways.


Traditional medicine practitioners used the pollen of the date palm to make an antidote to male infertility. With that background, some researchers decided to investigate the substance of the local antidote.

There was an experimental study led by Bahmanpour et al. in 2006. The researchers discovered that dates did impact sperm and the reproductive system of adult male rats, who were the subjects of the experiment.

The scientists noticed that eating dates greatly improved the count, the motility and DNA quality of the rats’ sperm. It also increased the weights of the testes and epididymis.

The credit went to estradiol and flavonoid; components in dates that seem to have a positive effect on the quality of sperm.

Also, in November of 2016, two experts in sexual health in Lagos advised men to eat dates; saying its consumption would enhance their sexual performance and increase their libido.

The man told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that when men took dates appropriately, they could also improve their health conditions in many other ways. It could save them the shame of not satisfying their sexual partners, the experts said.

One of the men, Dr. Aminu Kazeem, a sexual health therapist who works at Energy for Sex Clinic in Lagos; said men who had performance problems should incorporate dates in their diet.

“Eating dates will promote sperm quality and quantity as it is one of the best natural fruits used for male fertility. It also increases the size of the testes in men and the size of breasts in women.

Consuming the fruit can help to treat sexual disorders because it is a natural aphrodisiac.”

He further confirmed that dates contained high levels of estradiol and flavonoid which aid sperm motility and increase sperm count.


Spinach and vegetables in the same family contain folic acid, which is very important in the production of healthy sperm.

So there’s a chance your sperm may not be healthy when you have low folate level.

Eat spinach to keep your folate level up so that you can produce healthy sperm that can easily reach and fertilise the egg.


A lot of people will probably classify this as junk food you should avoid. But dark chocolate is good for sperm count. So go for it.

You can be spared the sweet tooth tag, for something greater is at stake here. And if you are to believe the rumours, apart from the fact that it contains an amino acid that boosts sperm count, it also can intensify your orgasm.


Having enough zinc is important in your quest to increase sperm count. Zinc can be found in animal foods like meat and fish.

According to an observational study, zinc deficiency can be linked with increased male infertility and low testosterone.

So if you’re low in zinc, the increased intake will boost your testosterone levels and sperm count.


This one manages to show up as a remedy for one thing or the other most of the time. That’s because it’s one of the super-foods you can easily find around.

And it is cheap too. Thanks to the vitamins (B6 and selenium) contained in garlic, it also remedies low sperm count.

Also, garlic allows easier blood flow through your body, allowing blood to easily reach your testicles.


Beyond their delicious taste, pomegranates help with boosting low sperm count. Some people consume it for its ability to improve sex drive.

Pomegranate contains antioxidants that combat the free radicals inside your bloodstream. If you can’t get the fruits, look for the juice.


Omega-3 fatty acids increase blood flow in the body, thereby allowing more blood to reach your testicles.

Walnuts have an abundance of Omega-3 fatty acids and can provide you with that through the increased intake.

And there’s more. In addition to Omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts contain arginine and antioxidants that boost the volume of your semen and fight toxins inside your bloodstream.


Tomatoes are one of the most easily accessible foods in any food market in Nigeria.  Lycopene is an antioxidant found in tomatoes and it does a lot for the sperm including improving motility and structure.

You can drink the juice instead if you’re not a big fan of chewing tomatoes.


Vitamin A, B1 and C are all vitamins contained in bananas. So increased intake of banana will provide your body with these vitamins, and they will improve your sperm health and production.

Additionally, bananas contain an enzyme known as Bromelain. An uncommon enzyme. This enzyme also improves your sperm motility.


Eggs are popular for their ability to boost sperm count in men with fertility problems.

The vitamin E and proteins contained in eggs protects your sperm against free radicals that seek to reduce your sperm count.

And also, they help your body produce healthy sperm.


The entire berry family is useful in the treatment of infertility associated with sperm health and count. This includes blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, and strawberries.

The berry family contain quercetin and resveratrol, two highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Through increased intake, the berry family boosts sperm count and health.

Blackberry and Cranberry juice are mostly available in retail shops and supermarkets in Nigeria.

However, the above super-foods will help with your sperm count and overall health. However, this may not be all that’s required of you.

There are some things you may have to avoid doing if you want to improve your chances of reproduction.

