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Man Who Shot And Killed Stepfather For Molesting Younger Sister Gets 1,800 Years In Jail




The family and friends of a Virginia man sentenced to 1,800 years behind bars for killing his abusive stepfather have launched a campaign to see him released. In 2003, 18-year-old Christopher Bennett was convicted of the murder of his stepfather Vincent McDorman after catching the man molesting Bennett’s younger sister. He was sentenced to three life sentences, the equivalent of 1,800 years at the time, but now his supporters are calling on Governor Ralph Northam to pardon him altogether.

Bennett’s sister, Victoria McDorman, is his most ardent supporter. At the time of the killing, Bennett is said to have broken into his stepfather’s home and caught him molesting Victoria. “Once he discovered he was molesting me, Chris ended up shooting and killing Vincent and then taking a checkbook and running away,” Victoria said, as per NBC 12. “Chris was charged that night with capital murder, breaking and entering, and robbery.”

Bennett never had much of a chance. When he was arrested, Victoria says her brother was given the choice between three life sentences of 600 years each or the death penalty. In other words, he never had a chance at having any kind of life again.

Victoria was too young at the time to share her story. However, now that she’s an adult and can clearly explain what happened that night and the abuse she experienced, she’s campaigning to make things right. “If he wouldn’t have done what he did that night, I would still be in that same situation and I wouldn’t have had the chance to live the life I’ve had,” she said.

The family has launched a petition for his release. At the time of writing, it now has more than 158,000 signatures out of the 200,000 it’s aiming to get and bring before the governor. “Look at his story, read his papers and please send him home, that’s where he needs to be and that’s where he belongs,” Elizabeth Ailstock, Bennett’s mother said. Governor Northam’s office issued the following statement: “Governor Northam has pardoned more people than any of the last nine governors combined. He is continuing to review this and other pardon petitions, and will do so through his last day in office.”