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Oldest Death Row Inmate Finally Given Execution Date After 32 Years



Oldest inmate

The oldest inmate on death row in the United States has finally been told the date of his execution following a 32 year wait.

Carl Wayne Buntion, 77, has been told he will die on 21 April as punishment for the brutal murder of a police officer back in 1990.

The offender, who had been on parole for just six weeks, shot and killed Texan police officer James Irby at a traffic stop in 1990.

Prior to this case, Buntion had an extensive criminal record consisting of 13 previous felony convictions.

Credit: Harris County District Attorney’s Office

According to Click2Houston, Buntion was travelling as a passenger in a car that was pulled over by the police.

While the driver was conversing with Officer Irby, Buntion exited the car and shot him three times.

He proceeded to shoot at the back-up before running away, where he was soon found in a nearby building.

He was swiftly arrested and convicted of capital murder – the states most serious offence – which carries the death penalty.

Officer Irby left behind a wife and two children, who were aged just three and one when their father was murdered.

Now, after 32 years, Buntion’s sentence will finally be carried out, as his death has been ordered by a Houston state judge.

District Attorney, Kim Ogg, said: “He shot a policeman in the head more than 30 years ago, and it is time that he be held accountable for his horrific crime.

“He robbed Officer Irby of his life and deprived the Irby family of a lifetime of memories with him; it is time for them to have justice.”

Credit: Alamy
Credit: Alamy

The state of Texas still holds capital punishment as a legal penalty, with the lethal injection being the preferred method.

Back in 2009, Buntion’s death sentence was vacated by the Court of Criminal Appeals.

However, this was quickly turned-over by a new jury, who returned him to death row in 2012.

A further appeal was attempted by Buntion’s lawyers in October 2021, but this was denied by the US Supreme Court, and thus marked the end of this incredibly troublesome 32-year ordeal.

Irby’s widow, Maura Irby, shared the following statement after the news of Buntion’s sentence this week: “I just found out this morning that Carl Buntion is being executed.

“It’s been 30 years. We’ve been waiting for this. I wish James was here to see this.

“It is good to close the chapter on my husband’s murder. We can now put this away.”


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Woman On United Airlines Flight Woke To Find Man Fondling Her Breast




A woman in the US travelling on a United Airlines flight awoke to find another passenger allegedly fondling her breast, according to federal officials.

Court documents say the woman had been travelling from Las Vegas to Washington when she fell asleep on the flight.

She then woke up to find Ivan Lopez Jr, 26, ‘rubbing her right breast’, with prosecutors saying she shouted: “Get away from me.”

Lopez Jr then got up and went to the back of the plane and admitted to a flight attendant that he had ‘sexually assaulted’ the woman sitting next to him’.

The flight attendant immediately moved him from the 12th row to the 21st row in order to keep him away from the female passenger.

Credit: Alamy

Officials said in a statement: “According to court documents, it is alleged that Lopez was a passenger on a commercial flight from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport to Washington Dulles International Airport on December 24, 2021.

“During the flight, the passenger seated next to Lopez fell asleep. The indictment alleges that she awoke to Lopez repeatedly rubbing her right breast.

“When the passenger opened her eyes, she allegedly observed Lopez leaning over her and his right hand was placed on her right breast.

“The passenger allegedly yelled at Lopez and he moved to the back of the aircraft, where he allegedly admitted to a flight attendant that he sexually assaulted the woman.”

Lopez Jr now faces a charge of abusive sexual contact aboard an aircraft, and if convicted could be jailed for up to two years.

The victim told an FBI agent that Lopez Jr touched her for around 10 seconds, an affidavit in the case states.

She also said that the contact he made with her was ‘not accidental’, while a flight attendant said Lopez admitted to groping the woman and ‘further stated that he thought was in trouble and that he was sorry’.

Lopez Jr told the FBI that ‘he wanted to get the woman’s attention by poking her on her right shoulder, so that he could ask her what she was listening to through her headphones’, also claiming that turbulence caused him to ‘accidentally’ touch her breast, the affidavit states.

LADbible has reached out to United Airlines for comment.

According to the US Department of Justice, another man was recently charged for a separate incident aboard a flight also headed for Washington Dulles International Airport.

On 2 December, Elias Fethamlk, 40, ‘knowingly interfered with a flight attendant’s duties by disregarding the flight attendant’s instructions and assaulting the flight attendant.

He had been travelling from Dublin, Ireland, on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight when the incident took place.

If convicted, Fethamlk faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

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SA minister denies apologising to President Cyril Ramaphosa 



Lindiwe Sisulu

South Africa’s Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has denied apologising to the president for her criticism of the judiciary.

It came after the presidency said on Thursday that President Cyril Ramaphosa had met Ms Sisulu this week where she had apologized and retracted her “hurtful comments”.

But Ms Sisulu said she “categorically” disowned the statement as “a misrepresentation of the meeting I had with the president”.

She said she stood by her remarks, had offered no apology and that the content of the president’s statement was unfortunate.

In an interview with state broadcaster SABC, her spokesman Steve Motale further said the minister had expected more engagement with the president and was shocked by the statement.

The presidency has said it stands by its statement.

In a recent article published by the media, Ms Sisulu wrote that some judges were “mentally colonised Africans”.

She also said the constitution had failed to improve the lives of black South Africans living in poverty.

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Mozambique searches for six missing in Zambezi river



Zambezi river

Mozambique has set up more teams to help in the search for six missing people after a vessel sank in the River Zambezi earlier this week in the western province of Tete.

The teams are drawn from the national disaster organization, the maritime administration, marine forces and local fishermen.

It came after a search and rescue team was unable to locate the missing people for a couple of days because of the strong currents in the big river.

On Thursday, the search spread to other districts in Tete and the central Sofala province.

An official appealed to fishermen and people living downstream to report to the authorities in case they find bodies in the river.

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