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Internet Commiserates With Worker Docked 15 Minutes For Running One Minute Late



woman clocks work

The Wages and the Fair Labor Standard Act was established to keep employers honest and hard-earned money in employee pockets. According to the Department of Labor, employers are “required to display an official poster outlining the requirements of the FLSA.” Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A Redditor by the user name “MrEktidd” took to the “Am I the A**hole (AITA)” forum to tell the tale of docked pay and, not surprisingly, the internet collectively did the same.

“I come in to work every day an hour early(paid OT). A few times I was literally less than a minute late and had 15 minutes docked from my pay,” the Redditor wrote. “So now I refuse to work if it’s not being paid. Task is going to take me 2 minutes after the home bell? Guess I’m stretching it for 15. Clock in at 5:46? Guess I’ll sit and wait til 6. If you’re gonna take my money, I’m gonna take your minutes. Simple as that.”

The story resonated with many who shared their own tales of unfair working conditions in regards to money and time worked.

rservello said: “I worked for a company that was taking their taxes out of our pay and claiming it’s because they were paying as 1099 and just taking the taxes out that would have been taken anyway. Firstly. I filled out a w4. Secondly, if I were 1099 I would get the entire amount with nothing taken out. I didn’t hire them to do my taxes. We got a class action suit against them and won. I got my lost wages back plus an additional $1500.”

“I was the bookkeeper for a man who would edit his employees time card if they clocked in early. If they were supposed to be on at 7am and they clocked in at 650am, he’d manually alter their time card to say 7am. Even if they were on early and working, he’d still do it and not tell them. I finally quit because he was a shady MOFO,” votedog wrote.

“Worked somewhere that would the owner would clock us out after close despite us being there 30 mins to an hour after actually closing. I think I worked 3 shifts before I quit,” Snoyarc said.

ilostmygender weighed in saying, “was half the reason i quit working at a swim school where we were required to be there 20 minutes early for “pre-shift meetings and setting up the pool” but they always changed our hours manually to our scheduled time, taking away those 20 minutes every single time.”

A woman clocks in to work in the 1960s.
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“I had an employer do this to me when I was 19 making like $9 an hour at a sandwich chain. I was paid bi-weekly and had kept all of my clock out receipts and he was off by 9 hours. $81 isn’t a ton of money, unless you are making $900 a month, then its quite a bit. Called the owner of the franchise (his father-in-law) and told them what happened and that I had contacted an attorney. Dude fired his son-in-law and paid me $250. I quit a week later and the guy ended up getting divorced a few months later…. over $81,” Fatpostman39 added.

LATourGuide found some retribution adding, “I worked somewhere that got sued for “rounding” the time clock to the nearest 15 minutes. They had to cut us all a check for all the rounded off time, I got about $400.”



Brutal lady gives man beating of his life (Photos, Video)



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A trending video has surfaced on social media where a lady was seen giving a man the beating of his life as onlookers refused to separate them.

It was clearly a role reversal as the lady, holding a bag on one hand was seen flinging the man down several times forcefully.

Brutal lady beats man

The incident happened in one of the Asian countries. No one knows what could have led to the fight.

The video was posted by Nollywood actress, Queeneth Hilbert on her Instagram page.

While people watched, the lady, with no underwear on, was tearing the sorry man apart, as she rained blows on his face.

An elated Hilbert wrote after posting the video: “Like what did I just watch ? 😱 Drop the motherfuckin bag bitch 🤦‍♀️ Tag someone who can do this 👆”

The video has garnered thousands of views and lots of comments, with the women happy that a ‘weaker vessel’ has pummeled a man to submission in a one-sided fight.

Comedia OkonLagos wrote: “Hmmmm… It’s fun and games now. It would be a different ball game if the reverse was the case.”

Brutal woman humiliates man

Obidinma Ijeoma wrote: “Just imagine, she was not wearing wig n holding a hand bag .. brutal oh.”

As for Empress 5887, “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jesus Christ how can a lady beat a man like this?”