The things in question include excessive use of drugs and alcohol, avoiding too much soy, stress reduction, smoking, and quitting medications that may be reducing your sperm count.

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Hot Bath Vs Cold Bath:Which One Is The Better?



hot bath vs cold bath? Since the year 2013, while I was still in the university, the choice between warm and cold bath is always a serious debate between me and my roommate, George Emmanuel Chibuzor.

I appreciate taking warm bath ONLY and during rainy season or harmattan period , but this very guy is always against it. Why?

He said to me then; “Look at the way you are damaging your skin cells. Don’t you know that hot or warm water destroys skin cells? And you called yourself potential Biochemist.”

Although, I have tried my best to convince him by telling him how I got use to warm water especially during cold seasons, but he seems not to understand.

But I promised him one thing, that one day he’ll realise that warm water has its own benefits to the body.

However, are you one of those who likes to have a hot, steaming shower in the morning?

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While hot water showers have their own therapeutic effects, did you know that a cold shower can also do a lot of good to you?

From calming itchy skin to enhancing your blood circulation, cold showers have many health benefits.

But which one is better? We give you the complete picture about cold and hot baths.

Hot Bath Vs Cold Bath:Which One Is The Better?

Let’s start from cold bath. How do cold showers benefit you?

Cold showers have multiple benefits. Unless you are unwell, or have been advised not to have them by a doctor, cold showers are largely beneficial. 

1. Relaxes Muscles And Improves Circulation

After an intense workout, a cold shower helps the muscles to relax. This prevents soreness and improves the circulation of blood to the body parts that were worked upon.

They are also known to reduce inflammation and numb pain.

2. Protects Your Skin And Hair

When you shower with cold water, it does not strip your skin and hair of their natural oils.

Cold water closes pores, which tightens the skin. It is also gentler on your hair and prevents hair fall.

3. Makes You More Alert And Energetic

In the morning, the cold spray of the shower hitting your body shocks you into being fully awake. This shock increases your heart rate and oxygen intake, which makes you alert and energises you further.

4. Potentially Aids Weight Loss

There are some fat cells in the body, especially around the neck and shoulder area, which generate heat by burning fat. Your cells especially do this when your body is exposed to cold stimuli, like cold water. This can help with weight loss.

5. Increasing Circulation

Since cold showers make the blood flow faster through your body to maintain the ideal body temperature, they are beneficial in reducing inflammation and can potentially prevent cardiovascular disease.

6. Relieves Itchy Skin

If you have a skin condition like eczema that causes you to itch, having a cold shower can help reduce the itchy sensation that makes you want to scratch.

Benefits Of Hot Baths

If you find you are unable to relax after a stressful day, a hot shower can help. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Improved Muscle And Joint Health

When you take a hot shower, it relaxes the nerves and muscles; which makes you feel relaxed all over. The hot water can also improve blood circulation that can reduce stiffness in the joints like the ankles, knees and shoulders.

2. Relief From Respiratory Symptoms

An ancient natural remedy for cold and cough is exposing the nose to steam. When you stand under a hot shower, the steam and heat from the water loosens the phlegm, opens the airways and clears your nasal passage.

3. Reduces Blemishes

The steam and heat from the hot shower opens clogged pores. Post this, you can scrub the oil and dirt out of the skin which reduces blemishes and blackheads.

4. Improved Sleep

Hot showers help to release the tension in the body and relax muscles. This induces a feeling of tiredness, which helps you sleep better.

All you need to do is make sure the water is not too hot. I personally enjoy taking warm bath especially during rainy season and harmattan.

Hot Bath Vs Cold Bath:Which One Is The Better?

Like mentioned above, both hot and cold showers have their own benefits.

Ideally, shower with lukewarm water, followed by the application of a moisturiser on your body while it is still damp.

While hot showers can relax the muscles and clear the nasal passage, cold showers can relieve itchy skin.

Depending on the weather and any health condition you might have, you can opt for one or the other.

Definitely avoid a cold shower in winter and if you have a fever or are nursing a cold. Also, if you just don’t like cold showers, ensure the water is lukewarm at the very least.

When To Take Hot Or Cold Showers?

Cold showers are best taken after an intense workout, soon after you wake up, and even as soon as you return from work to get the grime and dirt off you.

In summer, a shower with lukewarm or cold water can help you feel less sticky in humid weather.

