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Man filmed aggressively ‘slapping’ N500 notes on woman at an event (Video)



man woman slap

A video making rounds on social media captures a dramatic money-spraying moment at a social event.

A man was slapping N500 naira notes on a woman’s face during what looks like wedding ceremony.

The lady maintained a calm demeanor while the man continued to aggressively spray her and slap the money on her face.

At some point, he whispered some words into her ears and she responded, only for him to end the money-spraying act with one last cash slap.

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Watch video HERE

Nigerian entertainers and social media users reacted in the comment section.

official_ikechukwu; I for SLAP am jorrr ah whats that

ominiaho; What’s up?

siju_dan; He don toast her she no gree

itz_femceedofficial; Maybe na him ex

natashambumwae; what’s going on here ??!it looks like the lady left the man wen he was broke now he has money to treat her like that

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official_djabyss; Nah the ex b dat





My married friend is pregnant for another man but she wants to pin it on her husband – Lady reveals



lady pregnant friend

A lady has taken to social media to share a story of infidelity involving her married friend who got pregnant for another man.

According to the lady known on Twitter as @naSkosana_, the friend told her in confidence that she is carrying another man’s child but she is confused on whether to do abortion or pin the child on her husband.

She said that the woman cried out over not wanting to lose her marriage and she claimed her beliefs go against abortion, so she might end up giving the child to her hubby.

@naSkosana_ also revealed that the husband and wife already have other children together.

The tweet reads; ”I got a call from a friend: “Tebo I’m pregnant and it’s not my husband’s child, please advise. Abort or pin it on the husband? I don’t want to lose my marriage and my beliefs go against abortion”

The revelation sparked off an interactive session in the comment section.

@nokie555 wrote; It’s so funny how these beliefs only become significant after countless immoral activities. So to her adultery is a lesser sin ??

@DlalaChampion; She must tell the husband the truth so that he can leave her in peace

@dr_dotz; And I tell men to test ALL children that are said to be theirs but no, they wanna argue. We see a lot of this from private practice.

@D_Bhekza; She must tell the husband the truth and be at peace with the fact that it’s out there. If she hides the truth, it will out eventually and thi gs will be even worse. Gents are woke these days…. she will live with the consequences of her decisions. Life ke leyo

@mimosameyiwa; Her belief is against abortion but yet she wasn’t thinking about religion when she was being unfaithful in her marriage?

@mizsbosh; Abortion is where she draws the line huh? That woman was playing with her marriage over and over again but she doesn’t want to lose it? What kind of bs is that?
Anyway she should leave that man alone so that another person can love him properly.


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Nothing wey you wan preach, we go still dey pop – Young boys react after Pastor Ibiyeomie placed curse on yahoo boys (Video)



boys ibiyeomie

A group young Nigerian boys have reacted to the condemnation of internet fraudsters aka Yahoo boys by Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries.

The pastor had placed curse on yahoo boys during a recent sermon as he noted that what they are doing is evil.

“Let me tell you, these Yahoo boys. Stop! I am a man of God. You kill people everyday. When you ‘Yahoo’ somebody, it is stealing. Don’t quote it anyhow. It is stealing. Most people, all their retirement benefits, you take it and people die. I curse you in the name of Jesus.

“It is a demonic, satanic way of getting money. Which kind of money is that? You are a thief. No matter how you colorize it, you are a thief. You love stealing! I curse the root of it. Do you know how many people you have killed? “Scam kills people. Some people, the whole of their retirement benefit.. You scam them and say you are buying a car. What nonsense? You will get accident with that car!” he said.

The teenagers in a video posted online, reacted by saying that there’s nothing he will preach that will stop them from “popping”. One of boys also mentioned “scam.”

Watch the video HERE


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Empress Njamah calls out friend, Ada Ameh over N1.8 million ‘debt’



empress njamah ada ameh ft

Nigerian actress, Empress Njamah got fans worried after taking to social media to call out her friend and colleague, Ada Ameh over 1.8 million Naira debt.

The movie stars have been known to be friends for a longtime, and they often show up for each other during their highs and lows.

However, Empress took to her Instagram page, shared a photo of Ada Ameh and jokingly called her out for not rewarding her handsomely after giving her a clean shot with her expensive phone.

She further demanded the sum of N1.8m for her services as soon as possible to prevent the saga from getting messy.

“@adaameh please and please kindly pay me my money, you have been ignoring me since and am tired of asking, I have no choice but to bring it up here, How can you be ungrateful? What wrong did I do? What’s my sin?

After taking my time to use my sweat in buying an expensive phone and snapped you these beautiful pictures you have refused to pay me, see as you fine, Abeg your money na 1.8 million, don’t let this get messy,” she wrote.

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