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‘I Left COZA Because of Two Things Fatoyinbo Said’




‘I Left COZA Because of Two Things Fatoyinbo Said’

Another ex-member of COZA church identified as @sharlizwey, has revealed she stopped attending the church because Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, according to her preaching style, is not acceptable.

According to her, she revealed how the pastor said negative words to a woman who leaked the church to a power distribution company.

She wrote: “I used to go to COZA a certain time in my life and at that time I knew nothing about any of the scandals associated with the church. Two things I heard from Fatoyinbo on the pulpit that irked my spirit. He talked about people coming to COZA because the church looked affluent.

“And the only thing such people know how to do is take and take from the church and never give. And such people would always be poor because they aren’t adding value to anything. I thought wow what about members that were genuinely less fortunate. The second was a narration by him.

“He said when the construction of their church branch in Abuja was nearing completion they had electricity problems and had to circumvent the meter and connect directly and a woman selling corn on the street drew the attention of NEPA staff when they came around the street.

“He got to find out how they got busted and said before the end of that month the woman would not be on that street anymore(presumably she would be dead or something as evil ) and he wrapped it up with how people should joke with an anointed. This is what he feeds his congregation

“And that was my last day in COZA. To add to this: Don’t let any pastor steal your faith in God, God is good, God is kind, God is love, and God loves you.”


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