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List of top 10 richest African countries




President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday said Kenya’s economy had grown at a higher rate under his administration compared to all the previous regimes including the colonial rulers.

Speaking during his eighth State of the Nation Address in Parliament, President Kenyatta said since he took over the country’s leadership in 2013, Kenya has risen from being ranked 12th wealthiest nation in Africa to 6th position.

“In 2013, Kenya was Africa’s 12th wealthiest nation with a GDP of Ksh.4.74 Trillion. Today, our GDP stands at Ksh.11 Trillion… From being ranked as the 12th wealthiest nation in Africa when I took over, we have moved six ranks to become the 6th wealthiest nation on the continent, on account of the choices we have made.” said Kenyatta.

So which are the other nations whose economies rank ahead of Kenya in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

The latest GDP information released by the International Monetary Fund in October this year shows that the richest African country is Nigeria with a GDP of $514.05 billion followed by Egypt at  $394.28 billion. The high population of the two countries is the key contributor to their large GDPs.

Here are the top 10 richest African countries on GDP:

1.Nigeria – $514.05 billion

2.Egypt – $394.28 billion

3.South Africa – $329.53 billion

4.Algeria – $151.46 billion

5.Morocco – $124 billion

6.Kenya – $106.04 billion

7.Ethiopia – $93.97 billion

8.Ghana – $74.26 billion

9.Ivory Coast – $70.99 billion

10.Angola – $66.49 billion

However, when looking at GDP per capita— gross domestic product per person — the list of richest African countries looks a little different with Seychelles being at the top.

According to the IMF, the 10 richest countries in Africa, in terms of GDP per capita, are:

3.Equatorial Guinea – $18,240

8.South Africa – $12,440

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Burkina Faso’s new military leader gives first speech since coup that forcefully removed president




Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Damiba, the new military leader of Burkina Faso has given his first speech since taking over power.

On Monday, January 24, Damiba led a coup that ousted President Roch Kaboré. He blamed the president for failing to contain violence by Islamist militants. His move follows moves in other African countries Mali, Guinea and Sudan who have carried out successful coups in recent times.

The coup has been met with swift condemnation by the African Union, ECOWAS  and the United Nations.

Wearing a red beret and army fatigues, Lt-Col Damiba on Thursday night, January 27, addressed the country for the first time on national television since taking power. He promised a return to the normal constitutional order “when the conditions are right”.

“When the conditions are right, according to the deadline that our people will define in all sovereignty, I commit to a return to a normal constitutional order,” he said.

Lt-Col Damiba, 41, said he will meet representatives of various sections of society to agree on a roadmap for reform.

He added that Burkina Faso needs international partners “more than ever”, following condemnation of the coup.

“I call on the international community to support our country so it can exit this crisis as soon as possible.”

Former president, Kaboré had faced growing discontent over his failure to stem an Islamist insurgency in the country.

Lt-Col Damiba, has been at the forefront of the fight against Islamist militants and even wrote a book on the topic last year.

Guinea and Mali have had sanctions imposed on them by regional bloc Ecowas to force them to return to constitutional order.

Ecowas says it will meet on Friday January 28, to discuss how to respond to the Burkina Faso’s latest coup.

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Watch| Ghanain Woman, Her Friends Beat Up Rival For Allegedly Snatching Her Fiance




A video circulating online has shown moment a lady was nearly killed by a woman who attacked her with five others.

Local news platforms in Ghana reported that the ‘lead-attacker’ hired 5 women to beat up the young girl who couldn’t fight back, for allegedly snatching her fiancé.

The sad incident is said to have happened in the Northern Region of Ghana. The video showed the young lady pleading for mercy, but this fell on a deaf ear as the women continued assaulting her.

Angel Tv reported that Bimbilla Police has arrested two of the women hired to beat the lady.

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Pastor Caught Pants Down With His Best Friend’s Wife After Church Service (Watch Video)



pants down 1

A pastor has been caught red-handed doing the unthinkable with the wife of a very close friend.

According to reports, the pastor and the woman agreed to have intimacy after the church service.

It Is woman’s husband who caught them in the act. The man suspected his pastor of having a hidden affair with his wife, according to the report.

He worked hard to discover and catch them,  The pastor was so ashamed after they were caught.

In was unlucky day for the man of God.

Well, watch video below;

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