Watch video below:

Official_gracey said: “I’m happy she gave him what he deserve 😌.😂😂😂”

Butrish Mercy wrote: “Some guys deserves this kind of beating to reset their brain…😂😂😂😂😂😂”

According to saint 12392, “This one no be full girl oh,Okwa girl in man form, These is bobrisky In woman Form.”


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From Mu, Delta, IHU to NeoCov, here is a list of the many variants of coronavirus



From Mu Delta IHU to NeoCov here is a list of the many variants of coronavirus


The deadly coronavirus emerged from a wet market in Wuhan during the year 2019. Over two years and the world is still battling the virus and its variants. Here is a list of the variants

Mu variant

The ‘Mu’ variant was first reported in the United States during January 2021. The cases only numbered in the single digits.

The World Health Organisation continues to classify ‘Mu’ as a ‘variant of interest’ globally.


Alpha variant

The Alpha variant of coronavirus is believed to have gained ‘skills’ to successfully block the ‘innate immune system response.’

A research states that the variant blocks the airways sensors, thus stopping the process where these sensors ‘warn’ the immune system about the presence of a virus in the body.

Since the variant has learnt how to block the functioning of the sensors, the body is unable to produce any anti-viral protein interferon.


Beta variant

A scientist from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a member of Sage claimed, John Edmunds, warned that the Beta variant  may be able to evade Covid vaccines.

“The Beta variant has remained a threat throughout. It is probably less infectious than the Delta variant that is spreading here in the UK at the moment. Where it has an advantage is that it is able to escape the immune response to a better extent,” he said.


Gamma variant

The Gamma variant was first discovered in Brazil.

Samples of a study collected in Manaus between November 2020 and January 2021, highlighted that the Gamma variant is 1.4–2.2 times more transmissible.

It further showed that it is capable of evading 25–61 per cent of inherited immunity from previous coronavirus diseases.


Lambda variant

The variant was first reported in Peru during December 2020. As per NHS, the main symptoms include high temperature, continuous cough, a loss or change in the sense of smell or taste.


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The Delta variant of coronavirus was responsible for a wave of cases in most countries. It was first identified in India and it led to a second wave in the nation.


Delta variantCDC claimed that the Delta variant is twice as contagious as earlier variants; and might could cause more severe illness.

Those affected by the Delta variant experience fever, cough, loss of taste, smell, as well as extreme tiredness. Sore throat, headache and diarrhea are also less common symptoms.





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Binatone launches new rechargeable fans, blenders in Nigeria



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Electronics manufacturing firm, Binatone Nigeria has launched new rechargeable fans into the Nigerian electronic market along with two new models of blenders and steam irons.

Managing Director of Global Appliances Nigeria Limited, distributors of Binatone products in Nigeria, Mr Prasun Banerjee said in a statement that the new rechargeable fans were of high quality designed to run on battery for up to five hours on high speed.

“The RCF -1855 rechargeable standing fan is a high quality fan designed to run on battery for up to 5 hours on high speed, and up to 10 hours on low speed, with up to nine speed controls and a timer that can run for up to nine hours. The rechargeable fan is really an energy efficient solution to the power problems mostly found in the Nigerian household,” he stated He said the new blenders and irons were cost effective and available in all parts of the country. He said the blenders are the newest entries into the affordable range of top quality of blenders in the Nigerian appliances market stressing that the product provides the high quality Binatone assurance along with the comfort of affordability and accessibility.

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“They are built with overheat protection technology along with a 300-Watt Long Life turbo motor which is sure to ensure users get the best value for your money. These blender jugs come with the Binatone proprietary unbreakable jugs while the SI – 1830 steam iron comes with non-stick ceramic base for easy gliding over fabric, with a variable steam burst to protect your fabric and provide the most hands-on ironing experience,” he noted. Stressing that all Binatone products comes with a two year warrantee, Mr Banerjee disclosed that the company maintains an efficient after sales service across Nigeria.


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