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Hypertension: Here’s how tomato juice can have a positive impact on BP




High blood pressure also known as Hypertension is one of the common health issues. Millions of people across the world are suffering from it and the number is only rising. The same can be life-threatening as it can lead other ailments related to heart, brain, kidney, and eyes among others.

It is also known as a silent killer as it rarely shows symptoms and that’s why the best way to know if you are suffering from high BP is checking regularly either by a GP or pharmacist. Aside from medication, simple lifestyle changes can help you to prevent and reduce the high BP levels.

Physical activities, lowering the intake of sodium-rich food items, increasing the consumption of potassium-rich food items, maintaining a healthy weight, abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes are some of the common changes recommended.

Generally, fruits and veggies are recommended but there are certain superfoods such as bananas, beets, berries, dark chocolate, cinnamon, garlic and flaxseeds among others should be incorporated in your diet if you want lower high blood pressure.

Speaking of one of the superfoods, tomatoes are one food item that you should eat on a daily basis to bring down elevated levels of blood pressure. Tomatoes are loaded with many nutrients. Dr. Nicole Weinberg, a cardiologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California, “Like with many vegetables, tomato juice is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is high in vitamin C and B, as well as potassium.”

When it comes to high BP, tomatoes have a nutrient called lycopene and the same has many health benefits including lowering BP. Lycopene, which is a type of carotenoid, has a strong antioxidant activity and the same help to prevent cancer. The best part about tomatoes is that they are very versatile and can be added in any meal anytime. As per a study which was conducted by Japanese researchers, showed how participants’ LDL (bad) cholesterol were lowered after the intake of tomatoes.

The researchers from Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Tucson Plant Breeding Institute conducted the study over 184 males and 297 females. They were asked to drink as much as unsalted tomato juice over a year. They were also asked to record their intake as well asked to send the data to doctors every three months.

At the end of the study, they found that 94 of the participants, who had untreated prehypertension or hypertension showed a dip in their blood pressure.

Participants average systolic pressure dropped from 141.2 to 137.0mmHg and the average diastolic blood pressure was also recorded and it also dipped from 83.3 to 80.9mmHg.

Stella Metsovas, a clinical nutritionist and author of Wild Mediterranean said, “I would strongly recommend if you sip on unsalted tomato juice for the cardioprotective health benefits, you might want to add a teaspoon of cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil since research has also showcased that phytonutrient-rich foods are best absorbed with healthy fats, such as olive oil.”

Apart from tomato juice, beetroot juice is also very helpful to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Aside from a healthy diet, make sure you also indulge in moderate to high-intensity workout as well for around 150 minutes every week.



7 tips to make your make up last longer




We all follow a skincare routine based on our skin type to keep our skin fresh and rejuvenated. Investing in a good toner, moisturizer and serum will go a long way in maintaining your skin.

Applying a face mask at bedtime and using a good face wash refreshes the skin and gives it a healthy glow. Makeup can further enhance your beauty, however, it doesn’t last long enough usually.

Do you wish to look prim and proper all day long? If you are wondering which techniques to employ to make your make-up last longer, this read has got you covered.

Listed below are a few simple hacks to prolong the effect of your makeup and keep it intact for you to look dazzling and flawless all day long.

1. Tone & moisturize

Using a toner after rinsing and exfoliating your skin makes it glow and feel smoother. Apply moisturizer on your skin. Stay hydrated enough, so that your skin remains hydrated at any given time. Purchases a moisturizer based on your skin type and ensures it is oil-free. This helps to prepare your skin before applying makeup.

2. Prep your skin with primer

Primer is the first product you must apply before you get your hands on makeup. It is the secret to keeping your makeup intact and lasting throughout the day. It helps to lock in your moisturizer so that your BB cream or foundation does not get absorbed by your skin and fade away. A good quality primer evens out skin tone and blurs out any imperfections. It takes care of any pores and fine lines on your skin too. Applying primer is the topmost tip to keep in mind to achieve an everlasting makeup look. Ensure your primer is water-based and oil-free, so it keeps your foundation and BB cream intact. Eye primers create a smooth surface for blending eyeshadows and to prevent smudging.

3. Invest in a good foundation

Invest in a premium and lightweight oil-free foundation so it will not crease or give your skin a cakey look. This will stay in place all day long and be weightless on your skin. Pick a foundation as per your skin type and offers full coverage lasting for 24 hours. This gives your skin a smooth texture and makeup will last longer.

4. Waterproof eyeliner & mascara

Choose waterproof eyeliner and mascara as these tend to smudge easily. Give this waterproof formula a try so that you do not regret the raccoon effect after a while. Avoid applying eye cream while using eyeliners and mascara.

5. Press powder

Invest in a good compact or lightweight powder. On applying your liquid foundation, set it with a translucent powder, a compact or banana powder. Dab the powder lightly as this helps the foundation last longer and not make your skin look cakey. Pick your shade of concealer and set it gently with a little bit of powder.

6. Ace your eyeshadow technique

The secret behind a long-lasting eyeshadow is to apply concealer as your base. This will ensure your eye makeup lasts all night long. It will make your eyeshadow pop up and give it an enchanting look and feel. So don’t forget to prime your eyelids with concealer before you set out with your smokey or neutral eyeshadow look.

7. Set it with a setting spray

After applying your make-up, don’t forget to set it with a makeup setting spray. A setting spray works as a final touch-up and helps your makeup stay in place. It makes the skin glow and prolongs the makeup wear time of your skin. Finish your look with a great setting spray.

Don’t forget to lock in your lipstick with a lip liner. Swiping on a long-lasting lipstick by adding a layer or two as per your choice helps your shade last longer.


These are a few tips and tricks to use that can help your makeup last longer. These simple hacks will make you glow all day long and your makeup will last longer no matter what the day has in store for you!


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6 places on earth where the sun never sets!



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Our routine revolves around 24 hours a day, with around 12 hours of sunlight, and the remaining hours are night time.

But, did you know that there are places across the world where the sun does not go down for more than 70 days?

Imagine how interesting it would be for tourists to keep a track of time, when even the locals there get confused with no sunset for straight 70 days.

If you are keen to know more, here are 6 places on Earth where the sun never sets.


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5 signs you’re consuming too much carbohydrate



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Foods that contain carbohydrate helps to build your body and also provide energy. When you consume them regularly, it tends to affect your body organs. It will increase your risk of having cardiovascular diseases.

There are some signs you will notice which indicates you are consuming too much carbohydrate.

Try and limit your carbohydrate intake when you notice these signs.

Below are the signs.

1.You will tend to struggle with acnes.

When you notice that you keep having recurrent acne, that means you are consuming too much carbohydrate. You will have to reduce your carbohydrate intake and go for more protein and fruits. This will help to reduce pimples break out and keep your skin healthy.

2.When you keep having constipation.

Constipation is another sign that indicates excessive carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrate takes a longer time to digest because they have little or no fibre. When you begin to notice this, try and reduce your carbohydrate intake and go for fiber rich foods.

3. Increased sugar cravings.

This is when you always feel like eating sweet foods. When you have been eating too much carbohydrate, your taste bud will be craving for sugary foods.

4. You will experience more build up of cavities.

When you start having many cavities, that tells you that your carbohydrate intake is high. Excessive consumption of carbohydrate can leave left overs in your teeth which could later be infested by bacteria.

5. Weight gain.

When you consume carbohydrate regularly, you will tend to gain weight. When you observe weight gain, it means you need to cut down on your carbohydrate and go for more fruits.


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