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Former Pope Benedict Accused Of Misconduct In Historic Child Abuse Cases




Former Pope Benedict XVI is accused of failing to act in four separate child abuse cases when he was the archbishop of Munich, an investigation in Germany has alleged. Law firm Spilker Westphal Wastle accused Benedict of “misconduct,” though the 94-year-old, real name Josef Ratzinger, has vehemently denied all charges, according to BBC News.

The alleged incidents took place between 1977 and 1982. It was during those years that Benedict held the position as archbishop of Munich. Benedict is accused of allowing abuse to continue under his tenure and allowing those accused to remain active in the church despite what they’d done.

Benedict is said to have been well-aware of the accusations. There’s no way to plead ignorance here. The new report commissioned by the Catholic Church in Germany says that Benedict was presented with the facts of four separate child abuse cases during his term as archbishop but failed to take any action.

Those responsible for abuse were allowed to continue their crimes. “Two of these cases concern abuses committed during his tenure and sanctioned by the state,” lawyer Martin Pusch said as he announced the report. “In both cases, the perpetrators remained active in pastoral care.”

Benedict, now 94, was the first Church leader to resign in more than 600 years. He stepped down as pope in 2013 and has lived at the Vatican ever since.