Hot showers work if you take them an hour or two before you sleep and when you are unwell.

If you are having a massage done, a hot shower is recommended so that the oils are absorbed into the skin.

Disadvantages Of Hot Showers

  • Hot showers can dry out your skin. The keratin cells present on the top layer of your skin gets damaged when it comes in contact with extreme hot water. Thus, moisture is not locked in your skin leading to dryness.
  • Hot showers can also aggravate chronic skin conditions like eczema. This is due to the excess drying of skin that occurs with very hot water. It can also make your skin itch even if you don’t have a skin condition.
  • Hot showers are not advisable if you have high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. If the water is too hot, these conditions can get aggravated.
  • If the water is too hot, and you shampoo your hair, it can dry the hair out and strip your scalp of its natural oils, leaving it frizzy. The same applies to the skin, where very hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils making it dry and itchy.

Disadvantages Of Cold Showers

Cold showers can make you feel worse if you are unwell as it can have an adverse effect on your immune system. If you already have a cold, cough or fever, you will feel colder and your body will take longer to warm up.

So whether you opt for a cold shower or hot, don’t shower for too long with very cold or hot shower.

Also, avoid a hot shower if you have a heart condition. That is my take!!!

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Imo Youths Kill Man In Anara Market Caught With Mkpuru Mmiri -Doksblog



Some angry youths have reportedly beaten one 27 year-old Darlington Ugboaja to death at Anara market in Imo state, after a local drug, Methamphetamine, better known as Mkpuru Mmiri, was found on him.

According to Punch, Ugboaja’s killing has caused panic in the market as traders shut their stalls out of fear of a reprisal attack from the victim’s kinsmen.

The mob reportedly searched him, found the substance on him and tied his hands to an electric pole.

The source said, “They saw him coming out from a bunk were drugs are sold. They suspected he had Mkpurummiri in his possession. They quickly searched him and found the substance. They immediately tired his hands on an electric pole and started beating him.

“He lost consciousness and he was rushed to Anara Health Centre but unfortunately there was no doctor on duty. They rushed him to another hospital at Umunachi where he was pronounced dead. ”

Lately, the distribution of the substance has raised eyebrows in the southeast, with many youths getting addicted.

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Chewing Gum Benefits You Should Know By Now



chewing gum benefits? Have you ever wonder why people, especially ladies and sports people, chew gum? Have you considered any benefit(s) one can derive chewing gum?

Well, chewing gum has been with us since the Stone Age as it has been around for centuries now (the ancient civilizations like Aztec talk about chewing gums).

Over the years, there has been a lot of curiosity as to whether chewing gum is good for the body or if we should stay away from it.

This curiosity has led to studies to see what effects chewing gums have.

As early as in 1939, Leta Hollingsworth did some detailed studies and came up with linkages between chewing gum and cognitive functions.

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From helping with hunger management, memory alertness, improved learning and anxiety, chewing gum does have health benefits on the body. Below are some benefits of chewing gum according to Lybrate and Healthline.

Chewing Gum Benefits You Should Know By Now


Mastication which is chewing in layman terms helps with the production of certain chemicals in the brain that promotes blood flow and improves performance.

There have been studies that confirm improved performance if the gum is chewed before a test although it has no significant result if chewed during the test.


People who chew gum have been found to handle anxiety and depression better as gum has been shown to stimulate the ventral part of the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for causing depression.

Studies have actually shown a relationship between chewing gum and improved focus, productivity, efficiency and improved professionalism.

a survey was conducted at the end of the day, gum chewers reported higher levels of happiness being at the job with reduced fatigue and stress.


Chewing gum after a meal increases saliva flow. This helps wash away harmful sugars and food debris, both of which feed bacteria in your mouth.

Chewing sugar-free gum after a meal could help keep your teeth healthy and prevent bad breath.


Some studies have suggested that gum containing xylitol could prevent middle ear infections in children.


I think, this to be one of the reasons athletes like chewing gum.

Chewing gum could be a helpful tool for those trying to slim down. One study even found that people who chewed gum were less likely to snack on healthy snacks.


Studies have shown that chewing gum after an operation could speed up recovery time.

With that said, it is important to note that the sort of gum you are chewing decides the effect it has. The texture, flavour and density are some of the parameters that need to be considered also.

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