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9 valuable life skills men in their twenties must have




Life is so unpredictable that it’s imperative to know some of its secrets just so you can get through the twists and turns it has to offer.

Just because you’re out of college it doesn’t mean you have it all figured out. There are a lot of skills that you must possess to go through various life hacks and no school or education will teach you these skills, well not all of them at least.

Your biggest teacher will always remain ‘experience’ and what you learn from it will definitely change your life around.

In your twenties, you learn to recognise the ways of life and the knowledge stays on with you forever, since your twenties is when you start to define life and its purpose.

So here are some important life skills every twenty-something should master to become a better man as you grow older.

1. How To Be Honest

Honesty is crucial in your formative years as it helps you become the bigger person and you would need that kind of learning when you reach your thirties and forties. When you’re late to an appointment, it’s easy to pin the blame on traffic and other factors. Instead, start by apologising for being late in the first place and accept your mistake graciously. It’s something you have to learn in order to not risk your integrity.

2. How To Start An Interesting Conversation

Making or building a conversation is considered as a highly underrated skill. But it’s a great skill-set to enhance networking and confidence. If you dare to start up a conversation with a random person, you’ll probably end up with some great and helpful networking, a new friend and an insight into something important.

3. How To Communicate Effectively

It doesn’t matter what career path you’ve chosen for yourself but it matters how effectively you communicate through written word or verbosity. Most successful men ace the skill of communicating efficiently, and with much conviction.

4. How To Take Criticism

If it’s constructive and healthy criticism, it’s bound to help you in your growth. It’s absolutely alright to get feedback for something that will inevitably help you in your growth, in your formative years. In order to be successful in life, it’s important to take in all the necessary criticism that will help you. If the criticism is not helpful or counter-productive then it’s best to ignore it and not pay much heed to it.

5. How To Ask For What You Want

If you’re confident and assertive about what you want, you’ll always achieve it. But the question lies in how to ask for what you want, since it’s the most underutilised skill to be successful. The answer to that is courage and confidence. If you deserve a promotion or a raise or even an expectation from  someone, all you need to do is ask clearly and confidently about what you want.

6. How To Keep Promises

keeping promises is a way of showing respect towards other people. If you’ve made a commitment somewhere, don’t backtrack on it later. If you’ve told a friend you will be there for their birthday, show up. Keeping promises help you understand the concept of commitment and that’s where you gain most of the respect from people.

7. How To Be Resilient

If you strengthen your might to be resilient at an early age, there is nothing that can deter your spirit later in life. Resilience is the key towards withstanding any test in life. Your 20s are when you’re relatively free of responsibilities, unlike your 30s and 40s. So it’s a good time to test extremes and if you fail, bounce back up and show resilience.

8. How To Let Go Of Anger

There is a way to channelize your rage and frustration in a more positive manner than a negative one. You can use the anger towards channelizing a good amount of creativity. It’s a great tool to let go of anything negative. And if you learn how to do it at an earlier age, patience will come naturally to you, later in life.

9. How Face rejection

In your 20s you face a lot of things. New jobs, relationships and experiences and not all of them turn out to be as you expect them to. It’s absolutely okay to let go of some expectations and face rejection. It’s only then you learn to face what life has to offer. Life is not always kind and the sooner you learn that, the better you deal with it.



How to take care of a oily skin




Does your face become an oily mess by mid-day? Then you probably understand how difficult it can be to get oily skin under control.

Oily skin is, especially maddening when it leads to enlarged and blocked pores, which can cause blackhead and whiteheads.

Adding to the frustration, many treatments claiming to resolve oiliness actually make things worse – some of them contain ingredients that irritate skin and generate greasier shine.

You might be on the brink of giving up. Don’t. Here are some of the best tips to help you get the greasy shine under control:

1. Review the ingredients in your products

With the right care, you can actually get oily skin under control. The key with caring for oily skin is to carefully assess your skincare routine.

Using products that contain drying or harsh ingredients may make your skin feel less oily at first, but in the long run, such compounds exacerbate the problem.

Here’s what you should eliminate from your skincare regimen. Avoid drying ingredients in your skincare and make-up products as they can trigger your skin to produce even more oil. SD alcohol and denatured alcohol are two of the most common offenders.

