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10 Foods You Should Eat For A Healthy Uterus





It’s important to look forward to having children, but it’s more important to actually prepare yourself for that journey. Also, if you’re aiming at having more children, your uterus needs to be healthier than it was previously.

This is to ensure safe delivery, a healthy child, and avoid complications during childbirth.

Remember the old saying that goes “You are what you eat”– it’s true!

Here are the top 10 foods to eat for a healthy uterus:

1. Nuts

Nuts contain dietary fibre that help to regulate your body’s metabolism. This is a great feature that supports your uterus and helps it stay in a normal state.

2. Fruits

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Get a hold of healthy fruits rich with various vitamins for your uterus. Oranges, apples, pineapples and bananas should be at the top of your list. Don’t forget berries and watermelon!

Also, ensure that the fruits are in season so you can eat them fresh.

3. Vegetables

Your diet should be rich in carrots, pepper, lettuce, green peas, and other vegetables for a healthy uterus. Vegetables help to fight diseases, so with them, your uterus is protected.

4. Dairy Products

food for healthy uterus

Dairy products aid in growth and help the bones to become stronger. Your uterine walls will thank you when you consume dairy products regularly. Start consuming yoghurt, milk, cheese and others.

5. Tea

Peppermint Tea for weight lose 1

Tea is healthy for your body and your uterus. It contains less caffeine than coffee; hence, it is healthier. Also, it helps reduce weight and reduce the risk of heart attack.

6. Fibre

food for healthy uterus

Fibre contains antixodants that help protect your uterus from diseases. They include oat, wheat, banana and flax seeds.

7. Grains

Corn Health Benefits, food for healthy uterus

Grains are either rich in starch or fibre, and they are great for your uterus because many of them boost your energy, thereby supporting the strength of your uterus. They include rice, maize, corn and others.

8. Essential Oils

Vegetable Oil For Cavities

Taking essential oils with your food is necessary for your uterus. This enables the effects of the oils have an effect on it. These oils are vegetable oil, olive oil, soya oil, castor oil and others.

9. Sea food

food for healthy uterus


Sea food is one of the best category of foods recommended by doctors and health consultants. This is because they always seem fresh, as they are from water. Also, they contain Omega 3-fatty acids to help the heart and regulate blood circulation.

10. Tubers

food for healthy uterus

Food like Yam, potato, cocoyam and plantain would help in strengthening the bones, reducing blood loss and regulating the digestive system.



Lil Nas X Hit With Cease And Desist Letter From Metal-Rap Artist Who Alleges He Ripped Off Her Pregnancy Promo Idea For His Album ‘Montero’



Logo For White Backgrounds

#Roommates, Lil Nas X has seen incredible success with his chart-topping, Grammy-nominated album ‘Montero,’ but according to new legal documents he could be facing a serious lawsuit for allegedly stealing another artist’s work. A metal-rap artist has just filed a cease and desist against Lil Nas X because she claims that he ripped off the pregnancy promo idea for ‘Montero’ from her album rollout.

@Blast reports, metal-rap artist Dana Dentata is hurling some serious new allegations at Lil Nas X, who she claims completely ripped off the pregnancy and giving birth idea to promote his album ‘Montero’ from her album ‘Pantychrist.’ She alleges that his ‘Lil Nas X Gives Birth’ video and the subsequent artwork depicting him as pregnant was stolen from her album that was released months before his dropped back in September. Dentata alleges that he used “copyrighted material” which is “essentially identical to the ‘Pantychrist’ music video and clearly used the work as its basis.” If Lil Nas and Dentata cannot come to a settlement agreement, she is threatening to file an official lawsuit against him for copyright infringement.

The cease and desist states “The sonogram image your client released, as well as the photographs depicting him as pregnant wearing a prosthetic stomach in promotion of Montero, which appears on Instagram and in People Magazine, are also nearly identical and, again, clearly used my client’s works as their basis. You neither asked for nor received permission to use my client’s Works as the basis for LIL NAS X GIVES BIRTH, and as a promotional content for Montero, nor to make or distribute copies of it. Therefore, we believe you have willfully infringed her rights.”

Additionally, Dana Dentata is further demanding that all distribution of the album be immediately stopped:

“I demand that you immediately cease the use and distribution of all infringing works derived from the works, and all copies, including electronic copies, of same, that you deliver to me, if applicable, all unused, undistributed copies of same, or destroy such copies immediately and that you desist from this or any other infringement of her rights in the future. It is inconceivable that you would wish to jeopardize your artist’s public image, and reputation by your client falsely claiming he created this copyrighted content.”

As of now, Lil Nas X has not publicly responded to the allegations or the cease and desist filing against him.


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Viral hawker receives scholarship letter from Obi Cubana, placed on N100k salary



jeremiah hawker

Chief Executive Officer of Cubana Group, Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as Obi Cubana, has offered a letter of scholarship to Jeremiah Iziogo in fulfilment of his promise.

The life of Jeremiah, a young hawker changed after a video of him giving money to prisoners in a Correctional Service van in Ajah, Lagos state went viral.

Billionaire businessman, Obi Cubana, in an interview with media personality, Daddy Freeze, made known his intention to sponsor the young man’s tertiary education in any institution of his choice.

Keeping to his promise, Obi Cubana shared pictures of the young lad who received his letter of scholarship from the Cubana Group.

In a post via his Instagram page on Saturday, the socialite also revealed that one Mr and Mrs Afuah, based in Canada, have placed Ekuma on a N100,000 monthly salary till he finishes his education.

He wrote; “And God has remembered Jerry!! @jerryluck_ God used Rocky @rockyemmyphotography to make that video! And God used @daddyfreeze to connect me and Jerry!

“He has collected his letter of scholarship from Cubana Group! Thank God for His uncommon Grace! Mr & Mrs Afuah @iam_hymans who are based in Canada, we ran into ourselves last night at Cubana Lagos, and he introduced himself and said he wanted to reach out to Jerry.

“We all met this afternoon here in lagos. He has promised Jerry (and started paying immediately) a salary of 100k monthly from today till he is done with school!

“God has really remembered Jerry! Do Good, be nice, be generous! God will definitely remember you someday.”

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29-year-old lady in confusion as her sister’s estranged husband proposes marriage to her



lady confused think

A Nigerian lady has shared a situation involving her sister’s estranged husband which has left her totally confused.

She revealed that her elder sister’s husband proposed marriage to her just two months after they got separated.

According to the 29-year-old lady, the man and her sister had been married for five years, and they only separated in November 2021 even though they aren’t officially divorced.

She revealed that after their separation, she and her in-law got close and he was paying her frequent visits to a point where she began to enjoy his company.

However, he suddenly asked for her hand in marriage and she is confused on whether to accept it or not. The lady further revealed that she would be 30 years old on 2nd of February.

In her words; ”Please, I need only matured minds on this.

It’s a serious matter.

My elder sister and her husband were married for 5 years and separated November last year but not divorced yet, though the families have been trying to reconcile them to come back together but my sister’s husband has been adamant about it.

I noticed that ever since his separation from my sister he started visiting my place, and now it has become frequent.

I allowed it because I see him as a brother, but now I am starting to really enjoy his company.

He has been helping me out with stuff and still maintains his kindness towards my parents.

He proposed marriage to me yesterday, and I have been confused.

I will be 30 by February 2nd.

Should I accept His Proposal?”


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