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2 Las Vegas Women Stored Stolen Cash And Rolexes In Their Vaginas To Avoid Police




Two Las Vegas women have been charged with theft after they allegedly stole cash and watches and stored them inside their genitals. Nikki Grandel and Staycee Johnson are said to have met a man on the floor of the Caesars Palace casino and decided to go with him up to the victim’s hotel room, KVVU-TV reports. That’s when they attempted to clear him out.

They thought they were being slick. According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Grandel and Johnson went up to the hotel room with the man, who decided to take a bath. While he was in the bathroom, the women stole $6,500 in rolled-up cash from his duffel bag as well as a Rolex watch. The victim realized when he couldn’t find the items a little while later.

Police intercepted the women in the hotel lobby. Officers were waiting for them there, but not because the victim called police. It was actually Grandel herself who phoned them as the man initially didn’t want them to leave the room since he believed they stole his stuff.

Unfortunately, their hiding places weren’t very well thought-out. Officers noted that the roll of $6,500 “was found bulging out of Johnson’s pants” after it fell out of her vagina. Meanwhile, the Rolex watch was later discovered inside Grandel’s vagina via an X-ray. Both women denied theft.

Both women were charged with grand larceny. They were later released on bail pending an upcoming court appearance on February 1.