Does your skin feel tingly when you apply a product? That’s a red flag. Tingling is your skin’s way of telling you when its hurting, and the damage will only get worse over time. Its best to avoid tingling products such as eucalyptus mint and menthol if your skin is oily.

Oiliness can be exacerbated by products that include pore-clogging or moisturizing ingredients. Ingredients that keep bar products firm (like as bar soaps or stick foundations) or those found in emollient lotions and creams are more prone to clog pores and make your skin seem oily.

Consider using only liquids, weightless serums, fluid lotions, or feather light gels instead of creams or heavy solutions.

2. Cleanse twice daily

For oily skin, use a gentle, foaming water-soluble cleanser twice a day. The cleanser should, in theory, rinse without leaving any residue, be fragrance-free (fragrance is always an issue), and not contain any drying cleansing components.

The goal is to get rid of dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and sebum (the oily substance released by glands under the skin). The cleanser should leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Avoid skin-irritating washes and cleaning brushes with stiff bristles for more cleansing. It’s better to use a soft washcloth or a washing brush with ultra-soft bristles than to be hard on your skin.

3. Don’t skip moisturiser

There’s a common misconception that oily skin doesn’t need moisturiser. Nothing could be further from the truth. Oil isn’t the same as the hydration you need to keep skin healthy. In fact, it’s possible to have oily skin that’s also very dehydrated.

As we’ve already noted, its best to avoid heavy creams and lotions. Gels and light lotions are the way to go. Go a step further and look for humectant ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, honey, urea, aloe vera, sorbitol, and sodium lactate.

Humectants draw moisture from the air and bind it on the surface of the skin, thus keeping your skin hydrated and plump. Moisturisers made with humectant ingredients are usually lightweight and get absorbed quickly.

4. Exfoliate with salicylic acid

For oily skin, exfoliation is one of the most crucial skincare steps. The surface of oily skin has an extra-thick layer of built-up dead skin, as well as a thicker pore lining. The best way to get rid of that buildup and open up clogged pores is through gentle exfoliation.

One of the best exfoliating ingredients for oily skin is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid exfoliates both the surface and the pore lining of your skin, allowing oil to flow freely to the surface and avoid clogging pores.

The ingredient is non-abrasive, moisturizing, and skin-soothing. It helps skin shed naturally, much like it did when we were younger, before oily skin took over.

5. Absorb excess oil

Even when you change up your skincare routine, your skin might still be a little oily. The best way to handle the excess oil is through absorbing products. For example, an oil absorbing primer can help control and minimise excessive shine.

Try using an oil-absorbing clay mask once a week to see if it helps. Invest in blotting papers – which you can press on your skin to absorb excess oil during the day. Take care not to rub the blotting paper on your skin as it can spread the oil to other areas and also cause irritation.


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Why Paris is known as the city of love



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France’s capital city, Paris is popularly known as the city of love, which is why couples from all around the world make a pilgrimage to the city.

It has long been the most romantic city for valentine getaways, newlywed honeymoon, and romantic vacations.

Paris, being relatively small with extra-wide streets is perfect for couples to stroll hand-in-hand. The city is illuminated by romantic lights that showcase the beautiful landscapes of the city.

Paris has a natural hill called the Wall of I Love You; Les Mur des je t’aime in French which is visited by many couples. The wall has the world’s most beautiful sentence; I love you, immortalized on it in different languages. Couples visit this hill to write the words on the wall in their language.

The Eiffel Tower, located in Paris is also a symbol of love to many couples from all over the world. The tower has twenty thousand twinkling lights every five minutes which creates a romantic atmosphere. The Eiffel tower is on the top spot in the world’s best places to propose.

Paris has a natural hill called the Wall of I Love You; Les Mur des je t’aime in French which is visited by many couples. The wall has the world’s most beautiful sentence; I love you, immortalized on it in different languages. Couples visit this hill to write the words on the wall in their language.

The Eiffel Tower, located in Paris is also a symbol of love to many couples from all over the world. The tower has twenty thousand twinkling lights every five minutes which creates a romantic atmosphere. The Eiffel tower is on the top spot in the world’s best places to propose.


The Bridge of Arts; Le Ponts Des Arts, also located in Paris is the famous bridge where couples vow their unending love. The bridge is home to a revolving collection of padlocks attached to the railings of the bridge with couples metaphorically locking their love for one another and throwing away the key. This bridge is also one of the best spots to propose.

As the saying goes ‘the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Paris’ restaurants and illustrious gastronomic history it a top destination for romance seekers. Dinner for two in Paris is appealing for many couples because of its traditionally cozy restaurants combined with the backdrop of romantic architecture. Paris could beat most cities in the world with its culinary heritage alone. Who wouldn’t like the thought of a quiet dinner with the distant sound of an accordion playing in the background?. Well, the city of love offers all of these and you still wonder why it is the dream of many people to visit the city with their lovers.

The French accent is charming, beguiling, mesmerizing, and to die for. It can have even the most unromantic pragmatist quivering like jelly. The French accent is verbal seduction. French is considered one of the sexiest languages in the world.

Parisians may be discreet about many things but definitely not when it comes to showing off their passionate side. In Paris, holding hands as you walk, cuddling on park benches, and even shamelessly locking lips are not only accepted but openly admired unlike in some other places in the world

One of the best things about traveling to Paris with your sweetheart is that one is not limited to the same cookie-cutter romantic experience as everyone else. There are a lot of different and unique places to visit in Paris and definitely a lot of things to do.

With all these in favor of Paris, you can see why it will always be her intention to ensure that Vous avez un coup de foudre!. (You fall in love with her at first sight).


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5 reasons why your relationships don’t lead to marriage



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These days, it’s common to see many relationships fall apart even before they make it down the aisle.

Too many couples are going their separate ways after years of being in a relationship and others are settling for a ‘come we stay’ situation.

Despite the failures in dating, the fact is that people would still want to marry the love of their lives but something somewhere doesn’t smell quite right.

For you, this might be exactly what you have been going through. You’re finding yourself in relationships that don’t make sense and are now wondering why you’re not married yet?

Well, if you never got the closure as to what brought the end of your last serious relationship that you were hoping would be the one, you may want to read this for some clarity:

  • You have unrealistic expectations

We all want to be with someone who we are attracted to. There is no shame in not choosing someone you don’t like because it could actually hurt your relationship in the long run.

At the same time, so many people are really focused on finding perfection like wanting a tall, dark and handsome Christian man with a six pack, who can afford to take you on expensive shopping trips and vacations, who has no kids and wants to marry you, the ridiculous list goes on.

If you’re moving from one relationship to the other because he or she doesn’t tick all your boxes, better brace yourself for a hard time of loneliness ahead.

  • You’re dating the wrong people

Dating emotionally unavailable people or people who don’t believe in marriage will never work out well for you. You will only waste your life for months or years thinking that things will change soon but they almost never do in most circumstances.

Basically, avoid dating people who don’t have the same goals you do or are not available like married men or men who chosen to live the bachelor life.

  • You’re not clear on what you want

There are many situations that could be hindering you from getting the happy marriage you want. Maybe you’re so busy with other things like getting your masters, boosting your career or parenting, to a point where you don’t realize you have been putting your relationships at the bottom of your list.

For a relationship to work and lead to marriage, you need to show that you are actually devoted. Other areas in life are important yes, but you need to create the right balance as well.

Let your partner know that you value them and your life is not consumed with things outside him. Otherwise, he will not feel needed or see the purpose he serves in your life which may lead him to walk away and find a woman who sees and appreciates his value.

  • Your only goal is to get married

It’s definitely important to make marriage a priority especially if you believe in certain values like having kids within a marriage.

However, many women are actually only focused on getting married to keep up with their friends, prove to their annoying aunties that they can lock down a man or throw an extravagant wedding to show their financial weight while caring less about the marriage itself.

Yes, you may want to walk down the aisle but are you wife material? What do you have to offer this man that other women cannot give him outside sex?

Being obsessed about marriage can give off a desperate vibe and push genuinely marriage minded men away. This is why many relationships and potential relationships break down early.

Going into a relationship with the right attitude and a marriage mindset is key. You need to be clear that you’re looking for something that will lead to marriage and be willing to learn the skills that you need to have as a wife.

If you’re truly honest with yourself, you will realize that you may have been to blame for some breakups. Check yourself, listen to genuine criticism about yourself from loved ones and book yourself some therapy if you have to.

What could be stopping you from getting that ring may have nothing to do with the men but you. Find out what the problem is and deal with it before going into your next relationship.


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